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11,233 Possible Causes for LV, Sys.min, US

  • Influenza

    Ming Pan, Rongbao Gao, Qiang Lv, Shunhe Huang, Zhonghui Zhou, Lei Yang, Xiaodan Li, Xiang Zhao, Xiaohui Zou, Wenbin Tong, Suling Mao, Shumei Zou, Hong Bo, Xiaoping Zhu, Lei[] The following recommendations focus on the appropriate use of masks as part of a group of influenza control strategies in healthcare settings.[] Yuan PW, Bartlam M, Lou ZY, Chen SD, Zhou J, He XJ, Lv ZY, Ge RW, Li XM, Deng T, Fodor E, Rao ZH, Liu YF (2009) Crystal structure of an avian influenza polymerase PA(N) reveals[]

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  • Insect Bite

    Black widow spider bite; Brown recluse bite; Flea bite; Honey bee or hornet sting; Lice bites; Mite bite; Scorpion bite; Spider bite; Wasp sting; Yellow jacket sting Boyer LV[] […] reminded to use an intervention had higher odds of doing so.[] For claims with a date of service on or after October 1, 2015, use an equivalent ICD-10-CM code (or codes).[]

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  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    McFarland LV. Meta-analysis of probiotics for the prevention of traveler's diarrhea. Travel Med Infect Dis . 2007 Mar. 5(2):97-105. [Medline] .[] Sportmedizin, Medizinische Universitätsklinik Freiburg, Germany. [email protected] Abstract The haematological module of the "Athletes Biological Passport" (ABP) is used[] […] of recommendations used in these guidelines.[]

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  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Kunin CM, White LV, Hua TH. A reassessment of the importance of “low-count” bacteriuria in young women with acute urinary symptoms. Ann Intern Med . 1993;119:454–60. 9.[] For permission to use (where not already granted under a licence) please go to .[] Surawicz CM, Brandt LJ, Binion DG, Ananthakrishnan AN, Curry SR, Gilligan PH, McFarland LV, Mellow M, Zuckerbraun BS.[]

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  • Dementia

    Surawicz CM, Brandt LJ, Binion DG, Ananthakrishnan AN, Curry SR, Gilligan PH, McFarland LV, Mellow M, Zuckerbraun BS.[] Literature searches were conducted using key search terms of dementia and medication-related problems.[] H‐G Eichler, B Bloechl‐Daum, P Bauer, F Bretz, J Brown, LV Hampson, P Honig, M Krams, H Leufkens, R Lim, MM Lumpkin, MJ Murphy, F Pignatti, M Posch, S Schneeweiss, M Trusheim[]

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  • Osteoporosis

    PubMed Google Scholar You L, Pan L, Chen L, Chen JY, Zhang X, Lv Z, Fu D: Suppression of zinc finger protein 467 alleviates osteoporosis through promoting differentiation[] However, recently, the usefulness of calcium supplementation (alone or with concomitant vitamin D) has been questioned, since some studies reported only weak efficacy of these[] Some patients with osteoporosis use those products because they prefer an alternate treatment to conventional therapy.[]

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  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    S3 and S4 . ( A ) Real-time PCR of HRV-B14 and HRV-A16 RNA in Huh7.5 and Huh7.5 cells transduced with a lentiviral vector expressing IFIH1 (Huh7.5-LV- IFIH1 ).[] No clinically useful degree of accuracy was demonstrated, but great caution is needed in interpreting the findings because of the suboptimal nature of the reference standards[] […] detected co-infections using other methods.[]

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  • Pneumonia

    Differences in the data extracted were resolved by discussion with a third review author (LV). Any missing information was requested from the authors.[] […] group of medications in widespread use is acid-suppressive drugs, which represent the second leading category of medication worldwide, with sales totalling US 26.9 billion[] Differences in the data extraction were resolved by discussion with a third review author (LV or LL). Any missing information was requested from the authors.[]

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  • Malignant Neoplasm

    Brian Tung, Ding Ma, Shuyan Wang, Olutobi Oyinlade, John Laterra, Mingyao Ying, Sheng-Qing Lv, Shuang Wei and Shuli Xia , Krüppel-like factor 9 and histone deacetylase inhibitors[] Abstract We investigated the geographical patterns of mortality from eight (males)/ten (females) sites of malignant neoplasm, using cluster analysis with Standardized Mortality[] PATIENT(S): One hundred eighteen couples undergoing IVF-ICSI using pretreatment frozen sperm. INTERVENTION(S): Treatment follow-up.[]

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  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Patient information : A handout on antibiotic use is available at .[] Abstract Using Poisson regression analysis, respiratory-related calls to a nurse advice line in Denver, Colorado were used to predict pediatric upper respiratory infection[] However, two RCTs conducted in 2011 found that immediate antibiotic use in children six to 35 months of age was more effective than observation. 37 , 38 These studies used[]

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