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  • Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome

    […] septal defect choanal stenosis hypoplastic first ribs broad ribs long clavicles short sternum hypoplastic nipples hypospadias short penis hypoplastic scrotum hypoplastic labia[] He developed local recurrence soon after tumor resection.[] This is the second case of SGS to have a malignancy, as one earlier case had a hepatoblastoma.[] Overlapping SETBP1 gain-of-function mutations in Schinzel-Giedion syndrome and hematologic malignancies. PLoS Genetics, 13(3):e1006683.[] (PNET), one hepatoblastoma and one malignant kidney tumor.[]

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  • Feminization

    Two of the sisters had gonadectomies, herniorrhaphies, vaginoplasty with neurovascular pudendal thigh flaps, reduction clitoroplasty and labia minora reconstruction.[] Histologically, the lesion was a yolk sac tumor.[] The risk of developing a malignancy in an abnormally located testis is very low, certainly before puberty, whereas the risk for dysgenetic gonads to develop a malignancy is[] At laparotomy, one patient had testes located intra-abdominally, a second lodged in the inguinal canals and a third as masses in the labia majora.[] Explorative laparotomy revealed a large pelvic tumor mass and extensive peritoneal carcinosis.[]

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  • Anthrax

    Abstract A 5-year-old girl was admitted with a lesion of the labia majora which was found to be owing to anthrax.[] […] resulted in successful tumor therapy in animal models.[] Twenty patients (71.4%) showed malignant pustules and eight (28.6%) malignant edema.[] Four patients developed a malignant pustule on the suborbital region of the face. Patients responded positively to treatment, and the lesions resolved, leaving eschars.[] Abstract Anthrax toxin receptor 1/tumor endothelial marker 8 (Antxr1 or TEM8) is up-regulated in tumor vasculature and serves as a receptor for anthrax toxin, but its physiologic[]

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  • Blue Nevus

    CASE REPORT: Vulvar CBN in left labia majora mimicking Bartholin's gland abscess in a 15-year-old white virgin girl and also the youngest case has not been reported previously[] Gross total resection of each tumor, when indicated, is beneficial.[] Malignant transformation can rarely arise within neurocristic hamartomas.[] Malignant blue nevus has been described as a distinct identity, a rare form of malignant melanoma, and a misdiagnosed melanoma.[] Collision tumors containing invasive melanoma and BCC are rare and this is the first report of a collision tumor with blue nevus-like metastasis.[]

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  • Lipoblastoma

    CASE: An 18-month-old female infant presented with a 2-cm mobile mass in the left labia majora.[] Dealing with a fast-growing tumor in an infant, lipoblastic tumors belong in the differential diagnosis, however, a malignant process cannot be excluded.[] Neoplasms and Related Entities Lipoblastoma Home Soft Tissue Lipomatous Lipoblastoma Lipoblastoma Lipoblastoma Lipoblastoma Lipoblastoma Lipoblastoma Tweets by @WebPathology[] We report a case of a 13-month-old female infant with a 4-month history of a progressively enlarging left labial mass that encompassed her left labium majora and inguinal[] Tumors occurred in an extremity (n 11 patients), the head and neck (n 5), groin (n 2), axilla (n 2), back (n 1), chest (n 1), flank (n 1), labia (n 1), and retroperitoneum[]

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  • Keratoacanthoma

    (AKF) is a localized form of angiokeratoma, clinically characterized by 1- to 6-mm, black, blue, or dark red, dome-shaped papules located on the scrotum, shaft of penis, labia[] In this study, the clinicopathological features of 380 epidermal crateriform tumors with a central keratin plug were re-examined and the tumors were histologically classified[] Herein we categorize metastases of visceral malignancies that can present with the appearance of a keratoacanthoma.[] We analyzed the activation of the PI3K-PTEN-mTOR pathway using human tumor samples stained for well-established protein markers in this pathway, including pS6 and pAKT phosphoproteins[] KA, KA-like SCC, KA with malignant transformation and infundibular SCC (crater form) are considered to be hair follicle-related neoplasms.[]

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  • Cutis Marmorata

    Since CSA and/or HSA have been also seen in patients with PHACES, popitleal pterygium syndrome, or as part of a recently proposed familial entity with CSA (or agenesis of labia[] Kundu RVFrieden IJ Presence of vascular anomalies with congenital hemihypertrophy and Wilms tumor: an evidence-based evaluation.[] […] proliferations, including hamartomas, benign neoplasms, malignant neoplasms, and several related newly reported diseases.[] Patients can also have cerebellar ataxia, growth retardation, recurrent sinopulmonary infections, immunodeficiencies, increased radiosensitivity and increased risk of malignancy[] Other findings include the presence of glaucoma, retinal detachments, and the presence of benign vascular tumors, such as cavernous and capillary hemangiomas, as well as nevus[]

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  • Elephantiasis

    A nontender irreducible pedunculated mass (25 cmx21 cm) with a large stalk arising from the right groin down to the ipsilateral labia majora was removed.[] Visceral tumors may include malignant peripheral nerve sheet tumors, gastrointestinal stromal tumors, cerebral gliomas and abdominal neurofibromas.[] Rarely, lymphedema can present as a circumscribed plaque or an isolated skin tumor.[] No evidence of malignancy was found in these specimens.[] […] diagnosis of elephantiasis nostras can often be made based on the clinical findings, but examination of tissue may be helpful to rule out associated conditions, especially malignancies[]

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  • Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma

    On examination, a 3.5 3 2 cm cystic mass was found in the right labia majora. The mass was excised and the diagnosis of endometrial stromal sarcoma was made.[] Since malignant transformation of urachal remnants was possible, the mass was suspected to be a urachal tumor.[] It is necessary to distinguish these tumors from benign as well as other uterine malignancies for better management.[] Links Uterine Malignancy Carcinoma of the Uterus Endometrial Stromal Malignancies Mixed epithelial/mesenchymal tumours Smooth Muscle Tumours Bibliography WHO Classification[] In some areas, the tumor cells showed typical features of endometrial stromal tumors and resembled stromal cells of proliferative endometrium.[]

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  • Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans

    Vulvar DFSP most commonly presents as a slowly enlarging tender or asymptomatic mass on the labia majora, with histological findings of classic DFSP.[] We present the case of a 66 years old woman having a 4 cm diameter tumor located on the abdominal wall.[] Neoplasms and Related Entities Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans Home Soft Tissue Fibrohistiocytic Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans Dermatofibro-sarcoma Protuberans Dermatofibro-sarcoma[] ICD9 code ICD-9 Codes 173.90 – Unspecified malignant neoplasm of skin, site unspecified Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans Pictures A starting tumor at the trunk A single erythematous[] […] macrophages (TAMs) to promote fibrosis and tumor growth.[]

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