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  • Ovariectomy

    BACKGROUND Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a devastating neurodegenerative disorder characterized by progressive muscular dystrophy and paralysis; most ALS patients[] These effects are mediated, at least in part, by cAMP and cGMP pathways. Therefore, KMUP-1 may have a role in pharmacologic therapy of osteoporosis.[] This study used the segmental long-bone defect model to assess the effects of osteoporosis on the formation of new bones and the osteoinductivity of recombinant human bone[] Mesenteric artery endothelium expresses both small (SK3)- and intermediate (IK1)-conductance Ca(2 )-activated K( ) (KCa) channels whose activity modulates vascular tone via[] CT scan: solid right adrenal mass (diam. 2 cm). An anterior transperitoneal approach was used to perform the right adrenalectomy.[] The ovariectomized mice were divided into two groups, basal diet (OVX) or basal diet containing 1% anthocyanin-rich blackcurrant extract (OVX BC), and sacrificed at 4, 8,[] HFD and ovariectomy increased Ob-R distribution in lateral hypothalamic nuclei, but there was no effect on arcuatus nuclei.[] The data demonstrate that α2-AP is linked to bone loss due to OVX, through a mechanism that depends in part on the production of IL-1β and TNF-α in monocytes.[]

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  • Ischemic Stroke

    Thrombolysis was performed and 10 hours later an ischemic stroke occurred.[] Psychiatric comorbidity should be evaluated as part of the rehabilitation of stroke patients and should be carefully examined by physicians.[] […] owing to its comprehensive neck and head coverage, high spatial resolution, enables the reader to have several sections with good contrast covering the dissected arterial segment[] Carotid artery web is considered an exceptional cause of recurrent ischemic strokes in the affected arterial territory.[] Vessel imaging revealed an aberrant right subclavian artery. Atrophy of the right-sided muscles of mastication is consistent with her known diagnosis of right-sided PRS.[] MR perfusion imaging revealed hypoperfusion in bilateral basal ganglia, prefrontal and temporal lobe.[] He underwent digital subtraction cerebral angiography as part of imaging evaluation.[] The aim of this study was to address the gaps in the literature by longitudinally studying the evolution of post-stroke lateralization and localization of language-related[]

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  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    The disease is named after the pathology is causes - amyotrophy - muscular atrophy, and lateral sclerosis refers to the changes seen in the lateral tracts.[] Aerobic glycolysis consists of a supply of a large part of glucose into lactate regardless of oxygen.[] In addition, the different retinal layers were analysed using automated segmentation software.[] Far less common causes of death in ALS include malnutrition as a result of swallowing problems, pulmonary embolism (a blockage in one of the arteries of the lungs), abnormalities[] Data regarding molar bite force (right and left), electromyographic activity (mandibular rest, right and left laterality, protrusion, and maximum voluntary contraction), chewing[] Brain MRI showed bilateral basal ganglia and thalamic calcifications. Laboratory studies confirmed the diagnosis of hypoparathyroidism.[] […] this common pathological signature, together with an increasing understanding of the shared genetic basis of these disorders, has led to FTD and ALS being considered as part[] Her 12-lead electrocardiogram showed sinus rhythm with J-point elevation, saddle-shaped ST segment elevation, predominantly in V1 and V2 with no significant QTc prolongation[]

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  • Recurrent Pyogenic Cholangitis

    During the study period from 1994 to 2004, 17 patients underwent left lateral segmentectomy for RPC.[] Recurrent pyogenic cholangitis is endemic to South-east Asia but has been very rarely reported from natives of other parts of the world.[] A total of 10 non-Asian US patients with benign segmental cholangiectasia were included in this study.[] Left lobe was predominantly involved in patients with RPC (51.9% vs. 23.6%; P 0.01) whereas those without RPC usually had PLA at right lobe (67.5 vs. 40.7%; P 0.01).[] No significant difference was found in the common bile duct pressures, the Oddi's sphincter basal pressures or the amplitude, frequency and duration of phasic contractions[] Although, recurrent pyogenic cholangitis (RPC) is prevalent in several parts of India, there is paucity of published literature from India.[] Surgery is a valuable part of multidisciplinary management of recurrent pyogenic cholangitis with hepatolithiasis. Hepatectomy is a useful option for selected cases.[] The left hepatic duct was more severely affected than the right hepatic duct and had a higher infestation by clonorchis.[]

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  • Minimally Conscious State

    This process can be transient and can produce dramatic alterations in consciousness that later resolve.[] The second part of the study confirmed the statistical difference between the mirror and the picture.[] […] in an acute state, sedation or anaesthesia during scanning, large focal brain damage, motion parameters of more than 3 mm in translation and 3 in rotation, and suboptimal segmentation[] To use arterial spin labeling (ASL) to compare cerebral blood flow (CBF) patterns in minimally conscious state (MCS) patients with those in normal controls in an observational[] The right to die has for decades been recognised for persons in a vegetative state, but there remains controversy about ending life-sustaining medical treatment for persons[] Regarding the change of neural connectivity of the thalamic intralaminar nucleus, increased neural connectivities to the hypothalamus, basal forebrain, prefrontal cortex,[] Persistent vegetative state was defined in 1972, but years later cases appeared in which diagnosed patients showed signs of cognitive activity, and therefore could not be[] During the main part of therapy, both types of treatment yielded similar positive results.[]

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  • Entropion

    Patients underwent either Q-suturing or lateral tarsoligamentous sling.[] During surgery the aponeurosis was found to be inserted into the lower part of middle one third of tarsus, with a very thin tarsus.[] To study the safety, efficacy, and cosmetic outcome of the eyelash resection procedure for treatment of severe, recurrent, or segmental cicatricial entropion.[] OCULOPLASTICS.INFO Home Video Tutorials The Basics Lower Lid Anatomy Upper Lid Anatomy Handling Instruments Suturing Lid Margin Closure Biopsy Technique Temporal Artery Biopsy[] To H02.042 H02.03 Senile entropion of eyelid H02.031 Senile entropion of right upper eyelid H02.032 Senile entropion of right lower eyelid H02.033 Senile entropion of right[] Twenty consecutive patients with involutional ectropion (group 1) and twenty consecutive patients with entropion (group 2) were matched with twenty control patients (basal[] A total of 20 consecutive patients with previously untreated involutional lower eyelid entropion and 20 matching patients with lateral lower eyelid basal cell carcinoma (BCC[] Although redundant skin is part of Langer-Giedion syndrome, lower eyelid entropion and eyelid laxity have not been previously reported in the medical literature.[]

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  • Neurilemmoma

    The advantage of the lateral thyrotomy approach for submucous tumours of the larynx is discussed.[] A 47-year-old male with a solid, previously cystic tumor in the subphrenic part of the liver consulted for surgery.[] Neurilemmomas of the peripheral segment of the hypoglossal nerve are extremely uncommon neoplasms.[] The mass was pushing sternomastoid muscle anteriorly and carotid artery was pushed anteromedially.[] Magnetic resonance imaging disclosed a very infiltrative, 9-cm mass involving the subcutis and deep soft tissues of the right cheek.[] Ultrastructurally, the cytoplasmic membranes were distinct and coated by amorphous bands of basal lamina.[] Solitary schwannoma has a traumatic origin in some cases, and rarely occur as a part of neurofibromatosis or schwannomatosis.[] In myelinated fibers, only one axon segment is encased by one Schwann cell.[]

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  • Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy

    Hypothermia initiated at less than 6 hours after birth reduces death or disability for infants with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy at 36 weeks' or later gestation.[] […] who have computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging findings reminiscent of those of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, and the urine sulfite dipstick test can be a part[] Ischemic lesions are manually segmented by two independent observers in 1.5 T data from 20 subjects and an automatic algorithm using a random forest classifier is developed[] To identify perinatal risk factors that can distinguish arterial ischemic stroke from hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy at birth.[] The bilateral symptoms were sufficiently improved, without obvious side effects, by injecting a local anesthetic near the right mandibular nerve and a neurolytic near the[] This is achieved by predominant basal rather than apical rotation. Infants with CLD have increased apical rotation.[] What is Known: • Ischemic hepatic injury occurs frequently as a part of multiorgan dysfunction in infants with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). • The neuroprotective[] The presence of a category 3 fetal heart rate tracing in any of the four 15-min segments during the hour prior to delivery (28.0% versus 4.0%, p   0.002) was more common among[]

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  • Iris

    A 31-month-old white boy was evaluated for multiple iris lesions in his left eye, initially suspected to be juvenile xanthogranuloma and later diagnosed as tapioca nevi.[] […] ciliary injection, severe 4 cells with hypopyon in the anterior chamber and a solitary, friable, yellow-white, fleshy-creamy vascularized 2 mm 4 mm mass on the upper nasal part[] Participants were imaged using OCTA adapted with an anterior segment lens and IFA with a confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscope (cSLO) adapted with an anterior segment lens[] […] drug-eluting stents (DES) for left main coronary artery disease (LMCAD) in a real-world setting.[] Slit lamp examination of her right eye showed large cystic lesion filling almost entire anterior chamber.[] […] that can be varied in size 3 also plural iris : any of a large genus ( Iris of the family Iridaceae, the iris family) of perennial herbaceous plants with linear usually basal[] We used a biofidelic 3-part iris FE model that consisted of the stroma, sphincter and dilator muscles.[] To allow lens manipulation and implantation without alteration of the filtration bleb, the main sclerocorneal incision was performed laterally and the Artisan lens was held[]

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  • Persistent Vegetative State

    Karen Ann Quinlan had a cardiopulmonary arrest in 1975 and died 10 years later, having never regained consciousness.[] During the main part of therapy, both types of treatment yielded similar positive results.[] We hypothesize 2 possible mechanisms: first, a modulation confined to spinal cord segmental activities and to neuronal centripetal outputs reaching the cortex; and second,[] We report the case of a 36-year-old woman with a subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH) caused by a rupture of a right-sided middle cerebral artery aneurysm and subsequent malignant[] It is suggested that this mechanism ignores two fundamental human rights: self-determination and the inherent right to dignity.[] […] case (II) is to be followed by a survey of the case law of the Criminal Panels (III) which is essential to understand the present legal policy debate to be discussed at a later[] We concluded that PVS patients display respiratory instability and that brain damage, hypocapnia, and/or increased loop gain of arterial chemoreceptors may contribute to the[] In the first part of the article, the purpose and meaning of the allocution are assessed.[]

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