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  • Mobius Syndrome

    The gracilis muscle is unique in that it can be harvested along with its nerve, artery and vein and transferred to the face. Using microsurgical techniques, Dr.[] The fibrotic lateral rectus could explain the absence of abduction in Möbius syndrome.[] Segmental gracilis muscle transplantation innervated by the motor nerve to the masseter is an effective method of treating patients with Möbius syndrome.[] The third patient had bilateral mandibular ramus sagittal split osteotomies in combination with maxillary osteotomies.[] We categorized and graded the cranial nerve deficits and diverse musculoskeletal abnormalities of the face, upper and lower limbs, and trunk.[] Bilateral basal ganglia calcification was seen on computed tomography in both.[] Abstract Neuropathologic findings in an infant with congenital right facial and bilateral lateral rectus palsy (Möbius syndrome) are presented.[] Despite the disappearance of facial nerve in the horizontal segment, a neural element reappeared in the vertical segment of the fallopian canal, and moreover, the chorda tympani[] Bilateral calcifications of basal ganglia might be observed in some CT scans.[]

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  • Ameloblastoma

    Microvascular anastomoses were performed in an end-to-end fashion with the facial artery and vein as recipient vessels. The postoperative course was uneventful.[] Two years later the tumor relapsed into multicystic granular form.[] This is second most prevalent odontogenic tumour and most common in the molar-ramus-angle region and surgical resection is only treatment option.[] They appear as linear verrucous lesions and are more often located in the skin of the trunk or the extremities. Rarely, verrucous lesions affect the oral mucosa.[] Despite behavioral mimicry of ameloblastoma (AB) and basal cell carcinoma (BCC), they are classified at 2 extremes within pertinent WHO classifications with respect to benign[] The facial vein and artery were carefully prepared to feed the bone-muscle graft by end-to-end anastomoses.[] Ameloblastoma exhibits several histologic patterns of which basal cell variant is a rare entity.[] It is commonly found in the third and fourth decade in the molar ramus region of the mandible.[] […] this case report, we present the unusual clinical course of a 78-year-old Caucasian male patient, seeking single tooth implant rehabilitation at location 42 (lower right lateral[]

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  • Neurilemmoma

    The mass was also pushing the vessels in superior mediastinum towards left and was compressing the veins.[] The advantage of the lateral thyrotomy approach for submucous tumours of the larynx is discussed.[] Abstract Neurilemmomas of the peripheral segment of the hypoglossal nerve are extremely uncommon neoplasms.[] […] arising in the bone are intraosseous neurilemmomas (1) ; of these, the mandible is the most commonly affected area, particularly in the posterior segment of the body and ramus[] Common locations for the tumors are, in order of decreasing frequency, the head and flexor surfaces of the upper and lower extremities and the trunk.[] Ultrastructurally, the cytoplasmic membranes were distinct and coated by amorphous bands of basal lamina.[] In myelinated fibers, only one axon segment is encased by one Schwann cell.[] […] the mobile tongue being the most common site of origin. [1] , [2] , [3] , [4] , [5] , [6] , [7] The other intraoral sites include floor of the mouth, palate, mental nerve trunk[] Plain radiography and CT scan of the chest showed a soft tissue mass lesion at the extrapleural space with erosion of surrounding ribs at the right basal lung area.[]

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  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

    RESULTS: We report 2 patients with no symptoms of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) before the surgical procedure who then developed perioperative VTE.[] The disease is named after the pathology is causes - amyotrophy - muscular atrophy, and lateral sclerosis refers to the changes seen in the lateral tracts.[] In addition, the different retinal layers were analysed using automated segmentation software.[] ALS affects "voluntary" muscles, those controlled by conscious thought, such as the arm, leg, and trunk muscles.[] Brain MRI showed bilateral basal ganglia and thalamic calcifications. Laboratory studies confirmed the diagnosis of hypoparathyroidism.[] Edaravone is a medication that is given intravenously (i.e. infused into a vein).[] Her 12-lead electrocardiogram showed sinus rhythm with J-point elevation, saddle-shaped ST segment elevation, predominantly in V1 and V2 with no significant QTc prolongation[] […] formation, and precerebellar nuclei (stage 2), in further areas of the prefrontal neocortex (gyrus rectus and orbitofrontal gyri), postcentrally located sensory cortex, and basal[] Usually presents as a combination of upper motor neuron (UMN) and lower motor neuron (LMN) symptoms and signs, involving initially 1 segment of the neuroaxis (i.e., cranial[]

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  • Dog Bite

    Postmortem examination revealed extensive thrombosis of the deep veins of the calf and massive thromboembolism of the main pulmonary arteries.[] The patient had an avulsed mandibular incisor, a fractured maxillary lateral incisor, and various facial lacerations.[] When feasible, replantation of the amputated lip segment provides the optimal cosmetic outcome.[] […] pediatric patient presented a comminuted fracture in the mandible which evolved into a unilateral avulsion of the mandibular condyle, body fractures as well as a mandibular ramus[] School children, mostly male, are more commonly affected with the majority of injuries occurring in the head and neck area, followed by the limbs and trunk.[] Artery-only microvascular replantation was performed because no recipient vein could be identified from the facial defect.[] Dental injuries included avulsion of upper lateral incisors, severe luxation of upper central incisors, and fracture of the facial alveolus bone.[] He was successfully treated with a jump bypass graft to the right brachial artery, with the use of the reversed ipsilateral cephalic vein as a conduit.[] Abstract A 3-year-old male child presented to the casualty with history of unprovoked dog bite over the right lateral wall of nose.[]

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  • Minocycline

    KEYWORDS: minocycline; pigmentation; sclerotherapy; veins[] Abstract: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a rapidly progressive, adult-onset neurodegenerative disease characterized by selective dysfunction and death of motor neurons[] Abstract Segmental testicular infarction is an uncommon clinical entity marked by acute scrotal pain and swelling.[] PP is an inflammatory disease characterized by recurrent pruritic erythematous papules followed by reticular hyperpigmentation usually located on the trunk.[] The extrapyramidal symptoms reflected iron deposition in the basal ganglia and substantia nigra in the midbrain.[] The purpose of this trial is to test the safety, tolerability, and effectiveness of minocycline compared to placebo in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).[] The blue pigmentation was also visible in the posterior segment within a scleral crescent around his right optic nerve.[] The patients were evaluated at 6 and 12 months; some patients underwent later, additional examinations and we also reviewed these exams for any eventual long-term relapse.[] Dermal deposition of drug metabolites typically occurs in areas of vascular leakage, such as surrounding lower extremity spider veins, within erythema associated with solar[]

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  • Arteriovenous Fistula

    […] increased vein diameters and thus changes in the operative plan.[] Abstract The lateral foramen magnum region is defined as the bilateral occipital area that runs laterally up to the jugular foramen.[] Stenotic and nonstenotic segments were documented by photography before tissue collection (14 tissue pairs).[] BACKGROUND: Formation of a dural arteriovenous fistula (DAVF) between the inferolateral trunk (ILT) and cavernous sinus (CS) is rare.[] There was a stenosis segment on the right basal vein.[] […] derecha, (1); fístula arteriovenosa , (1); y rama de la arteria mamaria derecha a la primera diagonal, (1). en The anatomic abnormalities found in coronary arteries were: left trunk[] Our case suggests a concomitant role of basal ganglia degeneration and frontal white matter hypoperfusion in the pathology of parkinsonism due to DAVF.[] In order to perform defragmentation of the thrombus shifted into the proximal stent segment, post-dilatation was performed with a stent balloon (4-6 atm).[] Flow-related small aneurysms were also noted in the left basal vein of Rosenthal (BVR).[]

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  • Lateral Medullary Syndrome

    […] apex (Pancoast's tumor), neck (thyroid malignancies) or the thoracic spinal cord (trauma) or surgical procedures in this region including radical neck dissection, jugular vein[] Lateral medullary syndrome occurs as a result of either vertebral or cerebellar artery occlusion.[] Lateral medullary syndrome is caused by occlusion of the cranial segment of vertebral artery or posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA).[] This is measured from time the head of the bolus passes the ramus of mandible to the time the tail of the bolus passes through the upper oesophageal sphincter (UES) Laryngeal[] Clinically, the patient had a loss of pain and temperature on the left side of the face, a loss of pain and temperature on the right side of the trunk, a mild left hemiparesis[] […] tumor Nothnagel's syndrome Claude's syndrome Other Alternating hemiplegia Cerebellum lateral ( Dysmetria Dysdiadochokinesia Intention tremor ) medial ( Cerebellar ataxia ) Basal[] These include vocal cord paralysis, “target sign” (clot in V4 segment of vertebral artery), palate deviation, and conjugate eye deviation indicative of the slow phase of nystagmus[] Neurological examination revealed hemisensory loss of pain and temperature sensation in the right trunk and limbs along with left Horner's syndrome, suggesting lateral medullary[] Fisher MA, Shahani BT, Young RR (1979) Assessing segmental excitability after acute rostral lesions. II. The blink reflex. Neurology 29:45–50 Google Scholar 8.[]

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  • Osteoarthritis

    There was no deep vein thrombosis (DVT) detected in the rivaroxaban group, whereas 5 DVT cases were detected in the nonanticoagulant group.[] Abstract We investigated the immediate effects of a varus knee brace on knee symptoms and knee-joint biomechanics in an individual with predominant lateral tibiofemoral joint[] The normally smooth cartilage becomes pitted and frayed, and whole segments of cartilage may be lost.[] Multicystic ameloblastoma is a benign odontogenic neoplasm of the jaws that is found most often in the mandible, in the region of the molars, and the ramus.[] In our patient, low-dose methotrexate resulted in stiffness reduction, increased motility of the trunk and extremities, and ability to function on daily basis.[] In contrast, MRI revealed no bone alterations in thumbs with no pain and less pain in bilateral thumb basal pain, even in radiographically advanced OA.[] […] entire cohort; various vendors) (April 2012) SQ whole organ score using both WORMS and BLOKS (baseline, 24-month, subset of progression cohort) (June 2011) Manual cartilage segmentations[] Another typical joint affected is at the base of the thumb (basal thumb joint or first carpometacarpal joint).[] Peak total forces were compared across conditions for: lateral heel, medial heel, lateral forefoot, and medial forefoot.[]

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  • Gorlin Syndrome

    KEYWORDS: cardiac fibroma; persistent pneumonia; pulmonary veins[] Seven years later, she presented with macroglossia and a benign mandibular cyst.[] Abstract We present a 12-year-old girl with a family history of Gorlin syndrome who had unilateral, segmentally arranged basaloid skin tumours present since birth, ipsilateral[] Panorex film showing a right mandibular ramus cyst, right mandibular body cystic lesion, and right maxillary cystic lesion.[] Light microscopic examinations were made on 23 cutaneous cysts in 4 patients associated with Goltz-Gorlin syndrome located on extremities, face, trunk, palms, and soles and[] basal cell carcinoma.[] Patients with a missense variant in PTCH1 were diagnosed later (p 0.03) and were less likely to develop at least 10 BCCs and jaw cysts than those with other pathogenic PTCH1[] C and D, Multiple small nevi on the trunk are shown.[] A transthoracic echocardiography demonstrated a 6 3-cm mass in the left ventricular lateral wall, with deformation of the left ventricular cavity.[]

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