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  • Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

    The patient has since been treated with systemic daptomycin and a tobramycin cement spacer without further incident.[] After careful investigation, we found that her coagulopathy was induced by the chronic DIC, which was in turn secondary to a left atrial giant thrombus.[] KEYWORDS: chronic disseminated intravascular coagulation; oral bleeding; thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm; tooth extraction[] Abstract An old man was found unconscious; on admission found to have disseminated intravascular coagulation with concern of upper gastrointestinal bleed after he was found[] […] syndrome following ectopic and molar pregnancy Hemolysis following ectopic and molar pregnancy Intravascular coagulation following ectopic and molar pregnancy Type 1 Excludes[] Abstract BACKGROUND: Postabortion hemorrhage occurs in up to 2% of second-trimester pregnancy terminations.[]

  • Fracture

    Two (3%) patients in the cemented group and five (6.8%) in the cementless group underwent further surgery for a periprosthetic fracture.[] CASE REPORT: A 72-year-old man had been previously treated with balloon-expandable stents for severe stenotic lesion in the LCIA and left external iliac artery.[] METHODS: Tooth fragments were examined clinically, stereoscopically, and by scanning electron microscopy.[] KEYWORDS: geriatric; neck of femur fracture; perioperative; upper gastrointestinal bleeding[] The combined cortical thickness at the second to fourth metacarpal region (M-CCT), radius (R-CCT) and ulna (U-CCT) were derived in all the studied population.[] Her left hip pain worsened during follow-up, and a radiograph showed progressive collapse of the left femoral head.[]

  • Supernumerary Teeth

    As the second step, early removal of teeth 53 and 63 and cementation of a space maintenance appliance (Nance's arch) were performed.[] Abstract This report describes the orthodontic treatment of a 14-year-old boy who had 3 impacted maxillary teeth (right canine, left central incisor, and left second molar[] The treatment of a supernumerary tooth is removal. Then, it is determined if orthodontic treatment is needed to help the impacted tooth to erupt.[] Seven factors of tooth size for the upper central incisors and eight factors for the upper lateral incisors were extracted.[] This report describes the successful approach to treatment for a young boy who had 2 supernumerary teeth associated with impaction of the left central and lateral permanent[] The pulp and periodontal tissue of the right maxillary second molar was determined to be normal.[]

  • Esophageal Atresia

    Finally, a fixed prosthesis was positioned in the upper arch, and cemented through orthodontic bands adapted to both crowned second molars.[] Newborns with persistent left superior vena cava (LSVC) may have alterations in the location of the azygos, and since LSVC is not uncommon in EAs with fistulae, it is important[] We conclude that UPEG and TBS are complementary in detecting near-missed upper TE fistula accompanying EA.[] […] atresia with tracheoesophageal fistula (EA-TEF) associated with a right aortic arch poses a dilemma to the pediatric surgeon, often necessitating an operative approach via a left[] Many surgeons would advise for repair through left-chest access.[] Logistic regression analysis was performed to determine if a first or second esophagram SI threshold was associated with dilation.[]

  • Osteitis

    The underlying pathophysiology may involve changes in vertebral loading and cement leakage into the intervertebral disk.[] When the groups were compared to one another, there were significant differences in both the right and left agger nasi walls and the frontal sinus wall.[] In this report, we present a 28-year-old man with the regression of the condensing osteitis of the clavicle after the extraction of a decayed tooth.[] […] arm M85.321 Osteitis condensans, right upper arm M85.322 Osteitis condensans, left upper arm M85.329 Osteitis condensans, unspecified upper arm M85.33 Osteitis condensans[] Medical Index (IME).Study selectionRandomised controlled trials (RCTs) (with or without placebo) of patients of any age or gender who underwent maxillary or mandibular third molar[] In group 2, socket was irradiated with a low power red laser for 3 consecutive days (200 mW, 30 seconds on each of the buccal and lingual surfaces and 30 seconds at the middle[]

  • Lithium

    AIM: The aim of this study is to compare the shear bond strengths of conventional resin cement and self-adhesive resin cement bonded to lithium disilicate.[] RESULTS: Patients demonstrated significantly lower FA compared to healthy volunteers in the left and right CGH white matter at baseline.[] The questionnaire for predictors included 3 aspects: (a) sociodemographic characteristics, (b) oral health habits (tooth brushing frequency, flossing frequency, and dental[] We also present a case of a burn to the upper thigh resulting from cellular phone battery malfunction.[] Materials and Methods: Forty human mandibular molars were randomly separated into four groups (n 10 in each group) - Group IN: control group, Group IPS: endocrowns made of[] The patient was admitted with acute lithium intoxication after her second dose of treatment. Blood lithium level increased to 3.58 mEq/L.[]

  • Aneurysmal Bone Cyst

    Minimally invasive treatment was performed with percutaneous injection of osteoconductive cement (Cerament) to induce sclerosis and bone remodeling of the bone cyst lesion[] […] musculoskeletal system and connective tissue › M80-M85 Disorders of bone density and structure › M85- Other disorders of bone density and structure › Aneurysmal bone cyst, left[] KEYWORDS: Aneurysmal bone cyst; Ectopic molar tooth; Endoscopic excision; Maxilla[] Written by more than 30 internationally distinguished physicians, Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck, Second Edition now contains: over 1045 photographs, micrographs,[] Amongst the associated lesions, cement-ossifying fibroma and ossifying fibroma were the most common, followed by fibrous dysplasia and central giant cell granuloma.[] However, some atypical findings were found for SBC including: the expansion of bone cortical, tooth resorption, displacement of the mandibular canal, and recurrence.[]

  • Stress

    cements-zinc polycarboxylate cements, and glass ionomer cement (GIC).[] Coronary CT angiography (CCTA) confirmed an anomalous RCA arising from the left coronary cusp with a slit-like ostium and interarterial course (ARCA-LCC-IA).[] The fibers' tight adaptation to tooth structure allows a dramatic decrease of the composite volume between the tooth structure and the fiber, thus protecting the residual[] On laboratory analysis, insulin-like growth factor 1 was noted to be 3 times the upper limit of normal, and a prolactin level was five times the upper limit of normal.[] Material and Methods Forty-eight molars were divided into four groups (n 12) with assorted combinations of two study factors: BL- conventional onlay preparation with boxes[] In the second phase, we found that participants thought that HU could work well for stress reduction.[]

  • Potassium Iodide

    […] then restored with glass ionomer cement.[] Abstract We present a case report of a patient who suffered from an acute cochleovestibular deficit after topical application of potassium iodide solution into the left ear[] Abstract This study investigated the effect of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) and potassium iodide (KI) treatment on secondary caries prevention and tooth discolouration in[] Abstract This report describes a high school football player with an unusual ulcerative lesion on the upper leg that was treated initially as pyoderma gangrenosum, but later[] Seventy two mandibular first molars were used. The root canals were infected with Enterococcus faecalisfor 30 days.[] The canals were sampled for micro-organisms on four occasions: before instrumentation, after instrumentation, after application of IKI dressing and at the beginning of the second[]

  • Irrigation

    We describe a 17-year-old woman with Ewing sarcoma in the pelvis who underwent hemipelvectomy and reconstruction with an artificial hip joint and bone cement.[] However, she experienced a recurrence in the left neck region 1 year later.[] A follow-up clinical and radiographic examination at 5 years after treatment showed an asymptomatic tooth with excellent osseous healing.[] Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, performed at a local hospital, showed 2 gastric bezoars in the stomach, and 1 of them impacted at the pylorus.[] An OW EDTA regimen showed antibacterial effect in the primary molar root canals but it was significantly less effective than NaOCl EDTA.[] Similarly, lowest contamination of irrigation fluid was observed at 120 seconds.[]