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  • Odontoma

    In contrast, complex odontomas are poorly differentiated structures that contain cementum, dentin, and enamel. These tend to develop in the posterior maxilla.[] Treatment consisted of simple enucleation with removal of the primary mandibular left second molar.[] REPORT: A 10-year-old boy in the mixed dentition stage presented with an impacted maxillary left central incisor due to the presence of an odontoma.[] At the one-year follow-up, the tooth was brought into the maxillary arch.[] Abstract INTRODUCTION: Pierre Robin sequence (PRS) is a rare disorder classically observed as a triad of features including micrognathia, glossoptosis, and upper airway obstruction[] All those affected showed teeth dysplasia, oligodontia, and dysplasia and odontoma of the upper and lower jaw.[]

  • Enamel Hypoplasia

    Such a condition leads to defective enamel development and enamel hypoplasia (EH).[] In the two male patients, severe sensorineural hearing loss has developed in adult life, unilateral in the left ear in one brother, bilateral in the other.[] The maxillary left central incisor had erupted fully.[] The defects of enamel hypoplasia can be related to the layered structure of enamel which represents the sequence of development in tooth crowns.[] Dentine protrudes above the occlusal enamel of upper central incisors, both upper canines, the lower left canine, lower right central incisor, and all four first molars.[] Only one tooth (a permanent upper canine) showed two different enamel defects, and most of the hypoplasias were expressed as faint linear horizontal defects.[]

  • Supernumerary Teeth

    Radiopacity of enamel and dentin. Radiolucency of pulp chamber/root canal. Other : May interfere with the eruption of other teeth. Number : May be single or multiple.[] Abstract This report describes the orthodontic treatment of a 14-year-old boy who had 3 impacted maxillary teeth (right canine, left central incisor, and left second molar[] CASE REPORT: The present case report describes the clinical management of two impacted supernumerary teeth, which impeded the eruption of the maxillary right central incisor[] BACKGROUND: Few researchers have investigated the relationship between supernumerary teeth (ST) and impacted incisors.[] The treatment of a supernumerary tooth is removal. Then, it is determined if orthodontic treatment is needed to help the impacted tooth to erupt.[] Seven factors of tooth size for the upper central incisors and eight factors for the upper lateral incisors were extracted.[]

  • Single Central Maxillary Incisor

    The opalescence enamel (Supreme GT-3M) was applied between mamelons. Fig. 10 The two layers of enamel (Durafill A2 / A1 – Heraeus Kulzer) were applied.[] Periodontal surgery was carried out to obtain the symmetry of the left and right gingival margin and recover the normal biological function after orthodontic extrusion.[] Abstract A holoprosencephalic child was born to a mother with a single central maxillary incisor.[] Abstract Two children with nasal pyriform aperture stenosis had the diagnosis of single central maxillary incisor made with CT scanning prior to tooth eruption and the clinical[] On the 3D CT image of each subject, the middle pyriform aperture width (MPAW), upper 1/4 PA width (UPAW), and middle internasal process width (MINPW) were measured.[] Since the SMMCI did not have the morphology of a right or left central incisor, orthodontic space opening would be performed on the left, where more space was initially available[]

  • Abnormalities of Size and Form of Teeth

    […] pearls Enamel spur Exaggerated cingulum of tooth Exaggerated cusp of tooth Fusion of crown of teeth Fusion of teeth Gemination of teeth Generalized macrodontia Hypertaurodontism[] Literature showed that submerged mandibular left second primary molar associated with agenesis of mandibular left second premolar with supernumerary tooth [23].[] The central incisors on the lower jaw are usually the first to erupt, and then the central incisors on the upper jaw follow (6-8 months).[] In the maxilla, permanent lateral incisors are peg shaped; central incisors were of normal shape with mamelons.[] Discuss local and systemic causes of delayed tooth emergence. List treatment modalities available for management of delayed tooth emergence.[] Approximate Synonyms Abnormal form of teeth Abnormal size of teeth Abnormal size of tooth Abnormally formed tooth Clinical Information Anomaly of the tooth, found chiefly in upper[]

  • Taurodontism Microdontia and Dens Invaginatus

    […] in teh absence ofa systemic disorder -both dentions involved -enamel matrix -mineralizeation fo matrix -maturation of matrix -insuffcient amts of enamel -amt of enamel varies[] The print of the radiograph on the left illustrates fusion between the primary mandibular left lateral incisor and the primary mandibular left canine.[] Keywords: Dens invaginatus Mandibular central incisor[] However, fusion can also be the union of a normal tooth bud to a supernumerary tooth germ.[] Among primary teeth, 10 are found in the (upper) maxilla and the other 10 in the (lower) mandible.[] Two-page spreads include clinical photos of common conditions on one side while the facing page lists the central features, causes, and significance of each specific disease[]

  • Premature Tooth Eruption

    The prevalence of enamel defects in the deciduous(6-7) and permanent dentition(8) has been reported to be higher in premature infants.[] The permanent teeth will gradually erupt into the space left by the deciduous teeth.[] Initial eruption sequence in both groups was the same as full-term infants, with the two lower central incisors erupting first.[] 6011000124106 MAPPRIORITY 1 6011000124106 MAPRULE OTHERWISE TRUE 447562003 MAPTARGET K00.6 6011000124106 MAPADVICE IF STEATOCYSTOMA MULTIPLEX WITH NATAL TOOTH SYNDROME CHOOSE[] She had her first milk tooth eruption (lower central incisor) at the age of 5 months and second lower incisor at the age of 7 months and upper central incisors erupted at[] Prematurely erupted natal and neonatal teeth are generally normal deciduous incisors.[]

  • Microdontia

    The print of the radiograph on the left illustrates fusion between the primary mandibular left lateral incisor and the primary mandibular left canine.[] The central incisor retention and the lateral incisor microdontia were confirmed ( Figure 2 ) .[] A case of ogee permanent upper incisor teeth associated with microdontia, oligodontia, and tooth mobility is described.[] [1] Tan SPK, Van Wijk AJ, Prahl-Anderson B (2011) Severehypodontia: Identifying patterns of human tooth agenesis.[] […] of the right mandibular second premolar and peg-shaped mandibular primary lateral incisors and canines were presented.[] Agenesis (absence) of the right superior lateral incisor, and Microdontia (size smaller than normal) of the left superior lateral incisor. 1- 1 year of orthodontic treatment[]

  • Amelogenesis Imperfecta

    […] causes of enamel defects 212 Determinants and mechanisms of enamel fluorosis 226 The role of enamel matrix proteins in the development of cementum and periodontal tissues[] The enamel is easily damaged, which affects the appearance of the teeth, especially if left untreated. Call your dentist if you have symptoms of this condition.[] Abstract We report on a black male patient from Central America with amelogenesis imperfecta, rough hypoplastic type, dental follicular hamartomas, and gingival hyperplasia[] Extraction of all remaining primary incisors was carried out followed by gingivectomy around the maxillary permanent incisors, mandibular central incisors and maxillary left[] 2015 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 520.5 Hereditary disturbances in tooth structure, not elsewhere classified 2015 Billable Thru Sept 30/2015 Non-Billable On/After Oct 1/2015 ICD[] The defective surface areas were reconstructed to their original dimensions on stone cast models of the upper and lower arches using composite, and transparent thermoform[]

  • Malocclusion

    The present case report describes the treatment of an adult patient with Angle Class II Division 2 subdivision left malocclusion associated with anterior deep overbite and[] RESULTS: There was a statistically significant difference regarding anterior nasal spine with maxillary central incisor, menton, and mandibular central incisor points for[] The densest area on the upper jaw is alveolar process between central incisors, which increases with age from 1045,14 59,81 to 1318 69,28.[] If the surfaces of the teeth interfere with how the jaw moves, the teeth can be worked loose or the enamel can be worn away.[] BACKGROUND: The extraction of an upper lateral incisor for orthodontic purposes is rare and must be adequately justified.[] Objectives: To evaluate the tooth size discrepancy and Bolton's ratios between male and female subjects with a Class I malocclusion.[]