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9,458 Possible Causes for Left, lateral, nerve, pectoral

  • Radial Tunnel Syndrome

    Radial Nerve Mobilization (Supine) With client’s shoulder slightly off the edge of therapy table, therapist’s left leg braces (depresses) client’s shoulder The client curls[] […] desk, the head and neck jutt forward and the thoracic spine gets rounded/convex SO 4. perhaps shoulder and chest openers are in order for you also stick your finger in your pectoral[] Abstract Two of the most common diagnoses assigned to patients presenting with lateral elbow and proximal forearm pain are lateral tendinosis and radial tunnel syndrome.[] Our results show that the posterior interosseous nerve distal to the supinator muscle may be compressed by various structures.[]

  • Poland Syndrome

    This case is unique because we believe it is a rare case of Poland syndrome involving the left hemithorax along with dextrocardia and herniation of the spleen from the left[] However, more syndromes can present with pectoral muscle deficiency.[] Data regarding the sex and laterality, previously reported in the medical literature, were confirmed by our analysis.[] Electromyographic and nerve conduction studies were normal.[]

  • Ptosis

    […] a BabyCenter member Asked 6/24/08 Mom Answers (20) Best answers Most recent BEST ANSWER My daughter has it too, in the left eye.[] Patients were randomly assigned into 3 groups: patients undergoing percutaneous electrostimulation of the pectoral muscle combined with specific training (group 1), patients[] Lateral rectus function sometimes is compromised by muscle attachment to the lateral orbital osteotomy.[] RATIONALE: Diabetic oculomotor nerve palsies, also called ischemic third nerve palsies, are the most common etiologic subset of oculomotor nerve palsy in adults.[]

  • Intercostal Neuralgia

    If the pain is localized to the right, torso tilted slightly to the left.[] The upper ribs form attachments for neck muscles and pectoral muscles where tightness or acute spasm can constrict nerves and blood flow causing numbness in the arm and hand[] One month later he was reviewed.[] We decided to perform bilateral splanchnic nerve RFA in this patient.[]

  • Lateral Sinus Thrombosis

    […] to the left cellebro-pontine angle.[] […] paronichie 440 Luxația rotulei și instabilitatea 442 Patelar / Quadriceps Tendinita 444 Patelar / Quadriceps ruptură de tendon 446 Sindrom de durere patellofemoral ( PPS ) 448 Pectoral[] The presence of lateral sinus thrombosis mandates further investigation for additional intracranial complications.[] Neurological examination revealed a right 6th nerve palsy by a red glass test and an impaired tandem walking test.[]

  • Abducens Nerve Palsy

    Magnetic resonance venography of the head and neck revealed thromboses in left internal jugular vein, left cavernous sinus, left superior ophthalmic vein, and left sigmoid[] The extraocular movement of the lateral rectus was -1 limitation for the right eye and -4 limitations for the left.[] The abducens nerve (cranial nerve VI) is known for its very long travel from the brainstem to the ipsilateral lateral rectus muscle, where it provides an important function[] Our approach involves reanimating the lateral rectus based on force measurements from the opposing medial rectus.[]

    Missing: pectoral
  • Mobius Syndrome

    CASE REPORT: A 4-year-old patient with complete bilateral facial palsy secondary to Möbius syndrome was operated with left hemiface free-gracilis muscle transplant innervated[] […] is a combination of two rare congenital syndromes characterized by congenital facial weakness, loss of abduction of eyes, limb defects, and absence or hypoplasia of the pectoral[] The fibrotic lateral rectus could explain the absence of abduction in Möbius syndrome.[] CONCLUSION: The absent facial nerves on MRI and the unusual distribution of the facial weakness, which is characteristic of Möbius syndrome, suggests that other cranial nerves[]

  • Brachial Plexus Injury

    Two-sample t-tests were performed between left BPAI patients and controls, right BPAI patients and controls, and between left and right BPAI patients.[] Due to dissatisfaction with the aesthetic results including an impression in the left shoulder and pectoral region, two silicon implants were inserted 41 months after rectus[] A combined 9-cm proximal cable nerve graft procedure and a pronator branch to the posterior interosseous nerve transfer were performed.[] The nerve donors utilized included the distal accessory nerve, intercostal with or without rectus abdominis nerves, medial pectoral nerves, thoracodorsal nerve, and flexor[]

  • Ophthalmoplegia

    However, when she was asked to look to the left, the left eye abducted but the right eye failed to adduct — it did not move past the midline.[] Mild upgaze paresis Adults: Complete Muscle weakness Proximal Distal Lower & Upper extremities Quadriceps : May be prominently involved Face: Mild Atrophy: Quadriceps & Pectorals[] […] magnetic resonance imaging findings of relapsing pachymeningitis with an inflammatory process in the apex of the right orbit and pseudotumor inflammation of the superior and lateral[] […] and the 6th cranial nerve (abducens nerve).[]

  • Accessory Nerve Palsy

    EMG showed recovery in the left spinal accessory nerve.[] Mobilization of the pectoralis major is limited somewhat by the relatively tight anatomic dimensions of the pectoral nerves.[] Fig. 9.35 Right trapezius weakness due to an accessory nerve lesion in the lateral cervical triangle. Contact Category: Nervous diseases[] nerve recovers.[]