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418 Possible Causes for Left, trapezius

  • Otitis Media

    Google Scholar Fryer G, Hodgson L: The effect of manual pressure release on myofascial trigger points in the upper trapezius muscle.[] We report a rare case of a 45 year old female who presented with bilateral-dacroadenitis, otitis media, parotid enlargement and left sided lower motor neuron type of facial[] Extensive dural sinus thrombosis extending right up to the left internal jugular vein was confirmed on CT imaging.[]

  • Accessory Nerve Palsy

    The trapezius muscle is the the large muscle between your neck and your shoulder. It forms the ‘V’ shape of your neck. The trapezius muscle lifts the shoulder blade.[] EMG showed recovery in the left spinal accessory nerve.[] We present the case of a 42-year-old Caucasian male suffering from a unilateral, isolated paralysis of his ipsilateral trapezius muscle.[]

  • Cross Syndrome

    Trapezius Stretch – upper trapezius is renowned for tightening up and even more so in UCS.[] Extraordinary Vessel - Cross Syndrome Pattern Principle Signs: Right Subcostal Left ASIS a/or Left Side of Navel ( ST 25, ST 26, ST 27 ) Confirming Signs: Right PC 1 SP 21[] Relax your left arm down, and imagine you’re reaching for something on the floor with your left hand.[]

  • Sprengel's Deformity

    The trapezius and rhomboid muscles are detached from their origins in the spinous processes and reattached at a lower level to keep the scapula in a more normal position.[] The left vertebral artery originated from the left subclavian artery just before its intraspinal penetrance and showed a normal cranial continuation after entering the left[] […] scapulothoracic motion; - associated anomalies: - congenital scoliosis, cervical ribs, torticollis, renal abnormalities, & muscular hypoplasia, especially involving the trapezius[]

  • Inferior Wall Myocardial Infarction

    Pain radiating to either trapezius muscle is typical. 182. Rub -heard within 24 hrs or as late as 2 weeks…most commonly on second or third day. 183.[] CONCLUSION: This study suggests that myocardial bridging plays a role in left ventricular function in the acute stage of inferior wall MI.[] Abstract Left ventricular (LV) pseudoaneurysm is a rare but potentially lethal complication of acute myocardial infarction (MI).[]

  • Long Thoracic Nerve Palsy

    […] those patients with no recovery of serratus anterior function, some were able to maintain relatively good active motion in the affected shoulder by substituting with the trapezius[] The patient was a young woman who underwent left breast quadrantectomy and axillary dissection for breast cancer.[] Resting position of the scapula with serratus anterior and trapezius palsy. C. Superficial location of the long thoracic nerve.[]

  • Poland Syndrome

    Abstract We report a female patient with unilateral absence of the trapezius and pectoralis major muscles without other associated limb abnormalities.[] This case is unique because we believe it is a rare case of Poland syndrome involving the left hemithorax along with dextrocardia and herniation of the spleen from the left[] […] bilateral minor pectoral muscles, hypoplasia of bilateral subcutaneous tissue, agenesis or hypoplasia of bilateral serratus anterior muscles, latissimus dorsi muscles and trapezius[]

  • Absence of Innominate Vein

    […] internal iliac vein. occipital vein The merger of a network of veins along the posterior scalp into a single vein, the occipital vein, which runs down the scalp and under the trapezius[] The left lower pulmonary vein had a normal drainage to the left atrium.[] @article{Akpinar2012PersistentLS, title {Persistent left superior vena cava, absence of the innominate vein, and upper sinus venosus defect}, author {Ibrahim Akpinar and Muhammet[]

  • Pericarditis

    Learning bite Pain radiating to the trapezius ridge has high degree of specificity for pericarditis Examination Pericardial friction rub has been reported in around a third[] Computed tomography of the chest and abdomen showed huge liver abscess without full liquefaction in the left lobe, large amount of left pleural effusion, and mild pericardial[] Radiation Pain radiates to the trapezius ridge (to the lowest portion of the scapula on the back) or no radiation.[]

  • Cervicogenic Headache

    OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to compare the acute effects of superficial and deep dry needling into trigger points of suboccipital and upper trapezius muscles[] If left like it is, it will leave the clinician with more questions than advices. ----C4 is unproblematic.[] CONCLUSIONS: Dysfunction of trapezius muscle was most responsible for CEH etiology.[]

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