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  • Urinary Tract Infection

    The ureteral orifice becomes edematous and loses its one-way valve function during infection.[] BACKGROUND: Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most common diagnoses in girls and women, and to a lesser extent in boys and men younger than 50 years.[] Risk factors in men Things that increase a man's risk of UTIs include: Problems with the prostate gland .[] […] once daily (consult local guidelines) option for once-daily outpatient iv therapy for complicated UTI resistance relatively uncommon severe renal impairment nephrotoxicity vestibular[]

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    While the eustachian tube orifice was observed by an endoscope inserted through the contralateral nostril, the orifice was ligated transnasally and/or transorally using instruments[] Pharyngitis) A271 Renitis A297 Schnupfen (Nase verstopft) A301 Schwerhoerigkeit A302 Schwindel A320 Taubheit A324 Tinnitus C15 Adenoids C63 Angina_quinsy (inflammation of lymph gland[] These patients also had vestibular symptoms which improved with treatment of the patulous tube.[] At its nasopharyngeal opening, the eustachian tube is lined by respiratory epithelium that includes columnar ciliated cells, goblet cells, and mucous glands.[]

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  • Otitis Media

    […] and tone type indicated that children with greater levels of OME-related hearing loss had more impaired tone perception of Tone 1 and Tone 2 compared to their peers with lesser[] In addition, the mucosa at the tubal orifice was graded on a 4-point scale.[] Earwax, called cerumen, is produced by special wax-forming glands located in the skin of the outer one-third of the ear canal.[] […] time); (4) should not routinely screen children for OME who are not at risk and do not have symptoms that may be attributable to OME, such as hearing difficulties, balance (vestibular[]

  • Malignant Neoplasm

    […] neoplasm of anterior wall of bladder C67.4 Malignant neoplasm of posterior wall of bladder C67.5 Malignant neoplasm of bladder neck C67.6 Malignant neoplasm of ureteric orifice[] Cervical lymphadenopathy is a lesser-known drug reaction that is produced by anticonvulsant therapy; under some circumstances, this condition may be confused with head and[] Eight years after her initial diagnosis she presented with a small, painless mass in the region of her parotid gland.[] Schwann cells of the heart in rodents are similar to the kind of cells in humans that give rise to acoustic neuromas (also known as vestibular schwannomas ), which some studies[]

  • Paraurethral Gland Infection

    Two prominent openings on the inner aspects of the external urethral orifice can be seen when the orifice is open.[] […] glands are made of the same cells as the male prostate, and are what is thought to produce the fluid ejected in female ejaculation.The Skene’s glands are also called the lesser[] PinkMonkey Registered: 1320503044 Posts: 116 Posted 1373477208 Reply with quote #1 Hi, My doctor thinks i may have an infection in my paraurethral glands..[] […] fascia of the urogenital diaphragm, in the deep perineal pouch, and enclosed by transverse fibers of the sphincter urethrae membranaceae muscle; homologous to the greater vestibular[]

  • Paraurethral Duct Infection

    Such infection clinically manifests as an erythematous swelling of the external urethral orifice.[] The Womans Skenes Glands Skenes glands will also be known as lesser vestibular glands and periurethral glands.[] In human anatomy (female), the Skene's glands (also known as the lesser vestibular glands , periurethral glands , skene glands , paraurethral glands , [ 1 ] female prostate[] The Woman’s Skene’s Glands Skene’s glands are also called lesser vestibular glands and periurethral glands.[]

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

    […] respiratory insufficiency. thyroid insufficiency hypothyroidism. valvular insufficiency failure of a cardiac valve to close perfectly, causing the blood to flow back through the orifice[] Here are a few lesser known signs of adrenal fatigue as described by Dr.[] This is the first report of sarcomatoid carcinomas involving both adrenal glands.[] Positron emission tomography (18)F-fluorodeoxyglucose detected two intensely hypermetabolic lesions limited to both adrenal glands.[]

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  • Parotid Duct Obstruction

    Manipulate stone out of duct if close to orifice 3. Use ultrasound, micro-endoscopy or laser disruption to break up and dislodge stone 4.[] Similar changes were also seen (lesser degree) in left parotid salivary gland. Findings suggest parotitis of chronic nature (patient had repeated attacks of parotid pain)[] Salivary gland infection with Candida tropicalis: antibiotic suppression therapy resulting in selection of uncommon pathogens.[] Scarpa Sappey Musculus temporoparietalis Scarpa Canalis incisivus Stensen Scarpa Endolympha Fluid Scarpa Endolympha Liquor Scarpae Scarpa Foramina palatina Scarpa Ganglion vestibulare[]

  • Bulbourethral Gland Abscess

    Vulva Externally located: labia majora and minora, mons pubis, clithoris, vestibule, greater and lesser vestibular glands Sexual function: heavily innervated and provide pleasure[] Retrieved January 25th, 2019, from Bartholin's gland noun Either of two small compound racemose glands on either side of the vaginal orifice that secrete a lubricating mucus[] These glands are homologous to the Bartholin’s gland found in the female reproductive system .[] Bartholin’s gland Genital swelling Scrotum Labia majora Urogenital folds Spongy urethra Labia minora Genital tubercle Penis Clitoris Prepuce Foreskin Clitoral hood Bulb of penis Vestibular[]

  • Urethral Cyst

    Last updated March 19, 2018 Skene’s glands are known as the lesser or minor vestibule glands and are located just below the urethra, near the vaginal opening.[] Abstract A rare case of a cyst of the outer urethral orifice in a 35-year-old female is presented. The etiology is discussed.[] I had a suburethral Skenes gland cyst removed 6 weeks ago with a cystoscopy done at the same time.[] Skene's glands (small vestibular gland paraurethral glands) - gland, located in the area of the external opening of the urethra in the anterior wall of the vagina around the[]