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865 Possible Causes for Malig, NOS, biliary, neo

Did you mean: mania, NOS, biliary, neo

  • Appendicitis

    Despite a previous ileo-cecal resection, the appendix was still present and vascularized by small vessels within the mesoappendix connected to the neo-terminal ileum mesentery[] , Appendicitis , Appendicitis [Disease/Finding] , Appendicitis, unqualified (disorder) , Appendicitis NOS (disorder) , Appendicitis (disorder) , inflammation; appendix ,[] […] in care for children and teens with a wide range of conditions, including the following: Abdominal Disorders Abdominal cysts Achalasia Anterior ectopic anus Appendicitis Biliary[] These diagnoses most often include perforated ulcers of the stomach or bowel, perforated colon cancer, diverticulitis of the colon, biliary tract disease, and Meckel's diverticulum[]

    Missing: Malig
  • Shigella Infection

    The benign disease causes peritoneal inflammation, fibrosis, adhesions and ovarian cysts but displays features of malignancy, like neo-vascularization, local invasion and[] Infectious enteritis NOS Infectious gastroenteritis NOS Type 1 Excludes colitis NOS ( K52.9 ) diarrhea NOS ( R19.7 ) enteritis NOS ( K52.9 ) gastroenteritis NOS ( K52.9 )[] The authors report the case of an 8-year-old girl who underwent a liver transplant at the age of 18 months because of biliary atresia.[] Enteritis NOS Gastroenteritis NOS Ileitis NOS Jejunitis NOS Sigmoiditis NOS Type 1 Excludes diarrhea NOS ( R19.7 ) functional diarrhea ( K59.1 ) infectious gastroenteritis[]

    Missing: Malig
  • Traffic Accident

    Conscientiousness (from NEO-PI-R) and IQ correlated negatively with road-traffic accident fatalities.[] The quality of included studies was assessed using the Newcastle-Ottowa Scale (NOS) (cut-off of 7 indicated high quality).[] Prior to the accident, there was no evidence of a pre-existing liver or biliary system disease.[] Cultural variables included five Hofstede's cultural dimensions, seven Schwartz cultural value dimensions, NEO-PI-R scales, and the intelligence quotient (IQ).[]

    Missing: Malig
  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

    Fibrosis of lung (atrophic) (chronic) (confluent) (massive) (perialveolar) (peribronchial) NOS Induration of lung (chronic) NOS Postinflammatory pulmonary fibrosis idiopathic[] […] cyclophosphamide resistant exacerbation of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), which was definitely resolved in accordance with increased levels of serum conjugated bilirubin due to biliary[] Presently, it is in late control trials for the vascular VEGF treatment of cancer facilitating angiogenesis inhibition precluding the neo-vascularity necessary to feed the[] -CM Diagnosis Code J84.10 Pulmonary fibrosis, unspecified 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable/Specific Code Applicable To Capillary fibrosis of lung Cirrhosis of lung (chronic) NOS[]

    Missing: Malig
  • Soft Tissue Sarcoma

    In high-risk situations, neo-adjuvant treatment could facilitate surgery in some cases, increase survival and provide indications of tumor biology.[] One UPS and the NOS model were partially sensitive to DOX. DOX is first-line therapy for these diseases. S. typhimurium A1-R arrested tumor growth all 4 models.[] Biliary duct localization is extremely rare, but it is the most common cause of malignant obstructive jaundice in pediatric patients.[] Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy for primary high-grade extremity soft tissue sarcoma. Ann Oncol . 2004 Nov. 15(11):1667-72. [Medline] .[]

    Missing: Malig
  • Pancreatectomy

    A 71-year-old patient affected by IPMN cancer with infiltration of the SMA received FOLFIRINOX-based neo-adjuvant treatment.[] […] pancreaticoduodenectomy), pylorus-preserving Whipple, right pancreatectomy, or total pancreatectomy Distal : distal pancreatectomy, distal subtotal pancreatectomy, left pancreatectomy NOS[] For patients with malig nancy, extended procedures have been developed to improve the curative resection rate and ensure complete lymph node dissection.[] The goal is to provide optimal care to patients with complex pancreatic and biliary diseases.[]

  • Amebic Liver Abscess

    NEO 29.780 65 M NEO 6.85 M 1.94 B -4.92% 17. DigitalCash 218.850 8.23 M DASH 3.93 M 1.8 B -5.29% 18. Ethereum Classic 16.010 103.45 M ETC 10.35 M 1.66 B -4.25% 19.[] Infectious enteritis NOS Infectious gastroenteritis NOS Type 1 Excludes colitis NOS ( K52.9 ) diarrhea NOS ( R19.7 ) enteritis NOS ( K52.9 ) gastroenteritis NOS ( K52.9 )[] DRG Group #441-443 - Disorders of liver except malig, cirr, alc hepa with CC. DRG Group #441-443 - Disorders of liver except malig, cirr, alc hepa without CC or MCC.[] Cholangiogram showed biliary communication in all 13 patients. All patients were treated with placement of 10F biliary endoprosthesis or 10F nasobiliary drain.[]

  • Complication of Procedure

    CMR identified a large (3cm x 5cm) false aneurysm at the proximal neo-aortic valve suture line causing dynamic obstruction of the main pulmonary artery.[] 2012 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 998.9 Unspecified complication of procedure, not elsewhere classified Short description: Surgical complicat NOS.[] The goal is to provide optimal care to patients with complex pancreatic and biliary diseases.[] Does the morphology of the extrahepatic biliary remnants in biliary atresia influence survival? A review of 205 cases. J Pediatr Surg . 1994 Nov. 29(11):1459-64.[]

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  • Malignant Neoplasm

    'Neoplastic' itself comes from the Greek 'neo' ('new') and 'plastic' ('formed, molded').[] The primary aim of this study is to characterize hepatocellular malignant neoplasm, NOS (HEMNOS), a new provisional entity describing a subset of paediatric hepatocellular[] […] female breast, infiltrating ductal, stage 1 CA female breast, infiltrating ductal, stage 2 CA female breast, infiltrating lobular CA of female breast Cancer female breast malig[] […] lesion of major salivary glands C14.8 overlapping lesion of lip, oral cavity and pharynx C21.8 overlapping lesion of rectum, anus and anal canal C24.8 overlapping lesion of biliary[]

  • Listeria Monocytogenes

    ISO-GRID durable and NEO-GRID disposable membrane filter test systems are used on food, beverage and water samples for the detection, confirmation, and enumeration of microorganisms[] , Infection due to Listeria monocytogenes , Listerellosis , Listeriosis (disorder) , Listeria monocytogenes; infection , infection; Listeria monocytogenes , Listeriosis, NOS[] A case of Listeria monocytogenes induced spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) is reported in a patient with primary biliary cirrhosis.[] Pode crecer e reproducirse dentro das células hóspede e é un dos patóxenos máis virulentos que poden estar presentes nos alimentos, ata o punto de que entre o 20 e o 30 %[]

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