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6,238 Possible Causes for Markers,, Ocular

  • Brucellosis

    Ocular manifestations subsided gradually within 6 months after treatment. Brucellosis can affect the eye and lead to serious ocular complications.[] Although some tumor markers (CEA, CYFRA21-1, NSE, CA19-9) in the patient's serum were elevated, carcinomas were excluded by a variety of inspections including bone marrow[] […] rigors Anorexia Headache Abdominal pain Muscular pain Fatigue and weakness Arthralgia Excessive sweating Swollen lymph nodes Hepatosplenomegaly with abdominal tenderness Ocular[]

  • Emetine

    […] and avoid drug-induced ocular side effects.[] Analysis Code 2425B Test Name Ipecac Use Markers Screen, Blood Test Includes Cephaeline; Emetine Compound Synonym(s) Ipecac; Ipecac Syrup Constituent Purpose Exclusion Screen[] […] gives you the knowledge you need to manage any challenge in ocular toxicology Authoritative guidance on ocular drugs and their use in pregnancy helps you safely manage the[]

  • Taenia Solium

    An ocular cysticercosis case of a nine-year-old Balinese girl in Indonesia is reported.[] Microsatellite markers are useful genome features, which enable strain typing and identification in complex pathogen genomes.[] Seizures Extraparenchymal Intraventricular or subarachnoid space disease Obstructive hydrocephalus Subarachnoid disease – stroke, vasculitis , meningitis / encephalitis Ocular[]

  • Hypertension

    Ocular hypertension is not the same as glaucoma. With ocular hypertension, the optic nerve looks normal and there are no signs of vision loss.[] This approach can be helpful for clinical diagnosis of depression, but further studies are needed to verify the role of these candidate markers for depression diagnosis.[] Helios, a transcription factor from the Ikaros family, was recently reported to be a bona fide marker for natural Tregs or activated Tregs with suppression function, however[]

  • Histoplasmosis

    No adverse systemic or ocular were reported.[] Four environmental samples amplified one of the two markers, but only one sample amplified both markers and an isolate of H. capsulatum was cultured from this sample.[] Causes of ocular histoplasmosis Diagnosis of ocular histoplasmosis Treatment of ocular histoplasmosis[]

  • Tuberculosis

    New Results doi: Abstract Ocular tuberculosis (TB) commonly causes severe inflammation and vision loss in TB-endemic countries.[] He had high inflammatory markers with pancytopenia in a peripheral blood smear. His chest radiograph was unremarkable, and he had a negative Mantoux test result.[] Authorities stopped using older, error-prone blood tests, and began a transition to molecular testing with new GeneXpert machines that identify genetic markers of resistant[]

  • Cysticercosis

    Here, we present a case of ocular cysticercosis which presented with mild pain, ptosis, inflammation of upper eyelid and slightly restricted ocular motility.[] In spite of severe dissemination and significantly raised immunological inflammatory markers, the patient had negligible symptoms.[] […] serial T2 relaxometry (T2R) values with long term seizure outcome in patients with solitary cerebral cysticercosis (SCC) in order to establish its usefulness as a prognostic marker[]

  • Osteoporosis

    No characteristic ocular, dental, or joint abnormalities are defined.[] There was no relation between markers of bone turnover and sex, DXA results, dosage of glucocorticosteroids and disease duration.[] The main features of this autosomal inherited disease are ocular, auditory with orofacial abnormalities and early-onset osteoarthritis.[]

  • Trichinellosis

    Ocular lesions in the course of trichinellosis reflect in principle angiomyositis due to immunopathology resulting from migration of Trichinella larvae to many organs and[] In conclusion, MMP-9 might be considered as a marker of inflammation in T. britovi patients.[] Tingey DNA polymorphisms amplified by arbitrary primers are useful as genetic markers Nucleic Acids Res, 18 (1990), pp. 6531-6535 [20.] E. Rodríguez,J. Nieto,M.[]

  • Pemphigus Foliaceus

    Normal ocular architecture was maintained. Clinical remission was observed after successful therapy.[] Several data have reported the involvement of microsatellite (STR) markers across different regions of the HLA in many auto-immune diseases.[] The chromosomal regions 19q13 and 12p13 concentrate differentially expressed genes and are candidate regions for PF susceptibility genes and disease markers.[]

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