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3 Possible Causes for Masdevallia, chaparensis

  • Epipactis Palustris

    […] habit and flower Veitch 350 Cattleya Mossiae transverse section of leaf Veitch 354 intermedia sections of aerial root Veitch 355 Oncidium chrysodipterum flower Veitch 356 Masdevallia[]

    Missing: chaparensis
  • Ficus Scortechinii

    Ficus chaparensis C.C.Berg & Villav.[]

    Missing: Masdevallia
  • Ornithogalum

    There is some controversy over generic limits in the Masdevallia area, c.f. Luer (2006) and Pridgeon (2007).[] Pleurothallidinae: Abele et al. (2005) and Matuszkiewicz and Tukallo (2006) discussed the phylogeny of Masdevallia , Karremans et al. (2012) examined relationships in Stelis[] Podochileae, SO Sobralieae, VA Vandeae): Bulbophyllum (MA: 1870), Dendrobium (MA: 1700), Epidendrum (EP: 1425), Lepanthes (EP: 1200), Stelis (EP: 1120), Maxillaria (CY: 665), Masdevallia[]

    Missing: chaparensis

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