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43 Possible Causes for Meiothermus, taiwanensis

  • Methanobacterium Extroquens

    108631 111936 Mastigobasidium intermedium 10178 T 100804 Matsusporium tropicale 32499 32500 Mechercharimyces asporophorigenens 104192 T mesophilus 104189 T 104190 104191 Meiothermus[] (Medium 228, 28 C, F-1) Meiothermus ruber (Loginova et al. 1984) Nobre et al. 1996 B-1258 Type -- INMI, VKM B-1258 Methanobacterium bryantii Balch et Wolfe 1981 B-1629 Type[] […] purified nd “Unmodeled” sequences that could not be modeled due to low sequence homology with available reference 3D structures used as template in this study Natrialba taiwanensis[]

  • Belamcanda Chinensis

    Belamcanda chinensis has the following named cultivars; 'Freckle Face' , 'Hello Yellow' ,'Taiwanensis' Belamcanda chinensis crosses; 'Avalon Hybrids', Advanced Belamcanda[] Belamcanda chinensis var. curtata Makino Belamcanda chinensis f. flava Makino Belamcanda chinensis var. taiwanensis S.S.Ying Belamcanda chinensis f. vulgaris Makino Belamcanda[] The names Belamcanda pampaninii Léveillé and B. chinensis var. taiwanensis S. S. Ying are here included in the synonymy of I. domestica .”[]

    Missing: Meiothermus
  • Infective Endocarditis

    To our knowledge, this is the first case of IE confirmed by 16S rRNA gene and groEL sequencing to have been caused by G. taiwanensis.[] KEYWORDS: 16S rRNA gene sequencing; Gemella taiwanensis; Infective endocarditis; groEL sequencing Publication type, MeSH terms, Substances Publication type Case Reports MeSH[] A 52-year-old woman was diagnosed with Gemella taiwanensis IE after initial identification of the pathogen as Gemella haemolysans using biochemical tests combined with matrix-assisted[]

    Missing: Meiothermus
  • Acute Monocytic Leukemia

    KEYWORDS: Inonotus taiwanensis; apoptosis; endonuclease G; human acute monocytic leukemia cell line[] Therefore, we set out to evaluate the anti-cancerous efficacy of a water-soluble polysaccharide extract from Inonotus taiwanensis (WSPIS) on human acute monocytic leukemia[]

    Missing: Meiothermus
  • Lactobacillus

    […] senmaizukei – L . sharpeae – L . shenzhenensis – L . silagei – L . siliginis – L . similis – L . songhuajiangensis – L . spicheri – L . sucicola – L . suebicus – L . sunkii – L . taiwanensis[] ., 2009 Species Lactobacillus taiwanensis Wang et al., 2009 Species Lactobacillus thailandensis Tanasupawat et al., 2007 Species Lactobacillus tucceti Chenoll et al., 2009[]

    Missing: Meiothermus
  • Taenia Saginata

    Abstract Asian Taenia saginata, tentatively called Taenia saginata taiwanensis, has been described to be infected in its metacestode stage only in the liver of intermediate[]

    Missing: Meiothermus
  • Enterococcus Avium

    Psychrobacter sanguinis 1606 Pyramidobacter piscolens 1607 Rahnella aquatilis 1608 Ralstonia insidiosa 1609 Ralstonia mannitolytica 1610 Ralstonia pickettii 1611 Ralstonia taiwanensis[]

    Missing: Meiothermus
  • Pseudomonas

    ., 2010 Species Pseudomonas taetrolens Haynes, 1957 Species Pseudomonas taiwanensis Wang et al., 2010 Species Pseudomonas thermotolerans Manaia and Moore, 2002 Species Pseudomonas[]

    Missing: Meiothermus
  • Oral Submucous Fibrosis

    Hinokitiol, a natural tropolone derived from Chamacyparis taiwanensis, has been reported to improve oral lichen planus and inhibit various cancer cells.[]

    Missing: Meiothermus
  • Eczema Vaccinatum

    […] hemorrhagic fever, Hepatocystis hipposideri, Hepatocystis bainae, Hepatocystis perronae, HIV set point, Nyssorhynchus, Hepatocystis epomophori, Autoinfection, Hepatocystis taiwanensis[]

    Missing: Meiothermus

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