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  • Persistent Left Superior Vena Cava

    Abstract A persistent left superior vena cava (PLSVC) is formed by the remains of the oblique vein of the left atrium, which is not completely degenerated during embryonic[] We managed to position electrodes in the right ventricular outflow tract, a posterior branch of the coronary sinus and in the right atrium.[] […] persistent left SVC Draining into right atrium Starts at junction of left subclavian vein and left internal jugular Passes lateral to aortic arch Receives left superior intercostal[] Six months later, the narrowed PLSVC was successfully occluded using a muscular ventricular septal occluder (nitinol wire mesh).[] Common presentations include a dilated CS trunk and few tributaries with abnormal angulations.[] […] of the right-sided SVC.[] Many image findings of PLSVC have been reported, but few mentioned findings in a first-pass radionuclide angiography.[] This reduces the free posterior wall space to which the common pulmonary vein is anastomosed for repairing the anomalous connection.[]

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  • Absence of Innominate Vein

    […] superior pulmonary vein draining to the left innominate vein via vertical vein.[] Tibial Veins: Drain blood from the posterior calf 2 veins originate at the confluence of the plantar arches At the ankle the PTVs course posterior to the medial malleolus[] Origin and course The left superior intercostal vein forms by the union of the 2 nd to 4 th left posterior intercostal veins.[] Exercise, esp. walking, is encouraged to promote the muscular contraction that moves blood through the veins and minimizes venous stasis.[] All rights reserved[] Authored by internationally known leaders in the field, this edition is the first that truly integrates anatomy and imaging technology into clinical practice, and includes[] A rare anomaly detected using bubbles e-Herz: Case study First Online: 19 December 2012 Abstract Superior vena cava anomalies are rare malformations that are typically seen[] She is scheduled for first rib resection.[]

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  • Retrocaval Ureter

    KEYWORDS: CT; MR; Meandering right pulmonary vein; Retrocaval ureter; Vertebral fusion[] Home About FAQ Reviews Search Anatomy Atlases: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Human Anatomic Variation: Opus II: Cardiovascular System: Postcaval Ureter; Persistence of Posterior[] Figure 30-8 Comparison of an intercostal nerve (A) with the first lumbar nerve (B). (After Davies.)[] Though it has been regarded in the recent past as a simple muscular tube, reacting to stretching or filling by contraction, this simplistic view of ureteral phys iology is[] Median Sacral What are the two anterior visceral tributaries of the IVC? What are the three lateral visceral tributaries of the IVC? 1.[] Abstract We report a rare case of right retrocaval ureter and left nutcracker syndrome in a young man who was accurately diagnosis preoperatively with the help of intravenous[] In each case previously reported, the isthmus of the horseshoe was positioned posterior to the inferior vena cava and anterior to the aorta.[] Identification of Ureter Ureter is a muscular structure, and in life waves of muscular contractions generate a worm like rhythmic movement (peristalsis) consequently milking[]

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  • Azygos Continuation of Inferior Vena Cava

    During our procedure, we first established a bypass between the right femoral vein and the jugular vein in case of injury to the azygos vein, and we then performed a McKeown[] Posterior NCS refers to the condition, in which vascular narrowing was secondary to the compression of the retroaortic left renal vein while it is crossing between the aorta[] The enlarged azygos vein made video-assisted thoracic surgery so difficult that conversion to a minithoracotomy and transection of the right superior intercostal vein were[] Strenuous muscular exercise, physical effort and long periods of inactivity (e.g. long air travel or car rides) may also trigger acute thrombotic events.[] CHAPTER 110 Inferior Vena Cava and Its Main Tributaries The inferior vena cava (IVC) and major tributary veins are retroperitoneal structures with unique anatomic and developmental[] We report our experience with successful catheter ablation of a right posteroseptal concealed accessory pathway in a 6-year-old boy with infrahepatic interruption of the inferior[] In this patient, we adopted the lower approach via the anomalous inferior vena cava and azygos continuation to achieve stability of radiofrequency catheter for right posteroseptal[] This complex of anomalies has been demonstrated for the first time by imaging. Our cases show the variation of anomalies associated with azygos continuation.[]

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  • Paradoxical Embolism

    Iliac vein aneurysms are rare, even among venous aneurysms.[] BACKGROUND: The semi-sitting position is preferred in some surgeries of the posterior fossa and the cervical spine.[] OBJECTIVES: To investigate the role of collateral venous pathways between the left brachiocephalic vein (LBV) and the left atrium through an arcade comprising the left superior intercostal[] At birth, right atrial pressure and pulmonary vascular resistance rapidly drop and left atrial pressure rises, forcing the flexible septum primum against the muscular septum[] The aim of this study was to verify whether patients with APS and stroke present a right-to-left shunt (RLS) with greater frequency than patients with APS but without stroke[] Therapeutic preventional anticoagulation is first line, if correction of the underlying anatomical pathology is not already done, by using Heparin or other anticoagulative[] Splitting best heard in the 2nd left intercostal space, close to the sternal border.[] Permanent right-to-left shunt is the key factor in managing patent foramen ovale . J Am Coll Cardiol 2011 ; 58 : 2257 – 2261 .[]

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  • Budd-Chiari Syndrome

    […] cases of diffuse hepatic vein occlusion or failed angioplasty.[] On contrast abdominal CT, a 54 70 45 mm sized cystic lesion was detected in the left lobe of the liver that was seen to extend to the posterior mediastinum and invade the[] Superior vena caval obstruction (not associated with BCS) is a far less frequent cause of a hot spot within the liver and is produced by collateral flow through the intercostal[] Treatments to help manage symptoms that interfere with everyday life may include: Physical or occupational therapy can help improve muscular coordination and trembling.[] […] inferior epigastric veins and superficial epigastric veins are seen (arrows in ‘C’ and ‘D’). 5) Inferior phrenic pericardio-phrenic collaterals • Pericardiophrenic vein is a tributary[] We present a case of intraoperative transesophageal echocardiographic (TEE) diagnosis of acute BCS after extended right hepatectomy.[] We conclude that it is reasonable to use anagrelide as a first-line treatment for ET diagnosed according to the World Health Organization (WHO) system.[] The composite graft was inverted and a half rim of the native part of the graft was anastomosed to the posterior wall of the right atrium.[]

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  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    This article describes a case of thoracic outlet syndrome in a volleyball player with an underlying hypercoagulable state who presented with a subclavian vein thrombosis.[] Sustained posterior glides to the medial clavicle relieved all symptoms during shoulder flexion and the Adson's test.[] Correction bars were generally placed at higher intercostal spaces in patients who developed postoperative thoracic outlet syndrome than in those who did not.[] Thoracic outlet syndrome is a controversial cause of neck and shoulder pain due to complex mechanisms involving muscular dysfunction and nerve compression.[] Greg Pearl of Dallas will perform the procedure, removing the upper right rib to alleviate the nerves that are being pinched.[] Subsequent posterolateral thoracotomy and resection of her first rib revealed fibrous dysplasia.[] This condition typically presents as subclavian vein (SCV) effort thrombosis, also known as Paget-Schroetter syndrome.[] This was attributed to the muscular demands associated with using his body-powered prosthesis for many years.[]

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  • Appendicitis

    Triphasic CTscan abdomen found thrombosis of right portal vein and its hepatic tributaries alongwith superior mesenteric vein (SMV) and its tributaries.[] posterior abdominal wall for presence of tenderness in a specific area bound by the 12 th rib superiorly, spine medially, lateral margin of posterior abdominal wall laterally[] At the time of examination, localized pain, tenderness, and mild muscular defense were observed in the right lower abdomen.[] This case illustrates the need to consider MCL when a patient presents to the emergency department with right lower quadrant pain.[] […] antibiotics first have been done.[] CT scan showed acute appendicitis and a central filling defect in the superior mesenteric vein. DIAGNOSES: Acute appendicitis complicated by SMVT.[] Physical examination revealed an abdominal tenderness in the right lower quadrant without rebound tenderness or muscular tension.[] When appendiceal obstruction persists, the intraluminar pressure will go beyond the pressure of the appendiceal veins leading to the outflow of the obstruction.[]

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  • Congenital Anomaly of Superior Vena Cava

    A rare congenital heart disorder in which all four pulmonary veins are not connected to the left atrium and drain into the systemic veins or the right atrium instead.[] […] structure either dilated azygos (on right) or hemiazygos (on left) IVC passes posterior to diaphragmatic crus to enter thorax as azygos vein Azygos vein joins superior vena[] Other configurations are possible, with the left superior intercostal vein forming a communication between the left SVC and the accessory hemiazygous vein forming a left-sided[] […] cardiac surgery and increase the risk of arrhythmias, especially atrial fibrillation due to the arrhythmogenic potential of the ligament and vein of Marshall, which contain muscular[] Reconstruction of the vena cava and of its primary tributaries: a preliminary report. J Vasc Surg. 1990; 11(3): 373–381. Inoue M, Minami M, Shiono H, et al.[] […] left atrium, RA right atrium).[] This article has no abstract; the first 100 words appear below.[] Anterior thoracotomy was done from 6 th intercostal space, and the 6 th rib was cut anteriorly.[]

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  • Cor Triatriatum

    KEYWORDS: Cor triatriatum; decompressing vertical vein; intact interatrial septum; persistent levoatrial cardinal vein; tricuspid regurgitation[] Abstract In cor triatriatum sinister, a membrane divides the left atrium into a posterior chamber that receives the pulmonary veins and an anterior chamber that communicates[] Precordial examination revealed the apex beat in the 5 th left intercostal space within the midclavicular line. A significant right ventricular lift was present.[] A catheter intervention was performed to stent the coarctation segment, and the fibro-muscular shelf in the right atrium was surgically resected.[] Incomplete separation of the right atrium may occur when prominent venous valve remnants such as Eustachian valve (EV) or Chiari network (CN) incompletely divided the right[] Abstract This article describes the first patient treated surgically for cor triatriatum, and also describes preoperative testing, operative findings, and procedures, as well[] In this case, the abnormal membrane that arose from the posterior wall of the left atrium encircled the left superior vena cava (LSVC) in the left atrial cavity.[] On examination, she was tachypneic and tachycardic with displaced apex beat (5 th left intercostal space lateral to the midclavicular line) and she had the 1 st and 2 nd heart[]

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