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  • Renal Nutcracker Syndrome

    Multiple large venous lumbar collaterals were also seen. Intravascular US identified vascular webs and confirmed chronic venous compression.[] […] the female and varicose veins of the testicular vein (varicoceles) near the left testicle.[] Based on the clinical and radiological presentation, early recurrent left varicocele, left flank pain and gross hematuria and imageries finding; a posterior nutcracker syndrome[] The mesenteric artery branches out from the abdominal aorta, and before going downwards, it moves 4-5 mm ventrally, thus resulting in an inverted J position.[] Muscular layers of the incision were sutured and the wound was temporarily protected by membrane in order to maintain the normal pressure of CO 2 pneumoperitoneum.[] A point 5cm below the tributary point was marked on the IVC, and this was the target for transposition.[] […] reported in women and there's looking to be a second peak of NCS in middle-aged women, a somewhat similar pattern to ME/CFS too.[] […] causes such as pancreatic neoplasm, paraaortic lymphadenopathy, retroperitoneal tumor, abdominal aortic aneurysm, overarching testicular artery, LRV duplication, and ectopic ventral[]

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  • Absence of Innominate Vein

    ; they accompany the lumbar arteries.[] […] superior pulmonary vein draining to the left innominate vein via vertical vein.[] We postulate that this vascular ring represents the failure of both a dorsal and ventral precardinal anastomosis to regress.[] […] sich im Rahmen einer elektiven Aneurysmaresektion der Aorta abdominalis eine seltene Lageanomalie der V . cava inferior fand mit Zusammenfluss der Vv. ilacae zur V . cava ventral[] Structure [ edit ] It arises, on a level with the upper border of the second right costal cartilage, from the start of the aortic arch, on a plane anterior to the origin of[] There is a larger and more developed dorsally positioned caudal tract (the right and left posterior cardinal veins) and a more ventrally located cranial tract (the right and[] Thus, for each extremity, the duration of injection was 50 seconds for bilateral injection and 60 seconds for unilateral injection.[] @article{Akpinar2012PersistentLS, title {Persistent left superior vena cava, absence of the innominate vein, and upper sinus venosus defect}, author {Ibrahim Akpinar and Muhammet[]

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  • Azygos Continuation of Inferior Vena Cava

    Clinical nuclear medicine ISSN : 1536-0229 Pages : Links PubMed Source: DOI: Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions Azygos Vein A vein which arises from the right ascending lumbar[] During our procedure, we first established a bypass between the right femoral vein and the jugular vein in case of injury to the azygos vein, and we then performed a McKeown[] Abstract We report a case of anomalous continuation of the inferior vena cava with azygos vein, defect of left pericardium, and dysgenesis of lobes of the lungs.[] CONCLUSION: Using abdominal sonography, we showed that in patients with interruption of the inferior vena cava with azygos continuation, the renal artery is ventral to the[] Strenuous muscular exercise, physical effort and long periods of inactivity (e.g. long air travel or car rides) may also trigger acute thrombotic events.[] CHAPTER 110 Inferior Vena Cava and Its Main Tributaries The inferior vena cava (IVC) and major tributary veins are retroperitoneal structures with unique anatomic and developmental[] Author information 1 Department of Radiology "Magrassi-Lanzara", Second University of Naples, Piazza Miraglia 2, 80131, Naples, Italy. [email protected] 2 IRCCS Foundation[] The left and right inferior venae cavae were present and were joined at the height of the first lumbar vertebra.[]

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  • Retrocaval Ureter

    We report a case of retrocaval ureter who presented with right lumbar pain, renal stone and hydronephrosis.[] KEYWORDS: CT; MR; Meandering right pulmonary vein; Retrocaval ureter; Vertebral fusion[] Abstract We report a rare case of right retrocaval ureter and left nutcracker syndrome in a young man who was accurately diagnosis preoperatively with the help of intravenous[] Surgery consists of the division of the ureter, spatulation and reanastomosis ventral of the vena cava ( ureteroureterostomy ).[] Though it has been regarded in the recent past as a simple muscular tube, reacting to stretching or filling by contraction, this simplistic view of ureteral phys iology is[] Median Sacral What are the two anterior visceral tributaries of the IVC? What are the three lateral visceral tributaries of the IVC? 1.[] A second case is reported of its unusual association with retrocaval ureter and massive hydronephrosis.[] The first of our patients had also a glandular hypospadias and a supernumerary lumbar vertebra, while the second one had syndactylia (fixed toes) in both feet. Results.[]

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  • Quadratus Lumborum Syndrome

    Pain syndromes that may mimic lumbar myofascial pain syndrome include lumbar strain; inflammatory arthritis; and disorders of the lumbar spinal cord, roots, plexus, and nerves[] This vessel communicates, at the inferior end, with the iliolumbar vein and sometimes with the common iliac vein; at the superior aspect, it gives rise to the azygos vein[] Muscle power in the right and left upper limb was 2/5 and 4/5, respectively, whereas in lower limb, it was 4/5.[] […] margins of 12th ribs and upper four lumbar transverse processes blood supply branches of the lumbar arteries other smaller arterial branches, as described below innervation ventral[] MPS is characterized by symptoms that include localized muscular tenderness, myofascial trigger points, a palpable intramuscular taut band, and a muscular twitching response[] In Chronic Pain: A Primary Care Guide to Practical Management, Second Edition, leading pain specialist Dawn A.[] The role of the wide muscular tissue is to grant mobility to the lumbar spine in sequence for the torso to move laterally from side to side as well as extend and stabilize[] Nerve supply [ edit ] Anterior branches of the ventral rami of T12 to L4.[]

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  • Subdural Hematoma

    At the same time, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the lumbar spine also revealed CSDH from L2 to S1 level.[] […] or veins.[] This required emergency transfer to the local tertiary neurosurgical center for a left decompressive craniotomy and evacuation of the hematoma.[] This classification indicates that cases with both ventral and dorsal SDH tend to require surgical intervention.[] […] first recurrence interval CONCLUSIONS: When patients with risk factors for refractory CSDH experience recurrence, alternative surgical procedures may be considered as the second[] Magnetic resonance imaging C spine revealed a new ventral hematoma spanning the retroclival region to C7, most pronounced at C2-C3.[] In the second session, the hematoma was re-evacuated and the CSF fistula repaired. The CSH did not recur again.[] Ten (91%) of 11 cases had a second hospital stay for a mean of 2.8 days (range, 2-4 days) for observation, without further requirement for neurosurgical intervention.[]

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  • Chylothorax

    The case of a chylothorax is reported as a late onset complication of a double anterior and posterior instrumented fusion of the lumbar spine.[] Magnetic resonance imaging showed thrombosis of the major neck veins, superior vena cava, and azygos vein.[] On chest computed tomography, multiple ribs fracture from the first to the eighth rib of the left side of his chest and left-sided hemopneumothorax were presented, but there[] An over-the-needle intravenous catheter 18-16 gauge is placed ventrally as the radiographs may indicate.[] One child developed high-functioning autism with neurodevelopmental delay and muscular hypotonia, another child aged 7 yrs had a delay in speech development because both parents[] INTRODUCTION: Chylothorax is by definition a collection of lymphatic fluids in the pleural cavity because of leakage from main thoracic duct or its tributaries.[] The other 3 patients required thoracotomy with direct ligation; 1 of these patients required a second operation.[] They join with the lymph from the viscera of the pelvis and form bilateral lumbar trunks.[]

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  • Ectopic Kidney

    The right kidney was located at the level between the third and fifth lumbar vertebra.[] The ectopic pelvic kidney is a rare anomaly about 1:2500 live births, left side being more common.[] Initially, they localize at ventral portion of sacrum and pelvis, close to each other.[] […] malrotation), the normal drainage of urine from the kidneys through the ureters (the tubes that transport urine from the kidneys to the bladder) to the bladder (the expandable, muscular[] Each renal vein had two tributaries, and these tributaries formed two venous collars around the renal pelvis( Figures 1 and 2 ).[] The mean procedure and fluoroscopy times were calculated as 52.1 27.7 minutes (30-120 minutes) and 54.8 48.9 seconds (10-180 seconds), respectively.[] The other served the left half and joined with the left lumbar vein, which finally drained into the left common iliac vein; this vein was attributed to the left side.[] Prenatal diagnosis was established following the detection of one kidney in a normal position and a second ipsilateral kidney fed by abnormal blood vessels on Doppler flow[]

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  • Meningitis

    Context Diagnostic lumbar punctures (LPs), commonly used to rule out meningitis, are associated with adverse events.[] Cerebral imaging revealed a venous thrombus in the right frontal cortical veins and left sigmoid sinus.[] Clinical analysis of thoracic ossified ligamentum flavum without ventral compressive lesion.[] Paravertebral pain, urinary dysfunction, abnormal tendon reflexes, paresis, and muscular spasms can reflect spinal involvement ( 170 ).[] Every second counts. Meningitis is a medical emergency. It can develop in a number of hours. It’s important to know the warning signs and to get medical treatment fast.[] Treatments include: antibiotics given directly into a vein fluids given directly into a vein oxygen through a face mask Viral meningitis tends to get better on its own within[] Other treatments will include: Fluids through a vein (IV) Medicines to treat symptoms, such as brain swelling, shock , and seizures Early diagnosis and treatment of bacterial[] Autopsy revealed meningitis, ventriculitis and brain abscess, and Nocardia araoensis was detected in pus from the left lateral ventricle.[]

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  • Sacral Radiculopathy

    Given the presentation of lumbar-sacral radicular symptoms such as radiating pain, muscle weakness, and numbness, surgical excision of the lumbar synovial cyst remains the[] Metastases seed the vertebrae by way of Batson’s venous plexus (which drains the vertebrae and anastomoses with veins draining the viscera).[] The root divides into ventral and dorsal rami. The lumbar ventral rami form the lumbar plexus (see Fig. ).[] One can assume that Logan is a high-level functioning young man who would find even a mild residual muscular weakness and loss of reflexes to be unsatisfactory.[] Any problems in the tributary of the river can affect Mississippi, similarly the pressure on the nerve roots can affect the sciatic nerve.[] Neuromuscular Disorders in Clinical Practice, Second Edition is intended to serve as a comprehensive text for both novice and experienced practitioners.[] The patient presented with left S-1 radiculopathy and was found on CT to have a left S-1 nerve root completely encased in PMMA over a portion of its length.[] Core strengthening is advocated by many rehabilitation specialists as a means of improving muscular control around the lumbar spine to maintain functional stability. [12,[]

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