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4 Possible Causes for PHOTOKERATOSCOPE

  • Keratoconus 7

    In 1985, Klyce and colleagues introduced the concept of modern corneal topography with computer-assisted analysis of the reflection image from Placido photokeratoscope images[] Placido disk) onto the corneal surface ( Figure 1 ). 30 Corneal topography was introduced in the mid-1980s with the developing of different algorithms to analyse the Placido photokeratoscope’s[]

  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration

    In 1981, Row-sey et al used the photokeratoscope to describe a pattern of ring distribution that was considered diagnostic of the condition.9 He emphasized the importance[]

  • Punctate Keratitis

    Photokeratoscope images revealed irregularity of the corneal surface at the sites of the opacities.[]

  • Keratoconus

    The photokeratoscope or placido disc (Fig. 2) can provide an overview of the cornea and can show the relative steepness of any corneal area.[]

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