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252 Possible Causes for PTB

  • Drug-induced Fever

    A 10-year-old girl with PTB was treated with isoniazid (H), rifampicin (R), ethambutol (E), and pyrazinamide (Z). She developed features of flu from the sixth day.[] We report a case of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) that developed isoniazid-induced flu-like syndrome, but could be cured with a modified regimen replacing isoniazid with levofloxacin[]

  • Tuberculosis

    A matched case-control study was conducted in 86 CWP patients with active PTB and 86 CWP controls without TB.[] ), 74.2% (80.8/100,000 person-years) sputum-smear-negative (SS-) PTB, and 7.8% (8.5/100,000 person-years) only extra-pulmonary TB (EPTB).[] INTRODUCTION: The molecular test Xpert MTB/RIF (Xpert) has been recommended for use in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB); however, data on the cost of incorporating[]

  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    Pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) Error text here Click "START" to begin the decision tree Error text here[] […] with previous PTB have not been studied well.[] Previous studies have shown that cytokine gene polymorphisms were associated with PTB.[]

  • Pleural Tuberculosis

    […] with PTB on chest CT.[] Mean age between patients with PTB and PTB/PD was similar.[] Abstract Pleural tuberculosis (pTB) is a grave form of extrapulmonary tuberculosis. Microbiological tests are usually found to be inadequate for pTB diagnosis.[]

  • Osteomyelitis of the Foot

    PTB was highly sensitive (86.7%) and specific (90.8%).[] A PTB test was highly specific (91%) but had moderate sensitivity (60%). (PTB involves inserting a sterile, blunt stainless steel probe into an ulcerated lesion.[] Therefore, a positive PTB in an infected wound is highly suggestive of osteomyelitis, whereas a negative PTB test does not exclude the diagnosis.[]

  • Lymph Node Tuberculosis

    An increased risk for PTB was found among patients with diabetes.[] No significant association was observed between SP110 variants and PTB.[] Patients with diabetes mellitus had increased susceptibility to PTB.[]

  • Phyllodes Tumor of the Breast

    […] malignant PTB (Poster presentation at 2014 American Society of Breast Surgeon annual meeting).[] However, only three cases secondary to a phyllodes tumor of the breast (PTB) have been previously reported.[] Table 3 Cytology diagnostic accuracy for PTB reported in literature Full table Surgical treatment Surgery is the preferred treatment for PTB.[]

  • Preterm Labor

    […] are essential for more successful management of PTB.[] Tocolytics have been used for over 60 years for women with preterm labor, which ultimately can lead to preterm birth (PTB).[] Birth outcome measures included gestational age, neonatal weight and length at birth and the rate of preterm birth (PTB).[]

  • Artificial Pneumothorax

    OBJECTIVE: To determine the usefulness of artificial pneumothorax (AP) in the management of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) patients when anti-tuberculosis treatment is ineffective[] DESIGN: We evaluated the outcome of therapy in 214 patients with cavitary PTB bacteriologically confirmed by culture treated during 1998–2004, 78.9% of whom had multidrug[] DESIGN: We evaluated the outcome of therapy in 214 patients with cavitary PTB bacteriologically confirmed by culture treated during 1998-2004, 78.9% of whom had multidrug[]

  • Pulmonary Cavitary Tuberculosis

    OBJECTIVE: To answer whether FQ-containing duration-shortened regimens are non-inferior to standard therapy in the treatment of patients with non-cavitary PTB.[] […] or extensively drug-resistant PTB (MDR-PTB and XDR-PTB, respectively).[] […] containing regimens found that none of the experimental regimens were non-inferior to standard 6-month therapy in treating patients with drug-susceptible pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB[]

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