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932 Possible Causes for Praxis

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  • Dementia

    (CLOX1) can be estimated by using CLOX2 scores as a proxy for constructional praxis.[] Praxis, Vol. 107, Issue. 8, p. 435. CrossRef Google Scholar Steiner, Genevieve Z. Bensoussan, Alan Liu, Jianxun Hohenberg, Mark I. and Chang, Dennis H. 2018.[] Praxis - whether they can get dressed, lay a table, etc. Language function (usually evident during questioning). Executive function - problem-solving, etc.[]

  • Apraxia

    Based on classical models of limb praxis LKA is thought to result when premotor transmission of time-space information of skilled movements to primary motor representations[] We also discuss the large-scale frontal-parietal-basal ganglia network thought to underlie praxis.[] Rapcsak SZ, Ochipa C, Beeson PM, Rubens AB: Praxis and the right hemisphere . Brain Cogn 1993, 23: 181–202. PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar 11.[]

  • Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy

    The JME group was screened by video-electroencephalography neuropsychological protocol and divided into JME without praxis induction [JME-WI (n 12)], JME with praxis-induced[] We report on four patients with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy in whom the coexistence of praxis- and language-induced jerks was documented in video-polygraphic EEG recordings[] Few publications have approached clinical expressions of praxis induction (PI) in the nosology of JME as well as its impact on outcome.[]

  • Gerstmann Syndrome

    After one month the patient showed the four symptoms of the Gerstmann syndrome associated with slight visual memory and constructional praxis deficits.[] On the basis of an extensive cognitive investigation, language, praxis, memory and intelligence disorders were excluded.[] Alzheimer's disease Gerstmann's syndrome agraphia finger agnosia RL, right-left orientation FN, finger naming CALC, serial seven calculations WRIT, sentence writing PRAX, praxis[]

  • Congenital Genu flexum

    The book is the translation of the latest edition of the well-known classic Kinderorthopädie in der Praxis , which presents the collected knowledge of experts from Basel University[] The book is the translation of the latest edition of the well-known classic Kinderorthopädie in der Praxis, which presents the collected knowledge of experts from Basel University[]

  • Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia

    The two are both derivatives of the root word, praxis (praxia), meaning execution of voluntary motor movements.[] Error analysis of limb and orofacial praxis in children with developmental motor deficits . Brain Cogn. 1993 ;23: 201 - 221 .[] OROFACIAL PRAXIS OR ORAL PRAXIS Oral praxis is the volitional control of skilled non-speech movements.[]

  • Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome

    Atlas der klinischen Syndrome für Klinik und Praxis 3rd edition. Stuttgart: Schattauer. pp 198–199.[]

  • Neurotrophic Keratopathy

    PURPOSE: To describe the long-term outcomes and in vivo confocal microscopic (IVCM) and histopathological findings after corneal neurotization surgery. METHODS: We included 2 patients who underwent corneal neurotization surgery for severe unilateral neurotrophic keratopathy secondary to cerebellopontine angle[…][]

  • Late-onset Depression

    […] recall, and constructional praxis savings.[] The posterior CC volume in the LOD group was positively correlated significantly with the Word List Memory, the Word List Recall and the Constructional Praxis scores.[] Depressed patients performed better than AD patients on all tasks except for Constructional Praxis, but performed poorer than controls on verbal fluency (animals) and Word[]

  • Posterior Cortical Atrophy

    […] syndrome defined by focal neurodegeneration of the parietal, occipital, and occipito-temporal cortices and associated with progressive dysfunction of visual processing, praxis[] The neuropsychological evaluation documented proeminent visuospatial, praxis deficits and dysgraphia.[] Abstract Posterior cortical atrophy (PCA) is characterized by progressive higher-order visuo-perceptual dysfunction and praxis declines.[]

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