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10,673 Possible Causes for Protein, p25A, smg

Did you mean: proteus, pica, smg

  • Influenza

    Like hemagglutinin and neuraminidase, the M2 protein is an integral membrane protein of the influenza A virus 4 , 5 .[] Sequence based analysis demonstrated substantial changes in the HA protein over the last decade.[] Figure 1: M2HBc fusion proteins. The extracellular part of the M2 protein (M2e), genetically coupled to the N terminus of HBc.[]

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  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    */genetics Receptors, G-Protein-Coupled*/immunology Receptors, G-Protein-Coupled*/metabolism Rhinitis*/genetics Rhinitis*/immunology Rhinitis*/metabolism Rhinitis*/microbiology[] RECENT FINDINGS: Recent research has demonstrated that at least one airway T2R receptor, taste receptor family 2 isoform 38 protein (T2R38) is activated by secreted bacterial[] Analysis showed there was a significant (p 0.05) group time interaction in total protein (TP) for collections 1 and 4 and a significant (p 0.05) group time interaction in[]

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  • Insect Bite

    The discomfort is also caused by irritating proteins left behind that are found in the venom or saliva and these proteins are broken down by the heat (thermolability) while[] The cells did not stain for bcl-1 protein and CD30, and with no evidence of clonality. The DIF test result was negative.[] Significant advances have been made regarding diagnostic measures such as skin tests to prove hypersensitivity to determined proteins.[]

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  • Connective Tissue Disease

    These tissues are made up of two structural proteins namely collagen and elastin.[] The connective tissues are composed of two major structural protein molecules, collagen and elastin.[] There are many different types of collagen protein in each of the body's tissues.[]

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  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    The result showed that the sample was positive only for enterovirus, and EV-D68 clade B3 was identified by sequence analysis of the viral protein 1 gene.[] Immunosuppression and a C-reactive protein (CRP) below 50 mg/l (0-8 mg/l) were associated with rotavirus.[] Patients with Salmonella infection frequently presented with fever, lethargy, bloody stool, and elevated serum level of C-reactive protein (CRP); norovirus and rotavirus infection[]

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  • Pseudoachondroplasia

    Briggs MD, Hoffman SMG, King LM, et al.: Pseudoachondroplasia and multiple epiphyseal dysplasia due to mutations in the cartilage oligomeric matrix protein gene.[] COMP is a secreted pentameric glycoprotein that belongs to the thrombospondin family of proteins.[] Briggs MD, Hoffman SMG, King LM, Olsen AS, Mohrenweiser H, Leroy JG et al.[]

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  • Osteoporosis

    A similar increase in risk was observed for animal protein, but no association was found for consumption of vegetable protein.[] protein.[] In the elderly, low protein intakes are often observed in patients with hip fracture.[]

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  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Each protein is marked on the gel by an arrow, and relative amounts of proteins are shown in the graphs.[] […] binds to receptors on respiratory epithelial cells, inhibiting epithelial sodium-channel–mediated clearance of pulmonary fluid through a pathway involving phospholipase and protein[] Human respiratory syncytial virus matrix protein is an RNA-binding protein: binding properties, location and identity of the RNA contact residues.[]

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  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Bacterial Vaccines Cytokines Immunoglobulin A Immunoglobulin G Immunoglobulin Isotypes Interleukin-17 Recombinant Proteins mrpA protein, Proteus mirabilis Flagellin Interferon-gamma[] RESULTS: Following examination, significant laboratory data were collected including increased leukocyte count (10,800/ul with 86% neutrophils) and C-reactive protein (9.6[] OM-89 is a lyophilised preparation of membrane proteins from 18 different uropathogenic Escherichia coli strains.[]

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  • Streptococcal Infection

    The effort to identify new ways of fighting infections has taken a step forward now that scientists have identified a key protein involved in the host's response to strep[] Complement gene screening revealed a heterozygous single nucleotide insertion in exon 4 of the complement factor H-related protein 5 gene (CFHR5), resulting in a premature[] The amino acid and the nucleotide sequences of the isolated protein revealed to be highly identical to those of reported plasmin(ogen) receptor of GAS.[]

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