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28 Possible Causes for Pteropus, aldabrensis

  • Hendra Virus

    Poor understanding of HeV dynamics in Pteropus spp. (flying fox or fruit bat) reservoir hosts has limited our ability to determine factors driving its emergence.[] Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. [email protected] Abstract This study investigated the seroepidemiology of Hendra virus in a spectacled flying-fox (Pteropus[] Here, we examine the transmission dynamics of an emerging zoonotic paramyxovirus, Hendra virus (HeV), in its endemic host, Australian Pteropus bats (fruit bats or flying foxes[]

    Missing: aldabrensis
  • Onychia

    […] fishes Massy Mastigoteuthis Mediterranean Naef nematodes Nigrelli oegopsid Ommastrephes Onychoteuthis open nets fished Pacific parasite pathogens Pfeffer photophores Proc pteropus[]

    Missing: aldabrensis
  • Hendra Virus Infection

    Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. [email protected] Abstract This study investigated the seroepidemiology of Hendra virus in a spectacled flying-fox (Pteropus[] Poor understanding of HeV dynamics in Pteropus spp.[] To help resolve this, we sampled a colony consisting of just one of these species, the grey-headed flying fox, (Pteropus poliocephalus), at the southernmost extent of its[]

    Missing: aldabrensis
  • Reoviridae

    […] scapulatus [TAX: 94117 ] Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Sarcopterygii; Mammalia; Laurasiatheria; Chiroptera; Megachiroptera; Pteropodidae; Pteropodinae; Pteropus[] Laurasiatheria; Ruminantia; Pecora; Bovidae; Caprinae; Ovis Broome virus [TAX: 667093 ] Viruses; dsRNA viruses; Reoviridae; Spinareovirinae; Orthoreovirus; unclassified Orthoreovirus Pteropus[]

    Missing: aldabrensis
  • Interstitial Cystitis

    For abdominal pain due to blood stasis, commonly used herbs include: pteropus ( weilingzhi ) with typha ( puhuang ), myrrh ( moyao ) with frankincense ( ruxiang ), and corydalis[] […] cheqianzi ) Dianthus ( qumai ) Polygonum ( bianxu ) Pyrrosia ( shiwei ) Abutilon ( dongkuizi ) Talc ( huashi ) Rhubarb ( dahuang ) Licorice ( gancao ) Juncus ( dengxincao ) Pteropus[] […] very bitter and slightly cold (the cold herbs are plantago seed, dianthus, abutilon, talc, rhubarb, and juncus; polygonum, pyrrosia, licorice, myrrh, and typha are neutral; pteropus[]

    Missing: aldabrensis
  • Endometrial Hyperplasia

    Spicy herbs such as dry ginger, fennel, and cinnamon bark are given to warm up the body, and the blood circulating herbs such as tang-kuei, red peony, cnidium, bulrush, pteropus[]

    Missing: aldabrensis
  • Hepatitis G

    "Identification of GBV-D, a novel GB-like flavivirus from old world frugivorous bats ( Pteropus giganteus ) in Bangladesh" .[] […] but this has yet to be formally endorsed by The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses . [13] Another member of this clade , GBV-D, has been isolated from a bat ( Pteropus[]

    Missing: aldabrensis
  • Nipah Virus Disease

    Fruit bats from the genus Pteropus (flying foxes) serve as the host for NiV in nature, and they can transmit the virus to humans through intermediate livestock hosts [ 3 ][] Fruit bats of the family Pteropodidae – particularly species belonging to the Pteropus genus – are the natural hosts for Nipah virus.[] The natural reservoir for Nipah virus is still under investigation, but preliminary data suggest that bats of the genus Pteropus are also the reservoirs for Nipah virus in[]

    Missing: aldabrensis
  • Ficus Scortechinii

    Pteropodidae) as Seed Dispersers and Pollinators in a Lowland Malaysian Rain Forest1 R Hodgkison, ST Balding, A Zubaid, TH Kunz Biotropica 35 (4), 491-502 , 2003 122 2003 Pteropus[] Ficus reflexa subsp. aldabrensis (Baker) C.C.Berg Ficus reflexa subsp. reflexa Ficus reflexa subsp. sechellensis (Baker) C.C.Berg Ficus religiosa L.[] F. ahernii , F. ajajuensis , F. akaie , F. alba , F. albert-smithii , F. albescens , F. albidula , F. albinervia , F. albipila , F. albomaculata , F. albotomentosa , F. aldabrensis[]

  • Rabies Virus

    (isolated from Civettictis civetta) Africa Gannoruwa bat lyssavirus Gannoruwa bat lyssavirus (GBLV) Isolated from Pteropus giganteus Asia Lleida bat lyssavirus Lleida bat[]

    Missing: aldabrensis

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