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29 Possible Causes for Pubococcygeal, tendon

  • Polydactyly of a Biphalangeal Thumb

    Read More Flexor tendon lengthening for hammer toes and curly toes in paediatric patients.[] This is a low lesion, in which cul-de-sac below the level of the pubococcygeal line.[] Flexor and extensor tendons may have to be transferred from the duplicated digit so that the final composite will yield the best possible function.[]

  • Pneumatosis Vaginalis

    […] is a self limiting condition due to deposition of calcium hydroxyapatite within tendons, usually of the rotator cuff.[] Male infant with high imperforate anus, showing the pubococcygeal line, ischium, and striated muscle complex.[] […] hyperlucency between 10th and 12th rib within 2.5-4.0 cm of right vertebral border 2-7 mm wide and 6-20 mm long "Saddlebag / mustache / cupola sign" gas trapped below central tendon[]

  • Autosomal Dominant Coronary Artery Disease Type 2

    No patient had either clinically detectable abnormalities of Achilles tendon or clinical history of tendinitis or previous Achilles tendon injuries.[] This is a low lesion, in which cul-de-sac below the level of the pubococcygeal line.[] […] of the hands, elbows, knees and feet, particularly the Achilles tendon (known as a tendon xanthoma ). [2] [3] Cardiovascular disease [ edit ] Accelerated deposition of cholesterol[]

  • Reducing Body Myopathy

    Her deep tendon reflexes were hypoactive in her upper extremities. Her serum creatine kinase level was mildly increased.[] This is a low lesion, in which cul-de-sac below the level of the pubococcygeal line.[] Contractures of elbows, hand and Achilles tendons. Severe scoliosis.[]

  • Pudendal Neuralgia

    Pudendal nerve entrapment syndrome is caused by compression of the pudendal nerve as it leaves or enters the pelvis in various tunnels created by adjacent muscles, tendons[] [Fixation of Gore-Tex slings to the pubococcygeal tendons: a simple technic of treating stress urinary incontinence using only the vaginal approach] J Gynecol Obstet Biol[] Tight muscles, tendons, or enlarged ligaments can lead to constant friction on the nerve or if the pelvis is out of alignment there may be undue pressure on the nerve.[]

  • Congenital Cystic Eyeball

    […] muscle tendons and scooping the cyst out of the conjunctival sac (Figure 3).[] This is a low lesion, in which cul-de-sac below the level of the pubococcygeal line.[] Rudimentary tendons of the extraocular muscles were seen in this patient.[]

  • Small Pelvic Inlet

    It arises on each side from the tendinous arch of the obturator fascia and the ischial spine .[] C, Diagrammatic baseline sagittal view. (1 pubococcygeal baseline; 2 bladder base descent; 3 uterocervical descent; 4 anorectal junction descent.)[] […] ossification center. thin membrane that lines medullary cavity a dense fibrous membrane covering the surface of bones (except at their extremities) and serving as an attachment for tendons[]

  • Lumbar Plexus Neoplasm

    Pinterest uses cookies to help give you the best experience we can. plexus lumbalis - Google meklēšana Anatomy of muscular system - hand, forearm, palm muscle - tendons, ligaments[] Now the lateral and medial part of paravisceral basin can be joined and totally be cleaned down to the pubococcygeal and iliococcygeal muscles and up to the internal iliac[] Your spine is a flexible column of linked bones (vertebrae), muscles, tendons, and other tissues that go from the base of your skull to your tailbone.[]

  • Pelvic Neoplasm

    Fibrosarcoma : This cancer affects the fibrous tissue that forms muscles, ligaments, and tendons.[] Currently, no universally accepted radiologic criteria for assessing pelvic floor dysfunction exist; however, the most widely accepted criteria involve organ movement below the pubococcygeal[] Nearby muscles, tendons, and other tissues are not removed. A metallic implant replaces the portion of bone that was removed.[]

  • Brachydactyly Coloboma and Anterior Segment Dysgenesis

    […] fascia and connective tissue ( 756.81 ) Congenital absence of muscle and tendon ( 756.82 ) Accessory muscle ( 756.83 ) Ehlers-Danlos syndrome Integument (757-757) [ edit[] This is a low lesion, in which cul-de-sac below the level of the pubococcygeal line.[] […] of: spinocerebellar tracts: ataxia dysarthria nystagmus corticospinal tracts: weakness extensor plantars posterior columns: proprioception peripheral neuropathy: absent tendon[]

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