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91 Possible Causes for Puccinia, calthicola

  • Caltha Palustris

    The marsh-marigold is affected by the rust species Puccinia calthea and P. calthicola. Early spring greens and buds of Caltha palustris are edible when cooked.[] The marsh-marigold is affected by the rust species Puccinia calthea and P. calthicola. Early spring greens and buds of Caltha palustris are edible when cooked.[]

  • Senecio Vulgaris

    Register Nutrient Relations of Groundsel ( Senecio vulgaris ) Infected by Rust ( Puccinia lagenophorae ) at a Range of Nutrient Concentrations II.[] Using this basicknowledge, the use of the rust fungus Puccinia lagenophorae andthe moth Tyria jacobaeae for control of S. vulgaris following thesystem management approach[] Google Scholar Paul, N.D. and Ayres, P.G. (1986e) Seasonal effects on rust disease ( Puccinia lagenophorae ) of Senecio vulgaris . Symbiosis 2, 165–74.[]

    Missing: calthicola
  • Coix Lacryma-Jobi

    Fusarium equiseti, F. graminearum, F. moniliforme, F. semitectum, Helminthosporium coicis, Ophiobolus graffianus, Phyllachora coicis, Phyllosticta coixicola, Ph. coix-lacrimae, Puccinia[] The pathogen was a fungus identified as Puccinia operta.[]

    Missing: calthicola
  • Senecio Alkaloid

    Puccinia has been applied as biocontrol against Senecio vulgaris (Frantzen et al. 2002 ).[] It is not clear whether decreased PA concentrations do play a role in the positive effect of nutrients on Puccinia infection.[] For this pathogen, nutrient status of the plant is crucial, since phosphorus-limited plants are not infected by Puccinia (West 1995 ).[]

    Missing: calthicola
  • Phycomycete

    Fruiting body: Basidiocarp Puff ball Shelf Fungi Examples: Mushroom, Puff balls, bracket fungi, Agaricus, Polyporus, Puccinia, Ustilago d)Deuteromycetes (Fungi Imperfecti)[] Examples; Mushrooms, Puccinia, Ustilago etc. source: fig:Alternaria Deuteromycetes(The Imperfect Fungi) Deuteromycetes compromises more than 17000[]

    Missing: calthicola
  • Chrysanthemum

    Puccinia chrysanthemi Remove and destroy infected leaves. Apply a fungicide.Rust, WhiteSmall, yellow to tan spots are observed on the upper surface of leaves.[] Last Modified: Sep 29, 2017 Background Chrysanthemum White Rust, caused by the fungus Puccinia horiana P.[] Puccinia horiana Contact your state plant inspector and comply with regulations requiring the destruction of infected plants and fungicide treatment of remaining chrysanthemums.StuntSymptoms[]

    Missing: calthicola
  • Caloscypha Fulgens

    Puccinia clintonii lousewort rust Puccinia eriophori deer grass rust Puccinia eutremae scurvy-grass rust Puccinia glechomatis ground ivy rust Puccinia hydrocotyles rusty[] B Rare Puccinia libanotidis Extinct 1946 Vulnerable Puccinia longissima Extinct 1953 Rare Puccinia mariana Vulnerable / D2 Puccinia microsora Extinct 1959 Rare Puccinia[] […] pennies Puccinia lagenophorae daisy rust Puccinia libanotidis moon carrot rust Puccinia longissima crested hair-grass rust Puccinia malvacearum mallow rust Puccinia mariana[]

    Missing: calthicola
  • Iris Disorder

    Like many rusts, Puccinia iridis affects two host plants in its life-cycle, the alternate hosts in this case being species of nettle ( Urtica spp.).[] […] wither Ink-like black blotches may be present on the exterior of bulbs Severely affected bulbs rot to leave an outer ‘shell’ containing a mass of black fungal spores Rust ( Puccinia[]

    Missing: calthicola
  • Phragmites Australis

    Papularia sphaerosperma, Phyllosticta phragmitis, Piricularia grisea, Pirostoma circinans, Placosphaeria dothideoides, P. rimosa, Pleospora adscondita, Pseudographis phragmitis, Puccinia[] Rusts — Puccinia . Smuts from Tilletiaceae and from Ustilaginaceae. Tilletiaceae — Neovossia . Ustilaginaceae — Ustilago . References, etc.[]

    Missing: calthicola
  • Usher Syndrome Type 2A

    […] parasite (Schistosoma mansoni) sea anemone (Nematostella vectensis) sea urchin (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) soybean (Glycine max) stem rust fungus (Puccinia[]

    Missing: calthicola

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