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196 Possible Causes for RIT

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  • Radioactive Iodine Therapy

    […] hormone stimulation at initial RIT ("peak thyroglobulin"), grade of uptake at scintigraphy, extent of metastasis, and number of total RITs.[] They were all women, and their mean ages at RIT and surgery were 44.3 and 51.4 years, respectively.[] The sTg values before RIT were compared among the groups. ROC curve analysis was performed.[]

  • Iodine-131-Tositumomab

    The authors conducted a dose-escalation study of tositumomab and iodine 131 tositumomab to determine whether RIT is feasible in this population.[] RIT is generally not administered to pregnant women and children.[] Multiple novel RIT agents are in preclinical and clinical development, and the addition of radiosensitizers or external-beam radiotherapy may act in synergy with RIT for both[]

  • Follicular Lymphoma

    Estimates of 5-year PFS were 66% with CHOP-RIT and 60% with CHOP-R, and estimates of 5-year OS were 86% with CHOP-RIT and 92% with CHOP-R.[] Grade 3 to 4 thrombocytopenia was more common with RIT (18% v 2%; P .0001), whereas febrile neutropenia was more common with CHOP-R (16%) than with CHOP-RIT (10%; P .05).[] The side effects and toxicities were similar for both CHOP-R and CHOP-RIT, and included mostly hematologic events typical of CHOP therapy.[]

  • Thyrotropin

    RESULTS: In this study 48 (76.2%) patients had successful RIT.[] We aimed to determine predictive values of serum Tg level measured just before rhTSH-aided RIT and to compare the results obtained just after RIT in patients with differentiated[] The recombinant human thyrotropin can increase RAIU and improve the results of RIT.[]

  • Mantle Cell Lymphoma

    Strategies including RIT as part of high-dose therapy have shown encouraging results.[] Additional ongoing studies are exploring combinations of RIT with chemotherapy for untreated or relapsed MCL.[] Studies have reported responses with radioimmunotherapy (RIT) in MCL, including some complete responses that lasted more than 1 year.[]

  • Aralia Spinosa

    Also it makes a fruit that looks like a small blueberry which birds turn into rit dye before they poop it on your car.[] Hmmmmm....invasive and blooms only a few days....rit dye.....not sure anymore but the sight of all the bees on that was truly stunnning.[]

  • Tachyarrhythmia

    METHODS: In MADIT-RIT, we investigated the effects of novel ICD programming with high-rate cut-off VT zone 200 bpm (arm B), or 60-second delayed therapy in the VT zone 170[]

  • Zoledronic Acid

    The primary end point was pathologically assessed residual invasive tumour size (RITS) at surgery.[] Furthermore, RITS after CT is of potential clinical relevance.[] Determining RITS and nodal status In cases in which there was no residual invasive tumour, ‘0 mm’ was recorded.[]

  • Mumps Virus Encephalitis

    […] attenuated SA 14-14-2 Japanese Encephalitis vaccine CD.JEVAX RS.JEV Biological: MMR Single 0.5 mL dose of live, attenuated measles-mumps-rubella vaccine (Schwarz measles virus, RIT[] […] derivată din tulpina Jeryl Lynn) - 103,7 CCID50 nl Levend verzwakt rubella (stam Wistar RA 27/3) - niet minder dan 103,0 CCID50, mazelen (Cepa Schwarz) - 103,0 CCID50 bof (Cepa RIT[] Examples of useful mumps virus strains include the attenuated Jeryl Lynn, Urabe AM 9, and Rubini strains and any attenuated strain derived therefrom, such as the RIT 4385[]

  • Methimazole

    But sometimes, it doesn't work well enough and RIT is suggested. In RIT, the thyroid gland tissue is shrunk or destroyed.[] (MMI) discontinuation before RIT.[] Before their RIT, the patients were assigned to one of three groups.[]

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