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11,021 Possible Causes for Relatively

  • Common Cold

    The transformation of continuous data to the relative scale is simple with a spreadsheet program, after which the relative scale data can be analysed using standard meta-analysis[] […] to baseline [TSS1-4, rel]) demonstrated treatment differences in favor of I-C (p   0.0364, p   0.0495 and p   0.0421, respectively).[] Overall, the relative risk of adverse effects in the antibiotic group was RR 1.8 (95% CI 1.01 to 3.21), using a random-effects model.[]

  • Childhood Soft Tissue Sarcoma

    (SMNs) in patients and cancer in their relatives.[] The relative risk of affection for children who are gene carriers was estimated to be 100 times the background rate.[] A highly significant cancer excess was observed in the relatives of SMN patients (26:12.78).[]

  • Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia

    If a relative is diagnosed with FH, his or her first-degree relatives should then be tested, and so on. You may find it difficult to talk to your family about FH.[] Biochemical or molecular screening might be considered to detect new cases of HeFH in populations with a relatively high HeFH prevalence and a relatively small number of possible[] This means that all the first-degree relatives of a person with FH should be tested for high cholesterol.[]

  • Overeating

    OBJECTIVE: The relative importance of loss of control and overeating in the relationship between binge eating and eating-related and general psychopathology has been debated[] Participants then rated the relative importance of a list of explanations for their eating (including "the foods were really addictive") and selected a snack to take home[] International Nutrition Group, Public Health Nutrition Unit, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom. Abstract Overeating is a relative[]

  • Lynch Syndrome

    Eventually they want to screen 4,000 patients and provide genetic testing to 8,000 relatives.[] […] to participate and health benefits for relatives [1] [2] [3] .[] […] in relatives (P Trend 0.0001).[]

  • Obesity

    Therefore, we should be aware of the possibility that breast cancer could be developed even in relatively young males without any specific risk factors especially when the[] We report an unusual cause of PPM where a transcatheter implantation of a large EOA valve in an aortic position results in relative PPM in a patient with morbid obesity. 2016[] , and in the highest quintile of waist-to-hip ratio, the relative risks were 1.68 (95% CI, 1.53 to 1.84) and 1.51 (95% CI, 1.37 to 1.66), respectively.[]

  • Acute Bronchitis

    INTERVENTIONS: Printed and computer decision support interventions relative to usual care. MAIN MEASURES: Cost per antibiotic prescription safely avoided.[] There was a non significant trend towards an increase in adverse effects in the antibiotic group, relative risk (RR) 1.22 (95% CI 0.94 to 1.58).[] […] used to analyze the relationship between DTR and childhood AB from Hefei, China during 2010-2013, after adjusting for long-term trend and seasonality, mean temperature and relative[]

  • Bronchitis

    Then conventional meta-analysis and network meta-analysis (NMA) were conducted to determine the relative efficacy and safety of bronchitis medications.[] The condition has been described relatively recently, and knowledge of the diagnosis may be an aid to making the correct assessment of children with chronic cough, helping[] […] two groups: an inflammatory type consisting of casts with an eosinophilic inflammatory infiltrate and an acellular type with a predominance of fibrin distinguished by its relative[]

  • Familial Prostate Cancer

    […] first degree relative 2 or more affected first-degree relatives 3 or more affected second-degree relatives 5 or more affected second-degree relatives Mother’s father affected[] Risks are greatest for relatives of cases diagnosed when young and those with more than one relative affected.[] […] the relative.[]

  • Vaginal Candidiasis

    AIM: To determine the relative risk of vaginal candidiasis following the use of antibiotics compared with antidepressants in prescription-event monitoring (PEM) studies.[] The availability of boric acid and its relatively low cost suggests it as a safe and effective drug for treatment of candidiasis.[] The relative risk of experiencing an episode of VC was 0.4 (95% CI 0.2, 0.9) in the clotrimazole arm and 0.5 (95% CI 0.2, 1.1) in the Lactobacillus acidophilus arm.[]

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