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  • Cervical Aortic Arch

    Abstract A rare form of vascular ring is presented consisting of a left cervical aortic arch, a right descending aorta, and a right ligamentum arteriosum in a symptomatic[] In addition, it is part of a new type of double aortic arch, caused by failure of reabsorption of both dorsal aortic roots and persistence of the fourth right and second ([] Bile and Pancreatic Ducts 120. Spleen, In Situ 121. Porta Hepatis and Greater Omentum 122. Porta Hepatis 123. Celiac Trunk, Normal and Variant 124.[] The adult required resection of a Kommerell's aneurysm and subclavian artery reimplantation.[] […] and aortic coarctation are occasionally accompanied, coexistence of those 2 aortic abnormalities on the same patient is rare, and moreover, association of the aneurysm of branching[] All rights reserved.[]

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  • Aberrant Right Subclavian Artery

    We present two cases of vertebral origin from the right common carotid artery in association with an aberrant right subclavian artery.[] Abstract Aberrant right subclavian artery is a rare anatomical finding of abnormal embryologic development of the dorsal aorta and right subclavian artery.[] ); postero-inferior, de ligamentul duodeno-pancreatic.[] At operation, the ascending aorta was replaced by a mono-branch vascular prosthesis with the branch bypassing to the ARSA; the triple-branched stent graft was inserted into[] right thoracic duct in a 59-year-old male cadaver.[] This abnormal origin of the right subclavian artery can be explained by the involution of the 4th vascular arch with the right dorsal aorta.3 The 7th intersegmental artery[]

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  • Mesenteric-Portal Fistula

    Weizheng Zeng Yan Liang Ming Gu Case Report First Online: 10 March 2015 105 Downloads 2 Citations Abstract Portal hypertension caused by arterio-portal fistula between the right[] The greater omentum is derived from the: dorsal mesentery of the colon dorsal mesentery of the small intestine ventral mesentery of the liver dorsal mesentery of the stomach[] Pancreatitis 163 Influence of Intestinal Protease Inhibition on Pancreatic Feedback 178 Lüthen R 185 Does Feedback Regulation Exist in Chronic Pancreatitis?[] A CT scan demonstrated a massively dilated portal vein which enhanced during the arterial phase, suggesting a fistula between the mesenteric arterial system and the portal[] Computed tomography of the abdomen and abdominal angiography revealed a large fistulous communication between an abdominal aortic pseudoaneurysm and a branch of the superior[] Figure 1: Extra hepatic branching of portal vein ( Right branch, Left branch, LG: Left gastric vein, SV: Splenic vein, IPD: Inferior pancreatico duodenal, RGE[]

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  • Central Retinal Artery Occlusion

    […] sudden, painless, decrease in vision, and sectoral visual field defect in the left eye and later presented to our clinic again with a history of sudden loss of vision in her right[] Some of the branches of the ophthalmic artery (lacrimal, supraorbital, ethmoidals, medial palpebral, frontal, dorsal nasal) supply orbital structures, while others (central[] […] granulomatosis: A rare and incurable disease caused by the inflammation of the blood vessels Takayasu’s arteritis: A rare disease caused by inflammation in the walls of the arteries Pancreatitis[] KEYWORDS: Ophthalmic artery aneurysm; Retinal artery occlusion[] This study aimed to evaluate the safety and clinical efficacy of the novel ophthalmic artery branch retrograde thrombolytic intervention for CRAO.[] […] brain infarction. 4 Based on these mechanisms, the present case can be explained as the retrograde flow from the facial angular artery and lateral nasal artery into the dorsal[]

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  • Anomalous Origin of the Innominate Artery

    Abstract We experienced a case of anomalous origin of innominate artery from right pulmonary artery (isolated innominate artery).[] Rt-prox RSCA  6TH –prox part –prox pulmonary artery distal part-ductus on left and right side involutes  Lt dorsal aorta-aortic arch distal to LSCA  Rt dorsal aorta-cranial[] Research output : Contribution to journal › Article Pancreatitis caused by duodenal duplication Magnano, G.[] He had a right aortic arch and his left pulmonary artery originated from the innominate artery.[] The second branch found was the left common carotid artery, the third branch was the left vertebral artery and the fourth branch was the left subclavian artery.[] K, Right vertebral artery with double origin from the right subclavian artery and the right thyreocervical trunk.[]

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  • Pancreas Divisum

    A 60-year-old woman suffered from discomfort in the back of the right side. An abdominal radiograph revealed a calcified spherical mass in the right upper quadrant.[] Abstract We report a case of intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm confined to the dorsal (Santorini) pancreatic duct.[] [email protected] Abstract We present a case of small pancreatic head cancer with pancreas divisum preoperatively diagnosed by pancreatic juice cytology.[] No arterial encasement was evident.[] In incomplete pancreas divisum, the ventral and dorsal pancreas are connected by a segmental branch.[] The variant in 157 persons included 'triple confluence' in 56 (12.23 %), 'right posterior segmental duct (RPSD) draining to left hepatic duct (LHD)' in 64 (14 %), 'RPSD to[]

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  • Retinal Artery Occlusion

    A fifteen-year-old girl presented with painless decreased vision in her right eye.[] Some of the branches of the ophthalmic artery (lacrimal, supraorbital, ethmoidals, medial palpebral, frontal, dorsal nasal) supply orbital structures, while others (central[] […] granulomatosis: A rare and incurable disease caused by the inflammation of the blood vessels Takayasu’s arteritis: A rare disease caused by inflammation in the walls of the arteries Pancreatitis[] artery supplies part or the entire fovea and is unaffected in the central retinal artery occlusion.[] Combined branch retinal artery (BRAO) and vein (BRVO) occlusion are exceedingly rare and not well characterized.[] […] as giant cell arteritis , polyarteritis nodosa , systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) , granulomatosis with polyangiitis (Wegener's granulomatosis) , Takayasu's arteritis , pancreatitis[]

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  • Double Aortic Arch

    The diverticulum of Kommerell was resected and minor right aortic arch, right ligamentum arteriosum, and right subclavian artery were divided through right posterolateral[] […] aorta becomes the descending thoracic aorta, and the dorsal intersegmental arteries bilaterally become the subclavian arteries.[] Crisscross pulmonary artery origin is a rare benign anomaly characterized by the left pulmonary artery arising superiorly and to the right side of the right pulmonary artery[] It occasionally occurs with unusual head and neck vessel branching.[] A double aortic arch is a congenital anomaly in which the ascending aorta that arises from the heart splits into two branches that completely encircle the trachea and the[] KEYWORDS: Cerebrovascular stenting; Double aortic arch; PICA; Radial artery[]

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  • Splenic Artery Aneurysm

    All rights reserved.[] The spleen develops in the cephalic part of dorsal mesogastrium (from its left layer; during the sixth week of intrauterine life) into a number of nodules that soon fuse to[] Gadacz, TR , Trunkey, D , Kieffer, RF Visceral vessel erosion associated with pancreatitis. Case reports and a review of the literature .[] The splenic artery is the most common site of an aneurysm in the splanchnic circulation, occurring at the arterial bifurcation as it enters the hilus in most cases.[] It was catheterized by splenic hilum branches and it was embolized with coil and glue.[] It is usually due to the rupture of a visceral aneurysm into the main pancreatic duct; splenic artery pseudoaneurysm associated with chronic pancreatitis represents the leading[]

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  • Subclavian Steal Syndrome

    Inflow obstruction of the right subclavian and common carotid arteries poses significant risks since right cerebral and right upper limb arterial blood supply depends on collateral[] As such, the aberrant vessel is not connected to the ascending aorta or proximal aortic arch, but to the descending aorta through the right dorsal aorta (Figure 5 ).[] Vacuum Sealing Technique in Surgical Management of Acute Severe Infected Pancreatitis. 27 Gh. Ciobanu.[] […] of the proximal subclavian artery or the innominate artery.[] […] to occlusive disease in the subclavian artery proximal to that branch that is usually atheroscleroticin cause.[] In this case, the branches of the subclavian artery may be recruited to provide collateral retrograde flow to the upper limb.[]

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