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217 Possible Causes for Right, head, semitendinosus

Did you mean: rigor, head, semitendinosus

  • Paresis

    Abstract Bilateral sixth nerve paresis following closed head injury, though rare, is a known entity.[] A right hemidiaphragm elevation was shown on chest radiograph. A right hemidiaphragm paresis was shown on chest fluoroscopy.[] […] of semitendinosus muscle belly was decreased.[]

  • Tendon Rupture

    The long head of the biceps may rupture near to it's scapular origin in older patients, over the age of 50 years, following quite minimal trauma.[] Findings of ultrasonography confirming the diagnosis of partial avulsion of the right harmstrings.[] KEYWORDS: Achilles tendon injury; renal transplantation; semitendinosus tendon[]

  • Joint Effusion

    The mandible heads were surveyed for osteoarthritis characteristics, which were classified as osteophytosis, sclerosis or erosion.[] Right Knee Reveal minimal joint effusion Asked for Male, 21 Years After doing little work my knee gets stiff and starts paining really bad .[] METHODS: Patients were randomized to wearing or not wearing a post-operative brace for three weeks after ACL reconstruction with semitendinosus-gracilis tendons.[]

  • Soft Tissue Sarcoma

    […] year-old man who had a history of removal of mesenchymal chondrosarcoma in the left thigh in 1986 and who underwent distal pancreatectomy and the enucleation of a tumor in the head[] All rights reserved.[] […] strength decreased in the resection of sartorius (97.8%), gracilis (95.4%), gastrocnemius (85.2%; interquartile range (IQR): 85.0-86.2), medial hamstrings (semimembranosus and semitendinosus[]

  • Desmoid Tumor

    , to increase the awareness of the Otolaryngology-Head and Neck surgeons, and report available treatment options of this condition.[] Particular problems presented in this case included that the tumor bed was situated in close proximity to the liver and the right kidney and that the right kidney was responsible[] […] was diagnosed desmoid tumor of posterior cruciate ligament of the knee by intraoperative biopsy, and underwent successful PCL resection and reconstruction by Four-strand semitendinosus[]

  • Sprengel's Deformity

    A novel method was devised that includes a partial scapular resection, a removal of any omovertebral communication, and a release of the long head of triceps from the scapula[] 421 Surgical Resection of Partial Growth Plate Arrest 561 422 Distal Hamstring Lengthening and Posterior Capsulotomy 568 423 Rectus Femoris Transfer 576 THE KNEE 581 52 Semitendinosus[] This is a case of 3 years old girl presented to the clinic with difficulty in abducting right shoulder and sleeping with an internal rotation of the right arm.[]

  • Achilles Tendon Rupture

    With a surgical needle, we arm the proximal and distal heads of the tendon by different threads.[] KEYWORDS: Achilles tendon injury; renal transplantation; semitendinosus tendon[] The angiography performed two days after heparinization revealed narrow caliber and decreased flow of the right tibial artery below the right ankle.[]

  • Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy

    In addition, even within early-onset facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy type 1 phenotypes, some cases had uncommon features (head drop, early disabling contractures, progressive[] In the thigh, the dorsomedial compartment including the semimembranosus, semitendinosus and adductor magnus was the most affected.[] Baseline ECG demonstrated incomplete right bundle branch block (RBBB) in 33%, complete RBBB in 4%, and other minor abnormalities in 16%.[]

  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    For B-cell lymphoma of the head of the pancreas, the patient received cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine and prednisolone once monthly.[] Also, increased FDG uptake was observed in the right paratracheal, retrotracheal, subcarinal, gastrohepatic ligament, coeliac and right renal hilar lymph nodes.[] MRI of the pelvis revealed high T2 signal surrounding the proximal hamstring tendon origins of both semimembranosus and the conjoint tendon of the semitendinosus and biceps[]

  • Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome

    Extra oral features revealed distinctive facial appearance with a broad fore head, hypertelorism, broad nasal bridge and beaked nose.[] An undescended right testicle was noted on examination. At 5 months of age he developed a palpable right-sided abdominal mass and an elevated alpha-fetoprotein.[] Open reduction and stabilization with semitendinosus tenodesis were done.[]