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44 Possible Causes for Scytonema, crispum

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  • Teucrium

    Not so with the unique and charming Teucrium scorodonia 'Crispum Marginatum.'[] Learn More 3.05 TEUCRIUM SCORODONIA CRISPUM Family: Lamiaceae An attractive, dry-loving, evergreen dwarf shrub making a dense mound of most attractive dimpled and crimped[] 'Crispum' isn't the only unusual teucrium out there. Check out T. betonicum, known as Madeira germander.[]

    Missing: Scytonema
  • Solanum

    X-ray diffraction showed that S. crispum preferentially interacted with DMPC bilayers.[] […] potato vine, Solanum crispum , is just the thing to give a sunny wall an exotic look.[] Reliable and fast-growing, Solanum crispum 'Glasnevin' (Chilean Potato Bush) is a large semi-evergreen climbing shrub which is smothered from summer to fall in large clusters[]

    Missing: Scytonema
  • Arctium Lappa

    Chrysanthemum x indicum „Julia“ Chrysanthemum zawadskii „Clara Curtis“ Chrysanthemum zawadskii „Mary Stoker“ Chrysogonum virginianum Cichorium endivia Cichorium endivia var. crispum[]

    Missing: Scytonema
  • Vitamin B Complex

    Green Oat Seed [Avena sativa] (fresh freeze dried – ORGANIC) 25mg Alfalfa Flower & Leaf [Medicago sativa] (fresh freeze dried – ORGANIC) 25mg Parsley Leaf [Petroselinum crispum[] , Siliciu, Fermenti de Bere, Lecitina din Soia, Pudra de Frunza de Lucerna (Medicago Sativa), Pulbere de Macris (Nasturtium Officinale), Pudra de Patrunjel (Petroselinum Crispum[]

    Missing: Scytonema
  • Aethusa Cynapium

    In humus-rich soil of Southern Finland one might find fool’s parsley, which looks deceptively like edible parsley ( Petroselinum crispum ).[]

    Missing: Scytonema
  • Tanacetum Vulgare

    'Crispum' is a little less aggressive than the species, which has an invasive root system. But even 'Crispum' will tend to get out of hand in locations it enjoys.[] In var. crispum , as revealed in the photograph below, the margins of these lobes are curled, whereas in the typical variety these margins are flat.[] Tanacetum vulgare L. var. crispum DC.[]

    Missing: Scytonema
  • Aldehyde

    […] mexico FL/FR ocimum basilicum leaf oil america FL/FR origanum majorana oil FL/FR origanum oil FL/FR origanum oil greece FL/FR curled parsley herb oil FL/FR petroselinum crispum[] […] oregano specialty FR origanum oil FL/FR origanum oil greece FL/FR curled parsley herb oil FL/FR perilla leaf oil FL/FR perillaldehyde FL/FR petitgrain heptane FR petroselinum crispum[]

    Missing: Scytonema
  • Capsicum

    Capsicum crispum Dunal Capsicum cydoniforme Roem. & Schult. Capsicum dulce Dunal Capsicum fasciculatum Sturtev. Capsicum fastigiatum Blume Capsicum frutescens L.[]

    Missing: Scytonema
  • Cinnamomum Verum

    […] oil CO2 extract FL/FR hop oil FL/FR linalyl acetate FL/FR nonisyl acetate FR curled parsley seed oil FL/FR laevo- perillaldehyde FL/FR perillaldehyde FL/FR petroselinum crispum[] […] oil FL/FR clary sage oil france FL/FR coriander seed oil FL/FR dill seed oil FL/FR dill seed oil CO2 extract FL/FR hop oil FL/FR curled parsley seed oil FL/FR petroselinum crispum[]

    Missing: Scytonema
  • Hepatosplenomegaly

    Analyst (Lond) 119:1525–1530. doi: 10.1039/an9941901525 CrossRef Google Scholar Lee ESJ, Gleason FK (1994) A second algicidal natural product from cyanobacterium, Scytonema[]

    Missing: crispum

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