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  • Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

    We describe 2 paraquat-poisoned patients with TEN.[] Skin is often affected in adverse drug reactions.[] Abstract Fusarium species are a known cause of ocular infection that can produce local and/or systemic invasive fusariosis.[] The toxic drug reactions weaken the immune system of the body.[] A schoolboy almost died after an allergic reaction to the painkiller ibuprofen caused him to “shed his skin like a snake”.[] Here, we describe the case of a 43-year-old Japanese woman with TEN caused by acetaminophen.[]

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  • Acute Kidney Injury

    DIAGNOSES: Unilateral ureteral obstruction caused by a radio-opaque calculus in the right upper ureter and a secondary renal dysfunction.[] Leucovorin or folinic acid is given along with methotrexate as rescue to reduce the toxic effects like bone marrow suppression.[] Snake envenomation in pregnancy may cause fetal death and maternal mortality or morbidity.[] The incidence and fatality of mushroom poisoning are reported to be increasing. Several new syndromes in mushroom poisoning have been described.[] Abstract Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms (DRESS) is a rare but potentially fatal adverse drug reaction with variable renal involvement.[] Optifuel contains nitromethane, which has been reported to interfere in the Jaffe reaction causing falsely high creatinine measurements.[]

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  • Toxic Effect

    The effects caused by picloram application in this typical Brazilian soil resulted in a strong effect on the soil microbial communities.[] Cadmium showed high toxicity effects on isolated fungi at minimal inhibitory concentration of 27 μg ml(-1) for Trichophyton mentagrophytes and of 20 μg ml(-1) for Epidermophyton[] Abstract Bajiaolian (Dysosma pleianthum), one species in the Mayapple family, has been widely used as a general remedy and for the treatment of snake bite, weakness, condyloma[] Metal poisoning occurs as a result of the unhealthy accumulation of specific metals in the body.[] In the absence of other demonstrated abnormalities, we suggest that in each patient the encephalopathy may have been a toxic reaction to the contrast agent.[] The enzyme lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase (LCAT) synthesizes monoesters of 24(S)OH-C in reaction mixtures with proteoliposomes containing phospholipids and apolipoprotein[]

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  • Skin Infection

    Food poisoning and allergies may cause minor skin infections, which should be reported to healthcare provider.[] Histopathological examination, polymerase chain reaction and culture of biopsy specimens were positive for M. chelonae.[] […] erythema compared to erythema migrans caused by Borrelia infection.[] OA can inhibit growth of a number of Gram-positive bacteria, including hospital and community-associated MRSA at a dose that did not show any toxicity to human sebocytes.[] Antimicrobial proteins produced by snake venoms have recently attracted significant attention due to their relevance to bacterial infection and potential development into[] Diagnosis was confirmed on culture, histology, and 18S ribosomal RNA polymerase chain reaction.[]

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  • Serum Sickness

    […] are used to protect anyone who may be in danger of exposure to infectious microorganisms, particularly if they have had no history of immunization against these disease-causing[] Pathogenesis: Theories include direct toxic effects on cells by reactive metabolites of the drugs or drugs acting as haptens, an entity that can tag something as antigenic[] KEYWORDS: Red-bellied black snake; Serum sickness; Snake envenomation; Tiger snake antivenom[] METHODS: A retrospective chart review was conducted involving presumed rattlesnake bite victims referred to our poison center.[] Reactions Advisory Committee (ADRAC).[] She was then started on rituximab treatment and tolerated her first dose (22 May 2003) well, with only mild infusional toxicity.[]

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  • Insect Bite

    Product description Style: 1 Pack The Bug Bite Thing is a small suction device that quickly extracts insect poison from under the skin and eliminates the itching, stinging[] Insect bite reactions are commonly seen in clinical practice.[] Most cases are caused by trauma, fractures, surgeries, or vascular injury, while other causes are easily misdiagnosed.[] 10 Code for Bitten or stung by nonvenomous insect and other nonvenomous arthropods, initial encounter Block : Exposure to animate mechanical forces (W50-W64) Excludes 1 : Toxic[] Worldwide, it has been reported resulting from snake and insect bites, mostly from snakes from the Viperidae family, and from insects such as bees and wasps.[] ICD-10-CM Codes › S00-T88 Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes › S00-S09 Injuries to the head › S00- Superficial injury of head › Insect bite[]

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  • Dicumarol

    Otherwise, call a poison control center right away. US residents can call their local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.[] There was no direct relation between the fall of platelets in the peripheral blood and the appearance or nonappearance of a positive Shwartzman reaction.[] […] agent in spoiled hay, which caused bleeding in cattle (sweet clover disease).[] For example, direct mechanism of cardio toxicity includes toxicity due to an increase in plasma concentrations of the compound, or as in latent cardiac toxicity that is a[] After studying the effects of the venom injected by the bite of a deadly pit viper snake, chemists developed a groundbreaking drug that works to control blood pressure.[] Canada residents can call a provincial poison control center. Notes No monograph available at this time. Missed Dose Consult your pharmacist or physician.[]

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  • Tobacco

    However, there is conflicting evidence from prospective and case-control studies about cardiovascular mortality or myocardial infarction caused by smokeless tobacco use.[] In this review, we have discussed the in vitro and in vivo data on toxicity of flavoring chemicals in lung cells.[] Over the course of three LPs and a number of EPs, the Pennsylvania snake-synth-charmer has continuously depended his approach to aural depravity.[] We present an acutely confused adolescent patient who had CO poisoning after narghile tobacco smoking.[] The cause for these allergic reactions was a type I allergy to tobacco contained in the snuff.[] Its pathophysiology is poorly understood but it is generally attributed to toxic effects of cyanide and B12 deficiency.[]

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  • Scorpion Envenomation

    In 2009, epidemiological data established by the Poison Control Center recorded 29,816 stung patients, with an incidence of 1.1‰ and a fatality rate of 0.18%.[] Symptomatic cases Systemic reaction Anaphylaxis Anaphylactic shock Local reaction Mild - Moderate Severe 23. Local Reaction Mild - Moderate Severe 24.[] […] degradation products (FDP) D-dimer and CT scan findings of multiple cerebral haemorrhagic infarct indicating the presence of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) as a cause[] Methamphetamine toxicity should be considered in their differential diagnosis.[] Abstract Three cases of acro-osteolysis are described following snake bite and three after scorpion stings.[] Severe envenomations caused by T. serrulatus were 26.2 times more frequent than those caused by T. bahiensis (p 0.001).[]

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  • Croton

    Poison type: plants Alternate names: garden croton[] All results of the study indicate that: -latex of croton produces no primary irritant reaction -latex is able to induce a real contact allergy -contact allergens are constituents[] Using confocal microscopy we observed that Croton lechleri (1 μg/mL) caused a loss of microtubule structure, whereas taspine (0.5 μg/mL) caused an increase in acetylated α-tubulin[] To confirm its safety, the oral toxicity of a partially purified plaunotol extract (PPE) was evaluated in vivo.[] ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: The root of Croton crassifolius Geisel is traditionally used in China for the treatment of snake bites, stomach ache, sternalgia, joint pain[] We performed reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and Western blotting to confirm the apoptotic effects of CMARE at the molecular level.[]

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