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3 Possible Causes for Spiruroidea

  • Thelazia Callipaeda

    COMMENT Thelazia callipaeda (θηλαζω, to suck) is a member of the phylum Nematoda, order Spirusida, suborder Spirurata, superfamily Spiruroidea.[]

  • Thelazia Californiensis

    Disease Agents Thelazia californiensis . ( J345 .3.w2) Thelaziidae - (Family) : " Spiruroidea with no pseudolabia; mouth capsule present.[]

  • Gnathostomiasis

    Gnathostoma spinigerum which belongs to super family spiruroidea, was first discovered by Owen in 1836 from the gastric tumour of a tiger.[]

Further symptoms