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3 Possible Causes for Spizellomyces

  • Microsporidiosis

    DNA from the chytrids Spizellomyces punctatus, Harpochytrium sp.[] Similarly, the node uniting the microsporidia and Spizellomyces was not very strongly supported, but the node uniting animals, Spizellomyces, and microsporidia was quite strong[] Alpha-tubulin from Spizellomyces was amplified with primers GCGCGAATTCARGTNGGNAAYGCNTGYTGGGA and CGCGCCATNCCYTCNCCNACRTACCA.[]

  • Phycomycete

    .: Spizellomyces ] Spizomycetidae , as subclass: Cavalier-Smith, Biol. Rev. 73: 246, 1998. [T.: Spizellomyces ] Sporangimycotina, as subphylum: H.P.[]

  • Zinc Deficiency

    However, the basal Chytrid Spizellomyces punctatus does have a PRA1 orthologue, although it does not share synteny with a ZRT1 orthologue.[]

Further symptoms