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110 Possible Causes for Stapedius, fold

  • Presbycusis

    However, in NAT2*6A, the risk of presbycusis was 15.2-fold more in individuals with mutant allele than subjects with wild genotype (P .013).[] In addition to pure tone audiometry the following tests were performed: most comfortable loudness level and uncomfortable loudness level for pure tone; stapedius reflex thresholds[] Blood glucose levels significantly increased: 3-fold for T1DM, 1.3-fold for T2DM; with no significant changes in controls.[]

  • Quinine

    Real-Time PCR showed upregulation of p21 (4.56 folds) and p53 (2.811 folds) genes expression.[] Quinine reversibly reduces frequency selectivity and hearing sensitivity, whereas the self-attained most comfortable speech level and the acoustic stapedius reflex are not[] The median fold-induction for the quinine MR compared to baseline was 1.7, 1.8 and 2.6 for the three dosing groups (10, 20 and 100 mg).[]

  • Adenoid Hypertrophy

    Allergic children with the diplotypes that included minor alleles of TLR4-D299G or TLR4-T399I had about a 4-fold increased risk for AH.[] Type C tympanogram with peak pressure -200 daPa indicated effusion; type C tympanogram having acoustic stapedius reflex could exclude MEE.[] […] nostrils • Open mouth • High-arched palate • Crowded teeth • Dull mask-like face • Protruding teeth • Drooling saliva • Everted upper lip • Rhinorrhoea • Loss of nasolabial fold[]

  • Potassium Iodide

    The 131I thyroid absorbed dose is two-fold greater with insufficient levels of dietary iodine, 2,900 cGy/37 MBq, than with sufficient levels of dietary iodine, 1,500 cGy/37[] […] tissues in the middle ear were segmented: anterior mallear ligament, incudomallear joint, lateral mallear ligament, posterior incudal ligament, stapedial annular ligament, stapedius[] Those regions saw thyroid cancer in children jump 30 to 60-fold the previous levels in the first four years after the disaster, and up to 100-fold in the following years.[]

  • Tympanoplasty

    […] cavity to act as a platform for the graft and to keep the ear drum as still as possible.The graft is inserted into the inside of the eardrum where the edges of the hole are folded[] This space contains the ossicles, nerves (facial nerve, chorda tympani, Jacobsen nerve), small muscles (stapedius and tensor tympani), ligaments, and blood vessels.[] The graft is then inserted underneath the remaining drum remnant and the drum remnant is folded back onto the perforation to provide closure.[]

  • Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome

    Tear film break-up time test, Schirmer II test and assessment of lid parallel conjunctival folds were performed in 40 PEX syndrome patients and 40 controls.[] In impedance audiometry tests, the stapedius reflex was identified in a greater proportion of patients in the PEX group than in the control group in all frequency ranges.[] Pupil asymmetry increased the chances of having PXS by 3.46-fold.[]

  • Conductive Hearing Loss

    Mixed Hearing Loss For patients with a mixed hearing loss (Figure 3), Baha provides a two-fold solution.[] METHOD: Case report of a single case of shortened stapedius tendon and a review of the English literature on stapedius tendon anomalies.[] Tympanotomies performed in both ears of 4 patients indicated stapes ankylosis caused by ossification of the stapedius tendon.[]

  • Magnesium Deficiency

    fold increase in two minutes, and an 8-fold increase in five minutes.[] […] throat-especially provoked by eating sugar; photophobia, especially difficulty adjusting to oncoming bright headlights in the absence of eye disease; and loud noise sensitivity from stapedius[] After some time, several leaves including the new shoot may be folded or rolled.[]

  • Bell's Palsy

    […] degeneration) were divided into three groups according to ENoG response by electrode placement as follows: group A, ENoG for orbicularis oculi (oculi) 10% and ENoG for nasolabial fold[] The patient was successfully treated by stapedius tendon section under local anaesthesia.[] "late recovered" Bell's palsy has the following specific features and has not formerly been described: (1) tightening of the facial muscles, with a deepening nasolabial fold[]

  • Drop Attacks

    […] migraine in patients with Meniere disease is about twice as high as that in the general population. 10 The prevalence of migraine in the present case series was almost 3-fold[] Both had conductive hearing loss, preservation of stapedius reflex, and abnormal vestibular evoked myogenic potentials. Neither had sound- or pressure-induced nystagmus.[]

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