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3 Possible Causes for TWF1

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  • Coloboma

    Three of these genes encoded proteins associated with actin cytoskeleton dynamics: ACTG1, TWF1, and LCP1.[] The LCP1 and TWF1 variants each resulted in only minor disturbance of actin interactions, and no further plausibly causative variants were identified in these genes on resequencing[]

  • Familial Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm 1

    […] sequenced genes within the TAAD5 locus that might be related to smooth muscle cell function, including candidate integrins ( ITGA5, ITGA7, ITGB7 ), actin-binding proteins ( TWF1[]

  • Blepharophimosis

    AC024563.1, AL356475.1, AC083799.1, AC006305.1, POLR2J4, AC009495.1, LINC00365, LINC00502, LINC00392, MIR4500HG, AC104445.1, CRNDE, LINC00504, C8orf49, VENTXP1 RSBN1, CNIH1, TWF1[]

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