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17 Possible Causes for Terebra, subulata

  • Eucalyptus

    This is seen particularly in series Subulatae and Calycogonae .[] […] talyuberlup – E . tardecidens – E . taurina – E . tectifica – E . tenella – E . tenera – E . tenuipes – E . tenuiramis – E . tenuis – E . tephroclada – E . tephrodes – E . terebra[] Eucalyptus tectifica Eucalyptus tenella Eucalyptus tenera Eucalyptus tenuipes Eucalyptus tenuiramis Eucalyptus tenuis Eucalyptus tephroclada Eucalyptus tephrodes Eucalyptus terebra[]

  • Asclepias

    ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Asclepias subulata Decne. (Apocynaceae) is a shrub occurring in Sonora-Arizona desert.[] CONTEXT: Asclepias subulata Decne. (Apocynaceae) is a shrub used in the Mexican traditional medicine for the treatment of cancer.[] ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Asclepias subulata Decne. is a shrub occurring in Sonora-Arizona desert (Mexico-USA).[]

    Missing: Terebra
  • Tissue Nematode Infection

    Ditylenchus is a particular problem on the flowering perennial Phlox subulata.[] Ditylenchus dipsaci in Phlox subulata were partially controlled by up to four weekly applications of Avid or Diazinon.[] Stem and bulb nematode infection is often masked by infection as a result of secondary pathogens such as Botrytis, a common secondary fungus on Phlox subulata.[]

    Missing: Terebra
  • Lobelia

    […] sanguineum, Iberis sempervirens, Saponaria ocymoides, Sedum spurium, etc.) or edger plants (annuals as above; perennials include Aurinia saxatilis, Campanula carpatica, Phlox subulata[]

    Missing: Terebra
  • Trachinidae Sting

    Terebra shells Terebridae species These shells are found in both temperate and tropical waters. They are similar to cone shells but much thinner and longer.[]

    Missing: subulata
  • Alismataceae

    CAM recorded directly in Sagittaria subulata (aquatic CAM only). Anatomy non-C 4 type ( Sagittaria ). Geography, cytology. Temperate, sub-tropical, and tropical.[]

    Missing: Terebra
  • Asarum Canadense

    ‘Purple Beauty’ moss phlox, P. subulata , is one of seven different colors that I will be selling this season.[] Creeping phlox should not be confused with moss phlox, P. subulata , which is also native but prefers part shade. .[]

    Missing: Terebra
  • Senna

    Barneby Var. anglorum Irwin & Barneby [ Accepted ] Senna stipulacea (Aiton)Irwin & Barneby Var. stipulacea [ Accepted ] Senna subtrijuga Irwin & Barneby [ Accepted ] Senna subulata[] Unresolved WCSP (in review) 2012-03-23 Senna suarezensis (Capuron) Du Puy Accepted ILDIS 2010-07-14 Senna subtrijuga H.S.Irwin & Barneby Accepted ILDIS 2010-07-14 Senna subulata[] ) Senna stricta (Randell) Randell Unresolved WCSP (in review) Senna suarezensis (Capuron) Du Puy Accepted ILDIS Senna subtrijuga H.S.Irwin & Barneby Accepted ILDIS Senna subulata[]

    Missing: Terebra
  • Physalis Heterophylla

    Physalis subulata Rydb. var. subulata Rydb. [excluded] Views: 92 - Chihuahuan groundcherry Physalis turbinata Medik.[] Views: 108 Forb/herb - Perennial dwarf groundcherry Physalis subulata Rydb.[] Views: 76 Forb/herb - Annual Chihuahuan groundcherry Physalis subulata Rydb. var. neomexicana (Rydb.)[]

    Missing: Terebra
  • Familial Mixoploidy

    Previously, colchicine is widely applied for plant modification such as Rhododendron to produce compact plants, 7 Impatiens balsamina L. to obtain tetraploid plants, 8 Phlox subulata[]

    Missing: Terebra

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