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6 Possible Causes for Transnistria

  • Lathyrism

    From September 1942 to March 1944, he was detained in the camps of Vapniarca and Grosulovo in Transnistria.[] Murgescu, commandant of the Vapniarka concentration camp in Transnistria, the detainees - most of them Jews - were fed nearly exclusively with fodder pea.[] […] had to do with the fact that I was familiar with an otherwise obscure story of a concentration camp that had been located in the then German-Romanian occupied region of Transnistria[]

  • Heavy Tobacco Use

    Transnistria, a small strip of land of 500,000 inhabitants in eastern Moldova, is not recognized by the international community. 4.[] Left, a “Lada” car, a brand well known during the communist era, is driven in Tiraspol, the main city of Transnistria, a separatist republic of Moldova.[]

  • Laron Syndrome

    As a child, he was sent to a Ukrainian concentration camp in war-devastated Transnistria. For 4 years, Laron worked in a factory as an iron worker.[]

  • Brandt Syndrome

    Lectie pentru medicii neurologi, conferinţă Tiraspol, Transnistria din 13.04.2014: Managementul Durerii Lombare Sangheli M.[] Lectie pentru medicii neurologi, conferinţă Tiraspol, Transnistria din 13.04.2014: Tratamentul radiculopatiilor lombo-sacrale prin infiltraţii epiidurale ghidate radioscopic[]

  • Cannabis Abuse

    All samples were nationally representative, apart from Belgium (Flanders), Cyprus (government-controlled areas) and Moldova (Transnistria region not included).[]

  • Pulmonary Artery Stenosis

    […] i la articolele din tutun" (Law on tobacco and tobacco articles) nr. 278-XVI from 14.12.2007 enabled at 07.03.2008 Cigarette packets in Transnistria have variable warning[]

Further symptoms