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37 Possible Causes for Tunica, serosa, testis

Did you mean: tulipa, serosa, testis

  • Spermatic Cord Hydrocele

    There are two recognised subtypes encysted hydrocele - fluid collection does not communicate with the peritoneum above or the tunica vaginalis below. funicular hydrocele -[] It can also present as a tumor in the epididymis and testis. However, no previous cases have been reported of it presenting as a spermatic cord hydrocele.[] .  The peritoneum-derived serosal communication is the processus vaginalis, and the serosa of the hemiscrotum becomes the tunica vaginalis.  At term, or within the first[]

  • Torsion of the Hydatid of Morgagni

    […] of the scrotum does not confer protection against subsequent torsion, orchidopexy should be routinely performed in patients who are found to have high investment of the tunica[] The appendix testis (or hydatid of Morgagni ) is a vestigial remnant of the Müllerian duct, present on the upper pole of the testis and attached to the tunica vaginalis.[] […] attached to an epididymis, which connects rete testis to vas deferens Testis is composed of convoluted seminiferous tubules in a stroma with Leydig cells Three layers: outer serosa[]

  • Malignant Mesothelioma

    These findings were consistent with cutaneous infiltration from malignant mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis testis.[] Aggressive tumors with a bad habit of recurring and metastasizing late; may recur in abdominal or thoracic serosa.[] Less than 5% of all malignant mesotheliomas arise from the tunica vaginalis testis.[]

  • Gonadal Dysgenesis

    […] mimicking gonadoblastoma, granulosa cell tumor or Sertoli cell tumors Microscopic (histologic) images Mixed gonadal dysgenesis: streak tissue and rete (top) are separated by tunica[] We present a rare case of a left undescended testis, normally descended right testis, with penoscrotal hypospadias, who had a normal karyotype and whose histopathological[] The serosa of the liver, the spleen and the stomach were smooth. There was no obvious nodule in the omentum.[]

  • Malignant Peritoneal Mesothelioma

    Though such tumours have been reported from tunica vaginalis testis presenting as para-testicular mass, there is only one documented case of the tumour arising from the inguinal[] Abstract A 52-year-old man developed malignant peritoneal mesothelioma 17 years after radiotherapy for seminoma of the testis.[] We suspected disease involving the serosa, such as mesenteric panniculitis.[]

  • Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor

    The tunica vaginalis of the testis is the next most common location.[] A 17-year-old male having painless testicular mass and neck swelling diagnosed to have metastatic DSRCT of the testis.[] Definition / general A malignant serosa related small round cell tumor with an epithelial growth pattern in a desmoplastic stroma First described by Gerald and Rosai in 1989[]

  • Indirect Inguinal Hernia

    […] superior to the epididymis with the content of the sac separate to the testis Complete (or scrotal): The hernia sac descends to the scrotum where it is continuous with the tunica[] With incomplete descent of the testis (undescended testis) there is usually an associated indirect hernial sac. Undescended testis is a common condition of infancy.[] Vigorous grasping and pulling of the bowel loop induced damage to the intestinal serosa.[]

  • Papillary Serous Cystadenocarcinoma of the Ovary 

    Follicular and luteal units are seen in the cortex and large blood vessels and nerves in the medulla. se, serous or surface epithelium; ta, tunica albuginea; pf, primary follicle[] […] ovarian C56.9- - see also Neoplasm ovary, malignant Carcinoma (malignant) - see also Neoplasm, by site, malignant endometrioid unspecified site female C56.9 Leydig cell (testis[] Histogenetically it is assumed that a majority of epithelial tumors of the ovary is derived from the ovarian serosa.[]

  • Argentaffinoma

    The tunica albuginea was thickened by fibrosis, while the epididymis and spermatic cords did not significantly change.[] ARGENTAFFINOMA OF A P P E N D I X 329 into the muscle or serosa.[] […] reticulum Striated muscle structure of teratomata struma ovarii Symeonidis teeth tera teratoblastoma teratoid tumor teratomas show teratomatous tissues testicular teratomas testis[]

  • Benign Tumor of Fallopian Tubes

    […] tumors It is the most common tumor of the epididymis (most commonly upper pole, tail) and spermatic cord (especially funiculus) It may also involve ejaculatory duct and tunica[] D29.20 Benign neoplasm of unspecified testis D29.21 Benign neoplasm of right testis D29.22 Benign neoplasm of left testis D29.3 Benign neoplasm of epididymis Reimbursement[] Microscopic Features: [12] Nodular thickening of the tunica muscularis of the isthmic portion. Cystically dilated glands. /-Complete obliteration of tubal lumen.[]