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  • Placenta Accreta

    A case was reported of a fetus with the anomaly of limb body wall complex associated with placenta accreta.[] Upon inspection, the uterus was found have dark purple patches with ecchymosis and indurations, diagnostic of Couvelaire uterus.[] In both cases, prenatal diagnosis was based on ultrasonography, where features such as loss of the hypoechoic retroplacental zone and irregular uterine serosa were found in[] The highest level of interobserver agreement for ultrasound signs was found for loss of clear zone (100%) and substantial myometrial thinning (96%-100%) on gray-scale imaging[] In each case, the anterior uterine wall was incised vertically between the lower segment and fundus before manual removal.[]

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  • Uterine Adenomyoma

    Diffuse adenomyoma of the anterior wall w i th commencing adenomyoma of the pos- terior wall.[] The thickness of the junctional zone can be examined by both two- or three dimensional transvaginal ultrasound or by MR imaging; a junctional zone thicker than 12 mm indicates[] Histological examination showed various epithelial metaplasia lining the cystic surface and revealed focal endometrial stroma in the cystic wall.[] Atypical polypoid adenomyoma of the uterus is a rare benign lesion of the uterus . It is usually referred to simply as atypical polypoid adenomyoma (abbreviated APA ).[] Many lymphoid follicles were present, just locating beside one side of thin-walled blood vessels and protruding into the vessels.[]

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  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    RESULTS: The relative mRNA and protein expression of MMP-1 and MMP-8 in the anterior vaginal wall tissues of POP-subgroup 2 was significantly higher than those in POP-subgroup[] RESULTS: Assuming that functional and anatomical outcomes after hysterectomy and uterus preserving surgery were equal, more women expressed preference for uterus preservation[] Four types of pelvic organ prolapse include: Anterior vaginal wall prolapse (cystocele): The front wall of the vagina sags downward or outward, which allows the bladder to[] Abstract The aim of this video is to demonstrate the alternative technique of robot-assisted laparoscopic pectouteropexy for uterus preservation in obese patients with pelvic[] Secondly, hysterectomy involves removing the uterus and severing the ligaments that support the uterus and the entire pelvic structure.[]

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  • Vaginal Prolapse

    Abstract The differential diagnoses for anterior wall vaginal prolapse (AWVP) include cystocele, enterocele, urethral diverticulum, and Gartner duct cyst.[] Prolapsed uterus - [online] Available at: [Accessed 19 Apr. 2015]., (2015). Prolapsed Uterus Health Information - Poise.[] Their study suggests that a safe and nerve-free zone for placement of the sacrospinous ligament sutures is situated approximately in the middle of the sacrospinous ligament[] Vaginal wall sensibility of the distal posterior wall was significantly increased after mesh surgery (preoperative threshold 6.3 mA vs. postoperative 3.4 mA, P   0.03).[] Uterine Prolapse Prolapse of the uterus (womb) into the vagina. This is called a uterine prolapse .[]

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  • Placenta Previa

    RESULTS: The 3D VCI provided superior resolution of the anterior wall of the uterus, delineating the myometrial thickness in the area of the placental implantation site.[] Exteriorization of the near-term gravid uterus may be a useful adjunct to cesarean delivery for anterior placenta previa-accreta.[] […] the placental blood lakes, and prominent low-impedance (resistance index 0.24) arterial blood flow was detected within the uterine serosa-posterior bladder wall boundary zone[] The suture was threaded through the uterine cavity to the serosa of the posterior wall.[] […] to the uterus and resecting it with the uterus.[]

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  • Appendicitis

    The abdominal wall was only secondarily involved.[] CONCLUSION: Uterine rupture caused by double uterus is very rare and easily Ignored by the surgeon.[] 'A doctor said my insides were like a war zone. My appendix was behind my large bowel, which is why I didn't feel any tenderness when my GP examined me initially.'[] Displacement of the abdominal organs from a gravid uterus may lead to right upper quadrant tenderness in pregnancy.[] The growing uterus pushes the appendix higher during pregnancy. This means pain may occur in the upper abdomen instead of the lower right side of the abdomen.[]

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  • Uterus Rupture in Pregnancy

    The 33-year-old had developed a one inch (2.5cm) tear in the wall of her uterus and part of her amniotic sac, measuring 7.5 by 4.7 by 3.5 inches (19 by 12 by 9 cm), had popped[] Abstract Between 1966 and 1985, 15 cases of complete rupture of the uterus in pregnancy were identified among 52,854 deliveries at Foothills Provincial General Hospital, Calgary[] Mothers with these risk factors for uterine rupture, as well as others, should be attended to and treated in a special high-risk intensive care zone in the labor department[] Rupture of pregnant uterus. Obstet. Gynaecol., 1980;50:549-54. 4. Rendle-Short, C.W. Rupture of gravid uterus in Uganda. Am.J.Obstet. Gynecol., 1960;79:1114-20. 5.[] In cases of abnormally invasive placenta there may be a loss or disruption in the continuity of the echo lucent myometrial zone, a disruption of the bladder wall or protrusion[]

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  • Asherman Syndrome

    This scar tissue provokes the front and back walls of the uterus to totally or partially fuse together. The more fused the walls are, the severer the syndrome is.[] AS also known as intrauterine adhesion (IUA) is a uterine disorder with the aberrant creation of adhesions within the uterus and/or cervix.[] […] leipzig: a. zeidler, i 707). they are currently known as nabothian cysts and represent an accumulation of mucous material. these cysts are produced in the transformation zone[] This condition can also be linked to other uterine disorders, such a fibroids, found in 50 percent of patients; endometriosis, found in 11 percent of women and endometrial[] Asherman’s Syndrome is a condition where the walls of the uterus are scarred. In severe cases, the walls of the uterus can adhere to each other.[]

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  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Cranberry juice or extract may help, by reducing the stickiness of harmful bacteria to the bladder walls.[] The uterus sits directly on top of the bladder. As the uterus grows, its increased weight can block the drainage of urine from the bladder, causing an infection.[] The antibacterial results reveal that HCuNPs composites show higher zone of inhibition against these pathogens then that of corresponding hydrogel matrix.[] UTI Bacterial urinary infection Bacterial UTI Chronic lower urinary tract infection Chronic lower UTI Chronic urinary tract infection Chronic UTI Ectopic pregnancy (not in uterus[] In other words, most urine cultures will show 10 3 CFU/mL or 10 5 CFU/mL with relatively few cultures falling in the gray zone in between (that is, 10 4 CFU/mL of urine).[]

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  • Uterine Fibroid

    CASE: A woman with a large anterior wall uterine fibroid underwent a dilation and curettage for a threatened abortion. She had an uneventful recovery.[] KEYWORDS Leiomyoma of the uterus - aromatase - estrogen - aromatase inhibitor[] The age of the seals was determined according to the method of Johnston and Watt by examination of the annual growth pattern in cementum zones in decalcified tooth sections[] Most fibroids grow in the wall of the uterus.[] In leiomyoma of the uterus, both aromatase and 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17beta-HSD) type I are overexpressed compared with myometrium.[]

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