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10,915 Possible Causes for Yersinia, lcrB, protein

Did you mean: Yersinia, lcrB, proteus

  • Influenza

    Substraten) IgG IgM Feld A: Funktions-BIOCHIP, VZV, Influenza-Virus Typ A (H1N1 und H3N2) und B Feld B: Yersinia enterocolitica O:3*, O:6*, O:9*, Toxoplasma gondii Feld C:[] Influenza virus M2 protein is an integral membrane protein expressed on the infected-cell surface. Cell 40 , 627–633 (1985). 5. Zebedee, S.L. & Lamb, R.A.[] Plague, caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis , is a disease that affects humans and other mammals.[]

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  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    ., S. aureus , B. cereus , Yersinia spp., and Listeria monocytogenes ) were each selectively cultivated and EIA for antigens of C.parvum, E. histolytica and G. lamblia .[] The result showed that the sample was positive only for enterovirus, and EV-D68 clade B3 was identified by sequence analysis of the viral protein 1 gene.[] Canned Goods Clostridium botulinum Cheese (Unpasteurized) Campylobacter spp Enterotoxicogenic E.coli (ETEC) Listeria monocytogenes Salmonella spp Yersinia enterocolitica Eggs[]

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  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Serologic studies can be used to identify viruses, M pneumoniae, C. burnetii, Chlamydia species, Legionella, Francisella , and Yersinia .[] */genetics Receptors, G-Protein-Coupled*/immunology Receptors, G-Protein-Coupled*/metabolism Rhinitis*/genetics Rhinitis*/immunology Rhinitis*/metabolism Rhinitis*/microbiology[] RECENT FINDINGS: Recent research has demonstrated that at least one airway T2R receptor, taste receptor family 2 isoform 38 protein (T2R38) is activated by secreted bacterial[]

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  • Insect Bite

    Although fleas are rarely considered when talking about vector-borne diseases today, they are of major historical importance as vectors of Yersinia pestis, causative agent[] The cells did not stain for bcl-1 protein and CD30, and with no evidence of clonality. The DIF test result was negative.[] The discomfort is also caused by irritating proteins left behind that are found in the venom or saliva and these proteins are broken down by the heat (thermolability) while[]

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  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Throughout history, millions of people have died of diseases such as bubonic plague or the Black Death , which is caused by Yersinia pestis bacteria, and smallpox , which[] The average C-reactive protein level in CAP patients (171 mg/ml) was significantly higher compared with all other groups (p 0.05).[] Each protein is marked on the gel by an arrow, and relative amounts of proteins are shown in the graphs.[]

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  • Yersinia

    […] cawiki Yersinia dewiki Yersinia enwiki Yersinia eswiki Yersinia euwiki Yersinia fawiki یرسینیا fiwiki Yersinia frwiki Yersinia glwiki Yersinia hiwiki यरसिनिया hrwiki Yersinia[] […] binding (NF-κB) and mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathways.[] Yersinia is a genus of bacteria in the family Yersiniaceae.[]

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  • Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis

    MLST of these three Yersinia species showed a complex of two clusters, one composed of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis and Yersinia pestis and the other composed of Yersinia enterocolitica[] Ail can functionally recruit the regulator of the classical and lectin pathways of complement, C4b-binding protein.[] Abstract PHOSPHORYLATION of proteins catalysed by protein kinases is associated with central functions in growth and proliferation of the eukaryotic cell, and kinases are[]

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  • Yersinia Pestis

    Ordo: Enterobacterales Familia: Yersiniaceae Genus: Yersinia Species: Yersinia pestis Strains: Yersinia pestis Antiqua – Yersinia pestis CO92 – Yersinia pestis KIM – Yersinia[] A differential host-specific type of binding to ECM proteins by YapV, YapK, and YapJ suggested that these proteins participate in broadening the host range of Y. pestis.[] […] pestis Nepal516 – Yersinia pestis Pestoides F – Yersinia pestis biovar Microtus str. 91001 Name [ 編集 ] Yersinia pestis ( Lehmann & Neumann ) van Loghem , 1944 Synonyms [[]

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  • Skin Infection

    […] atypical mycobacterial infections including Buruli ulcer Leptospira, cause of leptospirosis , which may cause bleeding into the skin ( purpura ) Nocardia , cause of nocardiosis Yersinia[] Antimicrobial proteins produced by snake venoms have recently attracted significant attention due to their relevance to bacterial infection and potential development into[] There was also increased expression of genes encoding virulence factors, namely secreted toxins and fibronectin and/or fibrinogen-binding proteins.[]

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  • Pharyngitis

    Streptococci : other including Group C, Group F, Group G Fusobacterium necrophorum Corynebacterium diphtheriae (rare) Francisella tularensis (rare) Neisseria gonorrhoeae Yersinia[] We aimed to document the viral and bacterial aetiology of pharyngitis and to assess the pathogenic role of viruses by determining the myxovirus resistance protein A (MxA)[] […] low risk of ARF within the same country were significantly less diverse, less likely to be emm pattern D, and more likely to be theoretically covered by the 30-valent M protein[]

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