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80 Possible Causes for Yucca, linearifolia

  • Sunburn

    Look for ingredients such as Clove, Licorice, Lavender, Cucumber and Yucca to reduce irritation, pain and redness.[]

    Missing: linearifolia
  • Bistort

    Synonym WCSP (in review) Bistorta leptophylla Greene [Unplaced] Unresolved WCSP (in review) Bistorta lilacina Greene [Unplaced] Unresolved WCSP (in review) Bistorta linearifolia[] Convallaria, Fritillaria, Lilium, Paris, Ophiopogon ('lumped' here from the old Haemordoraceae), Polygonatum, Smilax (given a separate family by 'splitters'), Veratrum, Yucca[]

  • Phyllanthus Abnormis Poisoning

    (TEX-LL); on rocks and slopes E of Yucca Hill, Austin, 19 Apr 1901, Long s.n. (TEX-LL); E of Watter's Station, 22 Apr 1901, Long & Ferguson s.n.[] Specimens: Brackenridge Field Station, in Butterfly Meadow, in opening near the creek with sparse low herbaceous vegetation dominated by Hymenoxys linearifolia , Erodium texanum[]

  • Scrophulariaceae

    Yucca schidigera ) Schi'nus: an ancient Greek name for another genus in the same family, Pistacia , or Pistachio.[] , S. spiralis ; Cuba, Hispaniola), Amphitecna (19; southern Mexico, Central America, tropical South America), ‘ Crescentia ’ (6; C. alata , C. amazonica , C. cujete , C. linearifolia[] Species like Striga linearifolia and Alectra sessiliflora are close to being holoparasitic, while Tozzia alpina may live underground for a decade or so as a holoparasite before[]

  • Orobanche

    Unresolved WCSP (in review) 2012-03-23 Orobanche yuccae Pi.Savi ex Bertol. Synonym WCSP (in review) 2012-03-23 Orobanche yunnanensis (Beck) Hand.-Mazz.[] 달구지풀 나비나물속 Vicia anguste-pinnata Nakai 가는갈퀴나물 Vicia bungei Ohwi 들완두 Vicia chosenensis Ohwi 노랑갈퀴 Vicia hirticalycina Nakai 나래완두 Vicia linearifolia Y.N.Lee 계방나비나물 Vicia unijuga[]

  • Larrea Tridentata

    It is also regarded as one of the most adaptable desert plants in the world; it was one of the first to grow back in Yucca Flats after the 1962 nuclear bomb tests done there[] Distribution: Principally in the Rolling Plains. (12b) Mesquite-Lotebush Brush (12a) Mesquite-Lotebush Shrub Commonly Associated Plants (Rolling Plains): Yucca, skunkbush[] Slopes of the Rio Grande River Basin, from near Langtry in Val Verde County to near San Ygnacio in Zapata County. (11b) Mesquite Brush Commonly Associated Plants: Narrow-leaf yucca[]

    Missing: linearifolia
  • Ficus Benjamina

    We present an atopic gardener and caretaker of plants who developed CU when occupationally exposed to weeping fig, spathe flower, and yucca.[] Occupational allergic contact urticaria to yucca (Yucca aloifolia), weeping fig (Ficus benjamina), and spathe flower (Spathiphyllum wallisii).[] Ficus elastica and Yucca massengena considerably reduced CO2 concentrations during the day, but substantially increased it during the night, relative to other plants. ( 27[]

    Missing: linearifolia
  • Storax

    The ineptly-made Beast of Yucca Flats starred Tor Johnson, veteran of various Ed Wood productions, as a scientist who happens to get caught out in the Yucca Flat desert at[] Here is the really, really terrible 1961 film The Beast of Yucca Flats. Watch at your own risk![] The explosion occurred at the Nevada atomic testing facility known as Yucca Flat, and was called “Storax Sedan.”[]

    Missing: linearifolia
  • Manihot Esculenta

    Cassava is also known as manioc, manihot, yucca, mandioca, sweet potato tree, and tapioca plant.[] Cassava root ( Manihot esculenta) Synonyms: Jatropha manihot, Jatropha dulcis Common names: Tapioca, Manioc, Mandioca, Brazil arrowroot, Para arrowroot, Rio arrowroot, Yucca[] Note that the Mexican common name of the starchy root is "yuca"; it should not be confused with the botanical plant group of Yucca , with a similar spelling and pronunciation[]

    Missing: linearifolia
  • Sophora

    […] fulvida – S . gibbosa – S . godleyi – S . howinsula – S . inhambanensis – S . interrupta – S . jaubertii – S . koreensis – S . lanaiensis – S . leachiana – S . lehmanni – S . linearifolia[] Accepted TRO 2012-04-18 Sophora leachiana M.Peck Accepted ILDIS 2010-07-14 Sophora lehmanni (Bunge) Yakovlev Accepted ILDIS 2010-07-14 Sophora linearifolia Griseb.[]

    Missing: Yucca

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