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499 Possible Causes for Abdominal Bloating, Flatulence, Headache

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    […] massive histamine surge Caused by improper preservation of refrigeration What are symptoms and onset Onset within 20-30 minutes Peppery metallic taste Flushing, diarrhea, headache[] Less frequently reported signs and symptoms included flatulence, fever, dehydration and headache.[] While it’s unclear how H. pylori spreads, it can result in stomach inflammation, loss of appetite, nausea, bloating, and abdominal pain.[]

  • Food Intolerance

    Lactose and food intolerance cause a wide range of gut and systemic symptoms, including gas, gut pain, diarrhoea or constipation, severe headaches, severe fatigue, loss of[] These products of bacterial breakdown cause flatulence and other symptoms of intolerance.[] Abdominal bloating Abdominal pain or cramping Burping after eating certain foods Excess wind (flatulence) Weight issues (gaining or losing) Indigestion Constipation Diarrhea[]

  • Giardiasis

    Harmful outcomes were uncommon, and 5-NIs were associated with lower risk of abdominal pain, and higher risk of both bitter or metallic taste and headache.[] Other associated symptoms were abdominal pain (100%), abdominal distension (70%), flatulence (50%), less consistent stools (50%), anemia (30%), and increased erythrocyte sedimentation[] bloating and cramps Flatulence Nausea Dehydration Weight loss The symptoms may last for between two and six weeks, but may last longer or recur in some individuals.[]

  • Whipple Disease

    We report a 54-year-old woman who presented subacutely with fever, headache, and seizures that led to a diagnosis of infectious meningoencephalitis.[] Symptoms of steatorrhea include fatty, offensive smelling stool; abdominal distention; and flatulence.[] They may experience a loss of weight, as well as abdominal pain and bloating. Fever and fatigue, as well as anemia are also classic signs of Whipple's disease.[]

  • Cholelithiasis

    […] the Exterior Regulate the Yin and Wei Herb Formulas Points Clinical Manifestations Joint pain with a crackling sensation Epigastric pain Fatigue Gastrointestinal weakness Headache[] Incidence of gallstones: [ edit ] Classically: Fat, fertile flatulent female of fifty (forty).[] Abdominal bloating, low grade fever with chills, indigestion and belching may also be present.[]

  • Hereditary Angioedema

    Severities were aggravated by activity and his headache had shown recent progression with abdominal pain.[] The pain was non-radiating, colic, and associated with flatulence, nausea and vomiting.[] Side effects like diarrhea and flatulence were reported at current dose.[]

  • Schistosomiasis

    The reported case is of a 9-year old sukuma-black African boy referred to Bugando Medical Centre with complaints of fever, abdominal pain, headache and generalized body weakness[] CNS Neurological involvement may present with headaches, nausea, paresthesia, seizures, signs of muscle weakness and paraplegia.[] Symptoms Initial symptoms usually appear within days or weeks after being infected and include a skin rash, fever, headache, muscle ache, bloody diarrhea, cough, malaise,[]

  • Hookworm Infection

    Intestinal hookworms cause persistent blood loss, which might manifest as melena and cause anemia, which may trigger symptoms like a headache, palpitations, fatigue and impaired[] Cysts in the brain and spinal cord can produce seizures, confusion, headaches, weakness and paralysis.[] At week 5 postinfection, patients reported flatulence and painful events, with symptoms linked to the establishment of worms in the small intestine.[]

  • Hereditary Angioedema Type 3

    Some symptoms of hereditary angioedema include: Swelling of the skin (most common symptom) Swelling of the hands and feet Fatigue Headache Muscle aches Skin tingling Abdominal[] Since 2007, she has had problems with rectorrhagy, flatulence, was febrile up to 41 C (axillary) and has had daily variations in body mass of up to 5 kg.[] […] to the product prescribing information, the most common adverse reactions observed by at least 5% of subjects are upper respiratory tract infection, sinusitis, rash, and headache[]

  • Colonic Perforation

    A 17-year-old gentleman was admitted to our hospital for headache, the differential diagnosis of which included Behcet's syndrome (BS).[] Aside diarrhea, symptoms included abdominal pain, weight loss, bloating, flatulence, edema and others.[] The most common presenting symptoms are poor oral feeding, progressive abdominal distension with bilious vomiting, tachypnea, failure or delayed passage of meconium or bleeding[]

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