446 Possible Causes for Abdominal Bruit

  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

    Auscultate over the pulsating area for an audible bruit. Gently palpate the area to determine the size of the mass and whether tenderness is present.[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com] As the blood stream narrows again past the aneurysm it causes a rushing sound called a systolic bruit.[livestrong.com] Therefore, it is imperative that the evaluating health care provider, screening for AAA’s, palpate, assessing width and pulsation, and auscultate, listening for “bruits” ([physio-pedia.com]

  • Abdominal Angina

    Although evidence of arteriosclerosis elsewhere and a short early systolic bruit may be audible in the periumbilical region, it is frequently absent.[omicsonline.org] Abdominal bruits are present in 60% to 80% of patients with AA. 3 Also, patients will often show classic signs of PVD, as this is a frequent comorbidity of AA.[journals.lww.com] Auscultation can be used to assess bowel sounds and discover bruits. Palpation should be done gently, starting away from area of pain.[sharinginhealth.ca]

  • Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome

    (PSV) greater than 200 cm/s and an end diastolic velocity greater than 55 cm/s suggest flow-reducing stenosis ( 70%). 19 Color flow depicting luminal reduction and color bruit[healio.com] This syndrome was first described by Harjola in 1963. [1] Clinical symptoms include postprandial abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, epigastric bruit and weight loss.[jiaps.com] […] epigastric bruit [ 4 ].[ashdin.com]

  • Leaking Aortic Aneurysm

    Often, a murmur or bruit can be heard over the aneurysm mass.[health24.com] Bruits can be present in case of renal or visceral arterial stenosis . [16] Aortic rupture [ edit ] The signs and symptoms of a ruptured AAA may include severe pain in the[en.wikipedia.org] Since aneurysms that produce AV fistulas usually are large, nearly 90% are palpable in the abdomen. 75 An abdominal bruit can be heard in 75% of patients, and 25% also will[ahcmedia.com]

  • Coarctation of the Aorta

    Coarctation rarely involves the abdominal aorta.[merckmanuals.com] A soft bruit may be heard over the coarctation site. Diagnosis is by echocardiography or by CT or MR angiography.[merckmanuals.com] Hypoperfusion affects the abdominal organs and lower extremities. Malperfusion of the intestine increases the risk of sepsis due to enteric organisms.[merckmanuals.com]

  • Splenic Artery Aneurysm

    Physical examination may be normal, but some doctors note abdominal bruit on auscultation.[newhealthadvisor.com] The abdomen was non-tender and there was no bruit, palpable mass, or organomegaly. Laboratory studies revealed a slightly elevated WBC at 13.1.[vhjoe.org] He had no palpable abdominal mass, tenderness nor vascular bruit. Laboratory test results were within normal limits.[edoriumjournals.com]

  • Coronary Artery Disease

    Bruits can be heard easily with a stethoscope in the he carotid artery in the neck, the abdominal aorta, and the femoral artery .Check sensation in the feet for numbness,[medicinenet.com] Assessment of the abdominal aorta for an aneurysm or bruits and palpation of lower extremity pulses is necessary to evaluate for peripheral vascular disease.[clevelandclinicmeded.com] A bruit is the sound produced within a narrowed artery due to turbulence caused when decreased blood flow occurs across the narrowed area.[medicinenet.com]

  • Renal Artery Aneurysm

    Otherwise, patients may present with arterial hypertension, pain, hematuria , abdominal pulsatile mass or abdominal bruit.[urology-textbook.com] On examination she was haemodynamically stable with severe percussion tenderness on the left but there was no palpable mass or audible bruit.[omicsonline.org] Abdominal ultrasonography excluded the presence of an abdominal aortic aneurysm and suggested a dilated left renal artery.[invasivecardiology.com]

  • Malignant Neoplasm of Pancreas

    If the tumor involves the body and tail of the pancreas, an abdominal bruit may be heard in the left upper quadrant (indicating involvement of the splenic artery) and a large[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com] Teach the patient or significant other to change the dressing over the abdominal incision and empty the drains daily (if present).[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com] Abdominal pain is a common sign of advanced pancreatic cancer. Cancer of the body of the pancreas impinges on the celiac ganglion, causing pain.[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com]

  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    Occasionally, a hepatic friction rub or bruit develops.[merckmanuals.com] […] examination may reveal hepatomegaly , which can be smooth or hard and irregular, abdominal distension and splenomegaly due to portal hypertension a systolic liver bruit may[geekymedics.com] Symptoms and Signs Most commonly, previously stable patients with cirrhosis present with abdominal pain, weight loss, right upper quadrant mass, and unexplained deterioration[merckmanuals.com]

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