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1,850 Possible Causes for Abdominal Distension

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  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    Abdominal distension: 22% (44) cases had associated abdominal distension. 81.8% (36/44) of Hyponatremic children had distension of abdomen. 5.1% (8/143) of Isonatremic children[] Most of the children having Hyponatremia also had associated hypokalemia, which may lead to abdominal distension.[] Abdominal distension had a positive correlation with Hyponatremia and Hypokalemia. Routine estimation of serum electrolytes is not necessary.[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Acute confusion is a common symptom of physical illness in the older patient. In the majority, it is transient and resolves on treatment of precipitants. In a subset of patients, however, neurological decline is progressive, raising concern about a serious underlying cause. We describe the case of a 71-year-old woman[…][]

  • Appendicitis

    At day 51 she developed abdominal distension and was referred to a pediatric surgeon by day 54 with pneumoperitoneum.[] […] pain (often RLQ), abdominal distension, fever, diarrhea, bloody diarrhea Diagnosis: CT scan Treatment: NPO, IV fluids, broad spectrum antibiotics (piperacillin-tazobactam[] A 55-year female presented in surgical emergency with 3 days history of abdominal pain, distension and absolute constipation; and 2 days history of vomiting.[]

  • Otitis Media

    […] pain, abdominal discomfort, abdominal distension, gastrointestinal distress, diarrhea, abnormal stool, constipation Dermatologic: rash, urticaria, erythema multiforme, moniliasis[] […] with the use of antibacterial therapy for AOM have been reported dependent on the specific antibiotic, including: Gastrointestinal: stomatitis, taste perversion, vomiting, abdominal[]

  • Paralytic Ileus

    She presented with remarkable abdominal distension and respiratory difficulty but was effectively treated by surgical removal of the tumor with preoperative and operative[] Two days after admission the child presented vomiting, abdominal distension, meteorism and increase of scrotal swelling with edema.[] Among the infants admitted to our gastrointestinal unit with a history of acute diarrhoea, 35% developed abdominal distension and 12% developed the full clinical picture of[]

  • Meconium Plug Syndrome

    Meconium plug syndrome, much like Hirschsprung disease, intestinal and anal atresia, anal stenosis, and intestinal malrotation, presents with progressive abdominal distension[] Therefore, we reviewed our experience with meconium plugs as a cause of abdominal distension to evaluate the associated conditions and incidence of Hirschsprung's disease.[] Clinical findings Non-passage of stool in the first two days of life, vomiting, abdominal distension. Complications Volvulus, intestinal infarction.[]

  • Toxic Megacolon

    This report describes the occurrence of toxic megacolon in two young children with Salmonella colitis manifesting as abdominal distension, diarrhea and fever.[] Seven days after admission, he developed septic shock, abdominal distension, and paralytic ileus without diarrhea.[] The diagnosis TM was determined on the basis of clinical information (abdominal pain or tenderness, abdominal distension, diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, and constipation), plain[]

  • Necrotizing Enterocolitis

    A 10-year-old girl presented with abdominal distension and vomiting due to a jejunojejunal bowel fistula, forming a blind loop.[] Abdominal distension, bilious/non-bilious gastric residuals and bloody stool are the common clinical findings of both entities.[] distension, vomiting and bloody diarrhea.[]

  • Ascites

    Here we report a case of a 46-year-old HIV positive female who presented to us with ascites and abdominal distension with peripheral eosinophilia and diagnosed as EGE.[] An 81-year-old man was admitted to our hospital with abdominal distension due to refractory ascites of unknown origin. He subsequently died of aspiration pneumonia.[] These patients usually present with abdominal distension, pelvic pain, and weight loss, but a careful questioning usually reveals the typical endometriosis symptoms-such as[]

  • Ovarian Cyst

    A 16 year old unmarried girl presented with complaints of abdominal distension, vomiting, constipation, difficulty in breathing and restlessness.[] […] tenderness Abdominal distension Bloating Feeling of abdominal fullness Heartburn Indigestion Feeling full early when eating Problems with the control of urination A ruptured[] […] bowel movement Nausea and vomiting Vaginal pain or spotty bleeding from the vagina Infertility Problems having bowel movements Feeling pressure to have a bowel movement Abdominal[]

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