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4,831 Possible Causes for Abdominal Distension, Polymorphic Photodermatitis, Psychosis

  • Acute Hepatic Porphyria

    Complementary tests uncovered intestinal loop distension on abdominal radiography, normochromic and normocytic anemia in association with leukocytosis and hyponatremia.[] From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search porphyria that has symptom abdominal pain, has symptom neuropathy, has symptom autonomic instability and has symptom psychosis[] Mental illness, especially psychosis. [ 10 ] Neurological deficits.[]

  • Acute Intermittent Porphyria

    Some patients develop psychiatric symptoms such as psychosis similar to schizophrenia.[] The liver overproduces a specific acid and the disease is characterized by attacks of high blood pressure, abdominal colic, psychosis, and nervous system disorders.[] Intensive abdominal pain without peritoneal signs, acute peripheral neuropathy, and encephalopathy usually with seizures or psychosis are the key symptoms indicating possible[]

  • Variegate Porphyria

    Ileus and bladder distension may be present.[] Metabolic Syndrome Narcissistic Personality Disorder Nosocomial Infections Panic Disorder Peripheral Arterial Disease Pituitary Adenoma Plantar Fasciitis Pneumonia, Aspiration Psychosis[] Disorientation and frank psychosis may be conspicuous features of VP. The symptoms of VP are rarely manifest prior to puberty.[]

  • Acute Pancreatitis

    A 50-year-old male presented with a 1-day history of abdominal bloating and distension.[] Oliguria, Azotemia, Renal artery/vein thrombosis, Acute Tubular Necrosis Metabolic: Hyperglycemia, Hypocalcemia, Encephalopathy, Sudden blindness (Purtscher’s retinopathy) CNS: Psychosis[] […] hemorrhage from stress ulceration; gastric varices (secondary to splenic vein thrombosis) Gastrointestinal obstruction Hepatobiliary Jaundice Portal vein thrombosis Neurologic Psychosis[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis
  • Hypokalemia

    Failures to thrive, chronic diarrhea, vomiting abdominal distension are usual symptoms.[] A patient can experience psychosis, hallucinations, and depression when their potassium is low.[] Patients presented with symptoms typical of bowel obstruction including abdominal distension, nausea and vomiting.[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis
  • Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

    Abdominal distension: Swelling of the abdomen, usually due to an increased amount of intestinal gas.[] Vomiting and abdominal distension are symptoms. Gastroparesis : The stomach empties slowly due to nerve damage from diabetes or other conditions.[] Abdominal hernia : A weakening or gap in the abdominal fascia allows a section of the intestine to protrude.[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis
  • Pseudopregnancy

    In the past she suffered from postpartum psychosis and an episode characterized by pseudohallucinations.[] We discuss the distinction between the overvalued idea as presented in pseudopregnancy and delusion as presented in the postpartum psychosis and suggest that the two phenomena[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis
  • Porphyria

    Ileus and bladder distension may be present.[] After receiving Flagyl for C. difficile colitis, the patient developed psychosis, ascending paralysis, and metabolic derangements.[] Guttmacher, in 1941, suggested manic-depressive psychosis as a more likely diagnosis.[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis
  • Typhoid Fever

    As the disease progresses, the patients may have increasing lassitude, loss of weight, bradycardia, dicrotic pulse, greenish-yellow diarrhea, tachypnea, abdominal distension[] Abstract This paper describes a rare delusional disorder, the Fregoli syndrome, in a 17 year old girl who suffered from typhoid psychosis as seen at the Psychiatric Unit of[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis
  • Lactose Intolerance

    The body mass index and waist circumference measurement did not affect abdominal distension (p not significant); however, age modified the time of distension.[] Markers of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease in recent-onset psychosis and multi-episode schizophrenia. Biol. Psychiatry 68, 100–104 (2010). 69. Cascella, N.[] distension.[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis

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