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11,114 Possible Causes for Abdominal Distension, Polymorphic Photodermatitis, Weakness

  • Acute Hepatic Porphyria

    Complementary tests uncovered intestinal loop distension on abdominal radiography, normochromic and normocytic anemia in association with leukocytosis and hyponatremia.[] […] porphyrias can be accompanied by neuro-visceral attacks that appear as intense abdominal pain (in 85-95% of cases) over one to two weeks, neurological symptoms (muscular weakness[] Muscle weakness, tremor, diaphoresis, dysuria, dark urine, bladder distension and severe neuropathy may be encountered as well, and a missed diagnosis may lead to severe and[]

  • Acute Intermittent Porphyria

    Thus, AIP should be considered in the differential diagnosis of children presenting with unexplained abdominal pain, seizures, weakness and neuropathy.[] […] dietary changes, infections diseases and surgery that trigger the appearance of symptoms, which include neurological disorders, abdominal pain, constipation, and muscle weakness[] A 15-year old girl was admitted in the medicine department of Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College with the complaints of recurrent abdominal pain, convulsions and weakness of[]

  • Variegate Porphyria

    Ileus and bladder distension may be present.[] After administration of phenobarbital, reddish urine was noted and muscular weakness progressed to atonic quadraparesis.[] Physical exam revealed moderate distal muscle weakness with impaired sensation, but no skin lesion.[]

  • Heart Failure

    At each visit, healthcare providers should record the patient’s body weight and sitting and standing blood pressures and determine the degree of jugular venous distension[] There are many causes of congestive heart failure including: (1) coronary artery disease leading to heart attacks and heart muscle weakness, (2) primary heart muscle weakness[] Dizziness, fatigue, and weakness. Less blood to your major organs and muscles makes you feel tired and weak. Less blood to the brain can cause dizziness or confusion.[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis
  • Hypokalemia

    Failures to thrive, chronic diarrhea, vomiting abdominal distension are usual symptoms.[] Her weakness subsided after surgical removal of the adrenal mass, which was pathologically proven to be an adrenal adenoma.[] Patients presented with symptoms typical of bowel obstruction including abdominal distension, nausea and vomiting.[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis
  • Stomach Perforation

    The clinical presentation is often nonspecific, with most common symptoms being abdominal distension and pain accompanied by an abnormal sensation in the epigastric area and[] Symptoms may include: Sudden sharp belly pain that doesn’t go away Vomit that is bloody or looks like coffee grounds Weakness or feeling like you’re going to faint Fever and[] Abdominal distension can be striking and infants may also develop rapidly progressive pneumoperitoneum with associated cardiopulmonary compromise.[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis
  • Celiac Disease

    We report here a 6-year-old girl presenting with malaise, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, abdominal distension.[] This patient complained about progressive bone and muscular pain, weakness, fractures and skeletal deformities.[] They may suffer from abdominal distension and pain, and/or other symptoms such as: iron-deficiency anemia, chronic fatigue, chronic migraine, peripheral neuropathy (tingling[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis
  • Bacterial Pneumonia

    Symptoms in children under 1 month of age include weakness or lethargy, poor feeding, fever, or grunting. Symptoms in older children are the same as adults.[] But if your body’s defenses (immune system) become weak for some reason, the bacteria can go down into your lungs.[] It is recommended once after age 65, for people with chronic illnesses like diabetes or lung disease, and for people with weak immune systems. • Get a flu shot every year[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis
  • Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    […] vague abdominal distension.[] Demonstration of more than 5000/μL CD5 B-cell population with co-expression of CD23, weak expression of CD20, and one type of immunoglobin light chain (either kappa or lambda[] Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an autoimmune disease of the neuromuscular junction, characterized by fatigable weakness of the extraocular, bulbar, and limb musculature; prevalence[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis
  • Primary Myelofibrosis

    A 53-year-old man with a long history of primary myelofibrosis, presented with abdominal distension and inguinal mass.[] CASE REPORT A 51-year-old Korean man was admitted to our hospital with general weakness and left-side abdominal pain.[] distension/fluid retention (if portal hypertension or increased blood pressure within the portal vein is present) Compromised liver function Abnormal growth of blood forming[]

    Missing: Polymorphic Photodermatitis

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