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13 Possible Causes for Abdominal Pain, Basilar Rales, Hiccup

  • Pneumonia

    […] to the emergency department on 3 consecutive days with right-sided abdominal pain.[] pain, diarrhea or confusion.[] Less common symptoms include abdominal pain and a stiff neck.[]

  • Liver Abscess

    Clinicians in Australia need to consider amoebiasis in the differential diagnosis in travellers returning with colitis, abdominal pain and fever.[] Results: A 84 year-old man with a refractory anemia with excess of blasts (13% in marrow) was admitted for high fever, hiccups and moderate pain at the right upper abdominal[] Liver abscess is a cause of febrile abdominal pain and usually the origin of a liver abscess is ascending cholangitis, hemathological diffusion, via the portal vein or the[]

  • Subphrenic Abscess

    Rales, rhonchi, or a friction rub may be audible.[] One patient was readmitted 11 days after laparoscopic cholecystectomy with severe upper abdominal pain and a false aneurysm of a branch of the right hepatic artery.[] Presents with cough, increased respiratory rate with shallow respiration, diminished or absent breath sounds, hiccups, dullness in percussion, tenderness over the 8th–11th[]

  • Kerosene Poisoning

    Vomiting was reported in 65%, abdominal pain in 2% and diarrhoea in 2%. There was no mortality.[] Anger At what has happened. fullness and painful hiccups are always there before during or after eating and I get an episode of severe heartburn and reflux whenever I bend[] Symptom Petrol, kerosene poisoning symptoms common symptoms dizziness, abdominal pain, limbs, palpitations, urination, pain, drowsiness, hemoptysis, diarrhea, chest tightness[]

  • Bacterial Pneumonia

    These stomach upset symptoms can be accompanied by abdominal pain or discomfort and may contribute to a decreased appetite.[] Patient may experience body pains, headache and abdominal pain . Shortness of breath Shaking chills.[]

  • Pelvic Abscess

    Rales, rhonchi, or a friction rub may be audible.[] Irritation of the peritoneum or neighboring organs can cause bilateral lower quadrant abdominal pain, diarrhea, prostration, increased frequency of urination, dysuria, foul-smelling[] With a subphrenic collection, there may be shoulder tip pain, hiccups and unexplained pulmonary symptoms (pleural effusion, basal atelectasis).[]

  • Stomach Abscess

    Rales, rhonchi, or a friction rub may be audible.[] A 70-year-old man presented with a 3-day history of acute upper abdominal pain with a fever.[] With a subphrenic abscess, patients may experience persistent hiccups , shoulder pain or certain lung complications like a pleural effusion ( fluid around the lungs ) or pleuritis[]

  • Carbaryl Poisoning

    Atropine IV (preferably or IM) Adults, children 12 years, 2.0 to 4.0 mg every 15 minutes until secretions controlled; children Furosemide (Lasix), 40 to 160 mg, if basilar[] […] in eyes and nose; nosebleeds; abdominal pain Chemical Family: Metal Phosphides - aluminum phosphide(C), Phostoxin(T) Type of Pesticide: Fumigants Action on Human System:[] Blaue Flüssigkeit im Mund lenkte bei einem komatös aufgefundenen 80-Jährigen den Verdacht auf eine Organophosphatvergiftung . en Organophosphate poisoning can cause both hiccups[]

  • Intraperitoneal Abscess in the Right Lower Quadrant

    Rales, rhonchi, or a friction rub may be audible.[] Abdominal pain in general is perhaps one of the most difficult symptoms to evaluate.[] […] diverse and include: abdominal pain, often poorly localized nausea, vomiting paralytic ileus Subphrenic abscesses can cause: shoulder pain (referred diaphragmatic pain, C3,4) hiccup[]

  • Kidney Failure

    Other symptoms of acute tubular necrosis include tiredness, swelling, lethargy, nausea , vomiting, abdominal pain , kidney pain , loss of appetite, and rash .[] […] urination (little or no urination, frequent bathroom trips at night) Chest pain Decrease in appetite Excessive bruising Fatigue Feeling lethargic Fluid retention (edema) Hiccupping[] Hemorrhage Fever Rash Bloody diarrhea Severe vomiting Abdominal pain No urine output or high urine output History of recent infection Pale skin History of taking certain medications[]

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