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12 Possible Causes for Abdominal Pain, Broad Nasal Bridge, Wide Space Between the First and Second Toe

  • Down Syndrome

    bridge, broad hands with short fingers, decreased muscle tone, and by trisomy of the human chromosome numbered 21 — called also trisomy 21 First Known Use of Down syndrome[] pain.[] A wide space, often with a deep fissure between the first and second toes, is also common.[]

  • Short Stature due to Endocrine Disorder

    bridge Broad nasal bridge Broad nasal root Broadened nasal bridge Increased breadth of bridge of nose Increased breadth of nasal bridge Increased width of bridge of nose[] pain, and or placebo to suppress.[] 1st and 2nd toes Gap between first and second toe Increased space between first and second toes Sandal gap between first and second toes Wide space between 1st, 2nd toes[]

  • Familial Congenital Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction

    […] flat nasal bridge, malformed ears, and short neck.[] Forty-year-old patient with highly acute lower abdominal pain (rightsided) five days after taking amoxicillin. Mucosal hemorrhaging in ascending colon.[] space between first and second toes (sandal toes) clinodactyly of the fifth finger All of these are found in individuals without DS.[]

  • Cutis Laxa

    nasal bridge Large forehead Wideset eyes Anterverted nares (upturned nose) Low-set ears The photograph at the top right of this page shows a young child with cutis laxa type[] […] trauma and/or joint injury or pain; exposure to respiratory infections.[] Other reported osteoarticular features are: a wide space between the first and second toes; talipes equinovarus; metatarsus adductus; genu recurvatum or genu valgum; flat[]

  • Baraitser Syndrome

    nasal bridge, and epicanthic folds.[] pain Wide nasal bridge Constipation Dilatation Abnormality of the dentition Coarctation of aorta Alopecia Amblyopia Elevated alkaline phosphatase Rectal prolapse Cutis marmorata[] 1st and 2nd toes Gap between first and second toe Increased space between first and second toes Sandal gap between first and second toes Wide space between 1st, 2nd toes[]

  • Genee-Wiedemann Syndrome

    Clinical: Clefts and fibroma of tongue; polydactylia; broad nasal bridge; narrow-arched palate ; short humerus, femur, and tibia; irregular teeth; hypotonia; mental retardation[] He had a wide space between the first and second toe of his feet and subungual fibroma on the second and third toe of the right foot and on the third toe of the left foot.[] . - Microcephaly 2 - a -d Wide anterior fontanelle 0 - Wide nasal bridge/broad nasal tip 5 Downslanting/small palpebral fissures 5 Hypertelorism ?[]

  • Adactyly of Foot

    Cri du Chat ( 5p-) Clinical Presentation 1:50,000 Hypertelorism Broad nasal bridge Cleft lip /- palate Severe MR 65% Seizures 50-100% Heart defects 50% 1:20,000 to 1:50,000[] , flat nasal bridge; and widely spaced eyes (hypertelorism).Abnormalities of the digits can affect both the fingers and the toes in people with oral-facial-digital syndrome[] bridge, Pectus excavatum, Delayed closure of the anterior fontanelle, Pulmonic stenosis, Broad foot , Dyscalculia, Finger syndactyly, ...see more Pathogenic (Aug 20, 2016[]

  • Short Stature - Wormian Bones - Dextrocardia Syndrome

    In our body, the facial features of Floating-Harbor syndrome include a triangular-shaped face, a prominent bulbous nose with a broad nasal bridge, a wide columella, deeply[] pain Imaging: -hepatomegaly and homogenous increased liver attenuation without focal lesions on unenhanced CT -hyperechoic liver on US Bland-White-Garland Syndrome anomalous[] Wide spacing between first and second toes ( Matthews and Robin, 2011 ). 3. Skin. a. Short neck with excess nuchal skin. C. Associated findings. 1. Prematurity. 2.[]

  • Tricho-Oculo-Dermo-Vertebral Syndrome

    Additional features may include an abnormally large, rounded (bulbous) nose with a broad nasal bridge and thick wide nostrils (tented alae); large, protruding ears; and/or[] Bowel angina: diffuse abdominal pain often worse after meals, or bowel ischemia with related hematochezia 4.[] space between the first and second toes, and fusion of carpal and tarsal bones.[]

  • Postaxial Polydactyly Type A5

    nasal bridge, rounded nasal tip with anteverted nares, low-set ears, long philtrum, micrognathia, partial cleft palate, short webbed neck, broad distal digits, abnormal palmar[] Pain OMIM:312080 Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease; PMD OMIM:260650 Pellagra-Like Syndrome OMIM:602484 Pelvic Hypoplasia with Lower-Limb Arthrogryposis OMIM:169545 Pelvic Lipomatosis[] between first and second toes.[]

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