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13 Possible Causes for Abdominal Pain, Dissociative Amnesia, Opisthotonus

  • Hysteria

    These types of disorders include dissociative fugue, dissociative identity disorder, and dissociative amnesia.[] Thus, if a person complains of abdominal pain, our question is not, Is he suffering from acute appendicitis or from hysteria?[] Wellcome L0033539.jpg 2 272 3 752; 1,64 MB Opisthotonus in a patient suffering from tetanus - Painting by Sir Charles Bell - 1809.jpg 610 396; 25 KB Ostendorfer Madonna in[]

  • Sandifer Syndrome

    More severe dissociative states are seen in dissociative disorders and may include depersonalization and amnesia.[] Although conflicting results have been obtained, some authors have suggested that the dystonic posture provides relief from abdominal pain.[] Opisthotonus – The entire body is arched backward severely, from the neck down to the ankles.[]

  • Cardiac Dyskinesia

    More severe dissociative states are seen in dissociative disorders and may include depersonalization and amnesia.[] These included dizziness, nausea, irritability, drowsiness (somnolence), abdominal pain, Parkinsonism, restlessness and rapid heart rate.[] A 32-year-old man was admitted to Emergency Department for occurrence of opisthotonus, muscular spasms and rigidity.[]

  • Electrical Injury

    Mutism and dense retrograde amnesia are found both in organic and dissociative contexts. Moreover, dissociative symptoms may be modulated by right prefrontal activity.[] The person may have internal injuries especially if he or she is experiencing any shortness of breath, chest pain , or abdominal pain .[] Opisthotonus may produce vertebral fractures with secondary damage to the cord or cauda equina.[]

  • Postictal State

    In addition, while the case presented here has some qualities of Dissociative Fugue, such as unexpected travel away from home, the patient was without amnesia or identity[] This has sometimes been referred to as abdominal epilepsy .[] Tonic spasms (e.g. stiffness with or without head aversion and opisthotonus) and/or myoclonic jerks may occur.[]

  • Eng-Strom Syndrome

    (Jan 15, 2010) Affirms admissibility of evidence based on memories recovered after dissociative amnesia.[] Lymphoma cells can also grow in organs like the liver and spleen, causing these organs to swell and leading to abdominal pain.[] […] absence of certain reflexes (Moro reflex); mild to severe muscle spasms, including spasms in which the head and heels are bent or arched backward and the body bows forward (opisthotonus[]

  • Non-epileptic Convulsion

    […] and conversion disorders F44.0 Dissociative amnesia F44.1 Dissociative fugue F44.2 Dissociative stupor F44.4 Conversion disorder with motor symptom or deficit F44.5 Conversion[] In gastroenterology, these include vomiting, dysphagia, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.[] This parent video shows what opisthotonus looks like (backward arching of the head, neck, and spine), though it’s unclear in this case whether reflux is the cause: Convulsive[]

  • Generalized Epilepsy - Paroxysmal Dyskinesia Syndrome

    More severe dissociative states are seen in dissociative disorders and may include depersonalization and amnesia.[] These movements are a mechanism to protect the air passages from reflux or to relieve the abdominal pain caused by acid reflux.[] Opisthotonus, (a)symmetrical dyskinesia of arms, cessation within first years of life, normal development Benign paroxysmal torticollis of infancy – Onset in first year of[]

  • Propofol

    Recollection and familiarity deficits in amnesia: convergence of remember-know, process dissociation, and receiver operating characteristic data.[] pain)—symptoms may not occur until after discharge from medical care following use of propofol Those indicating need for medical attention only if they continue or are bothersome[] Several case reports implicate propofol as the likely causative agent producing these symptoms, which include ballismus, dystonia, choreoathetosis, and opisthotonus.[]

  • De Hauwere Syndrome

    amnesia Dissociative hysteria Dissociative fugue Dissociative identity disorder Distal arthrogryposis Moore Weaver type Distal myopathy Markesbery-Griggs type Distal myopathy[] Warm flushing of the body Doppler study of the heart Swelling of the intestines -- can be severe and lead to abdominal cramping, vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea, pain, and[] Depressed nasal bridge Hemangioma Spastic tetraparesis Hyperaldosteronism Polycythemia Ankle clonus Papilledema Neoplasm of the pancreas Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency Opisthotonus[]

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