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80 Possible Causes for Abdominal Pain, Foaming at the Mouth, Sudden Death

  • Mercury Poisoning

    Sensitivity reactions to these diuretics may cause asthma, hives, other skin lesions, and sudden death.[] A 36-year-old woman presented to the ED with a three-day history of abdominal pain, diarrhea and fever.[] The acute form, due to ingestion, is marked by severe abdominal pain, metallic taste in the mouth, vomiting, oliguria or anuria at onset, followed by bloody diarrhea, and[]

  • Botulism

    death.[] Clinical features include abdominal pain, vomiting, acute PARALYSIS (including respiratory paralysis), blurred vision, and DIPLOPIA.[] From 1976 to 2010 we created an archive of 1090 BoNT-producing isolates consisting of 1012 IB patient (10 outpatient, 985 hospitalized, 17 sudden death), 25 food, 18 dust[]

  • Exposure to Nerve Gas

    death, Fraga said.[] pain or diarrhea Fatigue, headache, or sweating Muscle twitching or a seizure How is nerve gas poisoning treated?[] Witnesses described seeing victims of yesterday’s attack foaming at the mouth and suffering fits.[]

  • Cicuta Maculata Poisoning

    So quickly, that, historically, it hasn't always been identified as the cause of sudden death. Family Apiaceae. The synonym Umbelliferae is also used.[] Its toxin, called cicutoxin, can cause delirium, nausea, convulsions, abdominal pain, seizures, and vomiting within 60 minutes of ingestion – frequently leading to death.[] Mouth. Bloody foam from nose and mouth. Throat. Spasm of muscles of deglutition on presenting anything to mouth. Stomach. Nausea and vomiting, frothy, glairy fluid.[]

  • Amanita Phalloides Poisoning

    Poison control officials in California usually get just a few cases of mushroom poisoning each year, so the sudden outbreak alarmed medical officials, according to the report[] The initial symptoms of nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea, which are typical for the intoxication, can be interpreted as a common gastro-enteritis.[] The second- or gastrointestinal- phase is marked by patients developing abdominal pain, vomiting and severe diarrhea that may contain blood.[]

  • Ricin Poisoning by Inhalation

    Sniffing Death Syndrome Hallucinogen s Ketamine Abuse (and Methoxetamine ) Phencyclidine (PCP) Dextromethorphan Abuse XIV.[] It may cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea.[] Just one whiff and you’ll foam at the mouth, fall into a coma, and die. Originally synthesized for use as a pesticide, it was outlawed as a warfare agent in 1997. 5.[]

  • Organophosphate Insecticide

    There is decreased respiratory rate, respiratory arrest or sudden death.[] Listing individual symptoms emphasized the high prevalence of nonspecific symptoms such as vomiting (142 cases) and abdominal pain (115 cases).[] Symptoms of paradichlorobenzene poisoning: STOMACH AND INTESTINES Diarrhea Abdominal pain Nausea and vomiting MUSCLES Muscle spasms Note: Paradichlorobenzene mothballs are[]

  • Exposure to Ammonia

    This train of symptoms may result in death.[] Substernal chest pain, abdominal pain and rigidity suggest profound injury and potential perforation of the esophagus and/ or stomach.[] Swallowing a cleaning product that contains ammonia can burn the mouth, throat, and stomach and cause severe abdominal pain.[]

  • Chlordane Poisoning

    (NTP, 1992) Health Hazard SYMPTOMS: Symptoms of exposure to this compound include blurred vision, confusion, ataxia, delirium, coughing, abdominal pain, nausea, irritability[] pain Nervous system - Headache, dizziness, or paresthesias of the face, tongue, and extremities Ingestion produces the following manifestations: Nausea and vomiting Confusion[] […] unconsciousness Other symptoms include the following: Pulmonary - Cough, shortness of breath Dermatologic - Skin rash Gastrointestinal - Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal[]

  • Scorpion Sting

    death. 1 At a general hospital at Mahad we successfully treated 658 cases of severe scorpion sting with oral rehydration, oral prazosin, and oxygen and aminophylline: 362[] Chronic relapsing pancreatitis is a rare cause of abdominal pain in children and exceptionally rarely is related to a scorpion sting.[] […] at the mouth, and symptoms of methamphetamine exposure.[]

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