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51 Possible Causes for Abdominal Pain, Frothy Stool

  • Carcinoid Tumor

    In these patients, the stool is frothy, watery and bulky. Asthma-like syndrome or wheezing is caused by the constriction of the bronchi.[] A 52 years old lady presented with the symptoms of recurrent upper abdominal pain, burning sensation of whole body and passage of loose stool.[] Stools are watery, frothy, bulky, or in the form of steatorrhea. Diarrhea may or may not be associated with abdominal pain, flushing, and cramps.[]

  • Giardiasis

    , and greasy stools (stools tend to float; no blood![] Other associated symptoms were abdominal pain (100%), abdominal distension (70%), flatulence (50%), less consistent stools (50%), anemia (30%), and increased erythrocyte sedimentation[] Harmful outcomes were uncommon, and 5-NIs were associated with lower risk of abdominal pain, and higher risk of both bitter or metallic taste and headache.[]

  • Tuberculosis

    On the second, acute fever, stools more copious, thinner, frothy; urine black, an uncomfortable night, slight delirium.[] PATIENT CONCERNS: A 58-year-old Asian woman was referred to our hospital for evaluation of low back pain for 4 years and abdominal pain for 1 month.[] After initiation of multidrug TB therapy, her fever and abdominal pain drastically improved.[]

  • Disaccharidase Deficiency

    stools and abdominal distention Acquired deficiency: Common in North American blacks Causes osmotic diarrhea Acquired deficiency of lactase also occurs in duodenal mucosa[] A recent report indicated a high rate of disaccharidase deficiencies among children with recurrent abdominal pain.[] Disaccharide Deficiency Symptoms The most common symptoms associated with the Disaccharide deficiency include, Abdominal bloating and distention Flatulence Diarrhea Abdominal[]

  • Lactose Intolerance

    This causes frothy, acidic stools that can irritate your baby’s skin (not so nice).[] Fifty percent of RP-G28 subjects with abdominal pain at baseline reported no abdominal pain at the end of treatment and 30 days post treatment (p   0.0190).[] If there is too much lactose available for the enzyme to digest, symptoms of wind (gas), tummy ache and copious frothy green or watery stools may be seen.[]

  • Tropical Sprue

    In the initial phase complaints include fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, severe vomiting, dehydration, and numerous bulky, frothy, greasy, light-coloured stools.[] These symptoms subside and are often replaced with nausea, abdominal pain and fatigue.[] In the initial phase complaints include fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, severe vomiting , dehydration , and numerous bulky, frothy, greasy, light-coloured stools.[]

  • Isosporiasis

    It is more specifically, a steatorrhoea which contains pale, bulky, frothy, foul smelling stools which are floating in the lavatory pan due to fat content. [4] Gastroenteritis[] […] that involves infection of the epithelial cells of the small intestine with Cystoisospora belli, which results in nonbloody diarrhea with crampy abdominal pain, malabsorption[] In immunocompetent people, signs are less severe and consist of self-limited diarrhea with minimal abdominal pain.[]

  • Malabsorption Syndrome

    Steatorrhea, or fatty stools, is indicative of malabsorption. Stools will be frothy, foul smelling, and a ring of oil may be left on the toilet water.[] Symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea.[] Although fructose restriction appears to benefit children with functional abdominal pain, fructose restriction itself may not be the key player.[]

  • Malignant Neoplasm of Pancreas

    Observe and report any evidence of diarrhea or frothy, floating, foul-smelling stools (an indication of steatorrhea) because an adjustment in the enzyme replacement therapy[] Abdominal pain, weight loss, jaundice, and vomiting are some typical symptoms.[] Pancreatic cancer leads to multiple symptoms, the most characteristic of which being abdominal pain that radiates to the back, jaundice, and weight loss.[]

  • Hepatitis A

    The urine typically acquires the color of cola soda and is characteristically frothy. Icterus may be noted when the serum bilirubin exceeds 25–30 mg/L.[] CASE: A 38-year-old HIV-positive patient presented with right upper abdominal pain, fever and jaundice.[] pain[]

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