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7,887 Possible Causes for Abdominal Pain, Gastropathy, Mycobacterium Chelonae

  • Stomach Abscess

    Here we report a case of injection abscesses due to an atypical mycobacterium, Mycobacterium chelonae .[] General symptoms of abdominal abscesses include: feeling unwell abdominal pain nausea and vomiting fever loss of appetite The symptoms of an abdominal abscess may be similar[] A 70-year-old man presented with a 3-day history of acute upper abdominal pain with a fever.[]

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    A 35-year-old Sri Lankan patient, with severe gastroesophageal reflux disease and a hiatus hernia, contracted a pulmonary infection with Mycobacterium fortuitum-chelonae.[] pain or a tummy ache Children and teens with asthma are more likely to have GERD Learn more about the symptoms and diagnosis of reflux and GERD in babies and teens.[] pain, or dizziness.[]

  • Overeating

    A 29-year-old previously healthy female presented with acute onset right upper quadrant pain, abdominal fullness, and nausea.[] (Image: Tuned_In/iStock/Getty Images) Nearly everyone has overindulged in good food at least once and has experienced the resulting abdominal discomfort.[] Understandably, this triggers pain. But once you’ve overeaten, as one does during holidays that revolve around feasting, you can’t exactly undo it.[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    Abstract Visceral hypersensitivity and abnormal coping are common in children with functional abdominal pain disorders (FAPDs).[] This disease is characterized by vomiting and/or diarrhea with blood or mucus, discomfort, fever, and nonspecific abdominal pain.[] A 12-year-old boy was brought to the hospital with a 3-week history of watery diarrhea mixed with mucus and colicky abdominal pain.[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Gastritis

    In gastropathy, the stomach lining is damaged, but little or no inflammation is present.[] Abdominal pain Other names Stomach ache, tummy ache, belly pain Abdominal pain can be characterized by the region it affects Specialty General surgery Causes Serious : Appendicitis[] The authors make an attempt to define gastritis and gastropathy in order to classify and present their features.[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Acute Gastritis

    Erosive Gastritis Erosive gastropathy (disorder) Gastritis (disorder) Gastritis [Ambiguous] Gastritis unspecified (disorder) Hemorrhagic Gastritis Idiopathic erosive/hemorrhagic[] The most common symptoms of gastritis are pain or upper abdominal discomfort.[] The signs and symptoms of Acute Gastritis include: Dark stools (melena) Abdominal pain Feeling of distention, abdominal bloating Burning feeling in the stomach in between[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Gastric Ulcer

    A good number of NSAIDS have been implicated in cellular toxicity leading to oxidative gastropathy [ 82 ].[] This patient's abdominal pain was initially thought to be attributable to a lower digestive tract process and her anemia was insidious in onset but progressive.[] Epigastric pain which occurs after meals is the most common symptom of gastric ulcers. Abdominal pain is the most common symptom of gastric ulcer.[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Erosive Gastritis

    A patient with chronic erosive gastritis and protein-losing gastropathy is reported. Presentation was with weight loss and abdominal discomfort.[] Twenty-four patients presented with abdominal pain, for which no cause other than chronic erosive gastritis was found in 20 patients.[] In gastropathy, the stomach lining is damaged, but little or no inflammation is present.[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Gastritis Medicamentosa

    MAP OF SOURCE CONCEPT IS CONTEXT DEPENDENT 6011000124106 MAPTARGET K29.60 6011000124106 MAPADVICE IF NSAID-ASSOCIATED GASTROPATHY CHOOSE T39.395?[] Tests are negative but no period or other Follow these 10 quick tips to get rid of bloating and you’ll fit back into those Belching and abdominal pain Ask a Doctor about Abdominal[] CONSIDER ADDITIONAL CODE TO IDENTIFY SPECIFIC CONDITION OR DISEASE EPISODE OF CARE INFORMATION NEEDED 6011000124106 MAPADVICE IF NSAID-ASSOCIATED GASTROPATHY CHOOSE K31.9[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae
  • Alcoholic Gastritis

    Shepherd HA, Harvey J, Jackson A, Colin-Jones DG: Recurrent retching with gastric mucosal prolapse: A proposed prolapse gastropathy syndrome.[] The symptoms may include: burning abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or even vomiting blood. It can be made worse by a poor diet.[] The causes, natural history, and therapeutic implications of gastropathy differ from gastritis: Gastropathy is usually caused by irritants such as drugs (eg, nonsteroidal[]

    Missing: Mycobacterium Chelonae

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