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197 Possible Causes for Abdominal Pain, Green Stools

  • Streptococcal Infection

    He had difficulty breathing, passed green stool, his gaze was fixed and his eyes prominent. He woke up every two hours.[] Thirty-one (66%) women had fever as their sole presenting symptom, eight (17%) had fever and abdominal pain, seven (15%) had fever and abnormal vaginal bleeding, and one patient[] In addition to throat pain, the manifestations may include chills, headache, and, in young children, abdominal pain, and vomiting.[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    Is the vomit green, bloody, black, or like coffee grounds?[] Visceral hypersensitivity and abnormal coping are common in children with functional abdominal pain disorders (FAPDs).[] This disease is characterized by vomiting and/or diarrhea with blood or mucus, discomfort, fever, and nonspecific abdominal pain.[]

  • Toxic Megacolon

    On the 12th postoperative day, loose, watery green stools were passed, a rectal temperature of 101F and white blood cell count (WBC) of 21,600 mm 3 were recorded.[] ( bloating ), and sometimes fever , abdominal pain , or shock .[] […] look green or brown) A newborn who can't poop within the first 48 hours of life is often how doctors find Hirschsprung disease.[]

  • Cystic Fibrosis

    Here we report the case of an adolescent who suffered acute chest pain in September after an history of acute abdominal pain and fever.[] They share similar symptoms e.g. bloating, abdominal pain, but are distinct conditions.[] pain; poor appetite.[]

  • Ciguatera Poisoning

    The infant was changed to formula and then rechallenged with breast milk a few days later, resulting in the reappearance of the green stools.[] A 12-year-old Tongan female presented to our Emergency Department with mid-abdominal pain, nausea, change in mental status, and new-onset movement disorder after ingestion[] They can range from abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting to a painful defecation process.[]

  • Food Allergy

    The symptoms include blood-streaked, watery and mucus-filled stools. Infants may also develop green stools, diarrhea, vomiting, anemia (low blood count) and fussiness.[] Vomiting Diarrhea Bloating Infantile Colic Abdominal Pain Loss Of Appetite Constipation Malabsorption Gastritis Ulcerative Colitis Irritable Bowel Syndrome Celiac Disease[] Antihistamines can treat isolated symptoms such as hives, runny nose, or abdominal pain associated with an allergic reaction.[]

  • Bismuth Subsalicylate

    Mean concentration of bile acids in green stools (7.7 /- 1.52 mg/g dry weight) was significantly higher than that in brown stools (3.76 /- 0.7 mg/g dry weight) and in control[] […] upper abdominal pain.[] Patients in both treatment arms showed improvement in clinical scores for abdominal pain, heartburn, and gas or bloating.[]

  • Appendicitis

    Increasing the amount of fiber in your diet can prevent constipation and subsequent stool buildup.[] Pediatric appendicitis with appendicolith often presents with prolonged abdominal pain and severe clinical conditions with a high risk of perforation.[] […] up straight pain that worsens during sudden movement (coughing, sneezing, etc.) abdominal bloating For children , less common signs and symptoms of appendicitis include: Green[]

  • Spicy Food

    You might even notice a skin reaction, wheezing, congestion, or green, mucusy stools, which could indicate another type of food allergy — for instance, to dairy , wheat, corn[] One study showed supplementation with red pepper pills improved IBS-related abdominal pain and bloating.[] Abdominal Pain with Spicy Food The abdomen is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the stomach.[]

  • Fish Poisoning

    The infant was changed to formula and then rechallenged with breast milk a few days later, resulting in the reappearance of the green stools.[] We describe the case of a young man who suffered from diarrhea and abdominal pain after eating raw fish and who also developed severe ataxia with spontaneous downbeat and[] She developed abdominal pain, diarrhea and hypotension in the ED requiring admission to the hospital.[]

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